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Posted in: Colombian teenager dies after being Tasered by police in Miami See in context

He had something shiny and dangerous...a spray can. Land of the Police State.

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Posted in: 3 shot dead at Pennsylvania town meeting; shooter tackled See in context

Civil Forfeiture practices, such as which led to this man's predicament, are an ugly side of things in US.

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Posted in: Eastwood 'thrilled' at Japanese remake of 'Unforgiven' See in context

Unforgiven is fantastic. This should also be very good.

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Posted in: Republicans to TV networks: Don't 'promote' Clinton See in context

If the series is made, it better include the seedy history in Arkansas. Hillary was part of Entreated lest anyone forget.

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Posted in: Florida jury acquits Zimmerman in shooting of unarmed black teenager See in context

The jury acquitted him. Nuff said.

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Posted in: Obama urges calm after racially-charged murder trial See in context

Sorry, but no president has any place officially commenting on legal cases. Separation of powers.

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Posted in: Widow of famed painter Hirayama concealed assets to avoid tax bill See in context

It's one's civic duty to prevent the government from taking what's not theirs.

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Posted in: Truck driver arrested for taking photos up skirts of school girls See in context

If the skirts were any shorter, they'd be called BELTS! A little modesty on the girls' part would go a long way in preventing such situations. Is he right to snap an upskirt? NO! Eve indeed tempted Adam with an apple. And so do girls who wear provocative clothing. It's no wonder this happens! And buying smut mags only adds fuel to the fire. I'm no prude, but both parties are at least partially to blame.

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