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It's not even close to past. I remember the Japanese tourist on my bus explaining to his son how the various Asian countries used to be Japanese possessions. This distorted view of history is being passed to future generations. Anybody who attempts to defend this position has had their own vision distorted. There are plenty of people who say the holocaust was a fabrication. yeah right!

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Posted in: Australian WWII hospital ship sunk by Japanese filmed See in context

A 2007 pamphlet from the Etajima naval academy reads. "Today we regard the old Imperial Japanese Navy with respect and affection as having shown us our national superiority."

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Posted in: Which side do you think looks more in the wrong following Wednesday's clash between Sea Shepherd and Japanese whalers? See in context

The video from the SS clearly shows the SM turning hard to ram the AG.

I would expect to see an escalation in the level of violence, as the SS group will now feel justified in taking whatever means necesary to interfere with the whalers.

Ultimately this is bad for the whalers, as there is little positive PR spin which they can put on it. The SS do not represent the NZ or Aust gov. yet the whalers are representative of the Japanese gov. This is a no win situation for the Japanese gov. and people.

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Posted in: 125 pilot whales die on NZ beaches; 43 saved See in context

Colville is one of the most beautiful places on this planet... Very popular alternative lifestyle tourist destination, which is why this story makes news.

The topography of the bay would make it a very likely place for strandings. The other place is remote, which is why they were only spotted from the air.

Sounds like some of you people have been locked up in your rabbit warrens for a little bit too long. You really believe that you are rational?

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