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Posted in: 2 Japanese men admit roles in killing of taxi driver in Cambodia See in context

What's a bunch of fools. Hope they rot over there

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Posted in: 2 lawmakers with serious disabilities attend 1st Diet session See in context

Hope they budgeted for the exit ramp.

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Posted in: 2020 Olympic organizers test heat countermeasures in sweltering Tokyo See in context

I'd love to see these organizers test run a marathon

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Posted in: Yoshimoto chief retracts punishment of scandal-hit comedians See in context

Going forward, a couple of bows later and the whole thing will be forgotten and it will be business as usual. Pathetic.

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

He deserves to die a slow death. Those people didn't deserve that.

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Posted in: Olympic spectators may be allowed to bring own drinks to beat heat See in context

I'll have some Grey goose in my bottle

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping teenage girl, seeking ransom money See in context

These idiots who think that they could actually get away with something like this is beyond me.

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Posted in: Japanese students more open to use of marijuana, survey suggests See in context

They should show Half Baked in all junior high schools.

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Posted in: Japan revises law to ban parents from physically punishing children See in context

my kid deserves a spank now. brb

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Posted in: Many Tokyo firms unprepared for Olympic traffic congestion See in context

How about the whole town is unprepared.

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Posted in: Japanese man dies inflight after eating 246 cocaine packets See in context

He deserved it

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Posted in: Gov't to urge firms to hire employees until age 70 amid labor crunch See in context

Honestly what are these guys going to be doing at 65+?

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Posted in: Shibuya to ban drinking on streets during Halloween See in context

There's no way they can enforce that. There's going to be people drinking either way.

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Posted in: 91-year-old driver who hit pedestrians killing one, gets suspended sentence See in context

At 91 she shouldn't even be able to pilot a wheelchair. Ridiculous.

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Posted in: Japan's CD album output falls below 100 mil for 1st time in 2018 See in context

I haven't bought a CD in years thanks to CD rentals at Tsutaya.

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Posted in: Japan to support education for 4 mil women in developing countries See in context

While domestically they are being denied from medical school and rampant gender inequality. Go figure.

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Posted in: Osaka's cuisine helps city live up to billing as Japan's kitchen See in context

Those foods make Osaka Japan's kitchen? Says who?

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Posted in: Japan to fund Sri Lankan light rail system See in context

Hooray...raise taxes and help another country when domestic issues are out of control. All while Japanese companies benefit from these contracts and line their pockets. Pathetic.

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Posted in: Japan's superfan looks to complete Olympic circle in 2020 See in context

Hope he can make it with those bus shortages lol

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Posted in: 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizers struggling to find enough buses, drivers See in context

What a joke. Can't wait for this mess to unfold and Japan Inc to sweep it under the rug and declare a success.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for fatally stabbing boyfriend after drugging him See in context

Boyfriend? More like "papa"

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Posted in: Smoking, vaping to be banned at Tokyo Olympic venues See in context

In the great words of Homer Simpson,"I am in flavor country"

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Posted in: Ex-Nissan chief Ghosn makes 3rd bail request See in context

How is this guy still locked up?

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Posted in: Extended Golden Week loses luster for working parents See in context

Premium Golden week. A failure like premium Friday.

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Posted in: Cost of 2020 Tokyo Olympic ceremonies up 40% See in context

The Olympics is the biggest scam ever and especially in Japan with all the cronies reaping the benefits from construction and other avenues. The public is footing this bill? How about the people who are still living in shelters after 311? All I know is that money is going to places where it shouldn't be.

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Posted in: Activists file suit to stop dolphin hunting in Japan See in context

Hoping this is the dolphinish line for those hunters!

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Posted in: Beyonce, Jay-Z offer chance of lifetime tickets to fans who go vegan See in context

I'd rather eat a juicy steak than go to their concert.

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Posted in: Californian student remains in detention 8 months after breaking lamp in Tokyo bar See in context

Sounds like the little punk is getting what he deserves.

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Posted in: Newspaper delivery man arrested after ramming man with car in pachinko parlor parking lot See in context

Talk about a special delivery!

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Posted in: Japan to start collecting ¥1,000 departure tax from Monday See in context

It's 1000 yen. If you're complaining about that, then why are you traveling?

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