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Posted in: 3 members of family found dead in Hokkaido apartment See in context

I get the feeling that, as the facts come out, many of us will not be surprised, although I will keep my speculations to myself for now.

32 year old killed her grandparents and her mother and then tried to slit her wrists?

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Posted in: Trump campaign asks Capitol Hill for support in Khan controversy See in context

Rebuking Trump ultimately means nothing if you keep endorsing him. You can talk about bravery all you like Mr McCain but you're taking the cowards route by refusing to stand up to Trump.

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Posted in: Japanese nutritionist claims curry helps prevent baldness See in context

Stories like this is why I sigh and roll my eyes whenever a Japanese medical "expert" appears on TV.

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Posted in: Man arrested after woman found strangled to death in apartment See in context

Yeah, apparently it's an affair gone very wrong.No idea what this guy was thinking by contacting the police. Did he really believe that he would get away with this?

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Posted in: O'Reilly's next 'Killing' subject: Japan, at end of World War II See in context

A far better Rising Sun book to read would be John Toland's The Rising Sun: Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire 1936-1945 http://www.amazon.com/The-Rising-Sun-Japanese-1936-1945/dp/0812968581

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Posted in: Abe's wife visits Yasukuni shrine See in context

It doesn't matter that she did it in a private capacity or that she is not an elected official. Caesar's wife must be above suspicion.

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Posted in: Japan's economy contracts 0.4% in April-June quarter See in context

So, yay for Abenomics? I wonder how long this charade will continue.

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Posted in: 2 men die in ultra light plane crash in Tsukuba See in context

They're probably referring to radio contact.

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Posted in: 1 dead, 2 missing in water-related accidents on Sunday See in context

Japan actually has a high drowning rate compared to other developed countries. Google search shows that Japan has a rate (per 100,000) of 2.4 compared to 0.8 for Canada and even less for UK and Germany.

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Posted in: Haruki Murakami’s advice on how to be a great writer: Be born with talent See in context

So how does Murakami explain his success then?

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Posted in: Obama: Shutdown encouraged U.S. enemies, dismayed its friends See in context

Wow, I had no idea that JT was a bastion of Tea Partyism. Lot of ignorance in these comments.

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Posted in: 2-year-old girl dies after being hit by vehicle in supermarket car park See in context

I don't see how we can possibly blame the driver (and to a lesser extent the mother) without knowing all the details. At 5:30 it's entirely possible that the sun was in the driver's eyes. If the child suddenly ran out from behind a car just as the car was approaching then it would have been impossible to stop in time no matter how slowly the car had been going. As for the mother, perhaps she had allowed her daughter to run on far ahead of her. Or perhaps just as they were approaching the end of a car her child suddenly bolted and her hands were full of bags of groceries at the time. No doubt both women are now feeling horrible. Let's not be so quick to criticize an event that we did not witness and only know the barest of information. As someone else mentioned, if you have a child who made it to adulthood you should praise the gods for your good luck as I can guarantee that at least once in your child's life, he or she did something suddenly or unexpectedly and you were caught off guard. Fortunately when it happened it wasn't the one time out of ten thousand that would have resulted in tragedy. I'll be blessed with a boy in a little more than a month and I've been terrified throughout my wife's whole pregnancy and I'm sure it probably be terrified for my boy's safety his entire life. Despite my concern I don't doubt that at some point in his life I'll be caught off guard and I hope that I'm luckier than this young mother.

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

Also, excellent post by interuni321. Shame that most people on here aren't smart enough to realize that.

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Posted in: Free gifts, cheap coffee no help as McDonald’s Japan troubles continue See in context

Wow I had no idea that Mac was in trouble-could have fooled me! I guess I'm part of the problem as I go there on Saturdays to teach English and buy a coffee and end up staying there for 4 hours.

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Posted in: World's oldest ever man turns 116 in Japan See in context

Also the title exposes the writer's youth. "World's oldest ever man..." vs "World's oldest man..." Yes according to Wikipedia, he only ranks #9 as the world's oldest person. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_verified_oldest_people

However, considering that he's living with his grand-daughter in law and she's 60 years old, it's possible that all of his children are dead or probably somewhere in their 90's. It's interesting to see that on that list of 100 oldest people ever, most of them are Americans. Better record keeping than other countries perhaps?

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Posted in: Atsuko Maeda lands first TV drama role since leaving AKB48 See in context

@Ichiro can you really be a teacher in Japan at the age of 21? Don't you need to do 4 years of college at least? I think in Canada it would be 4 years of university plus a year at teacher's college so you would probably be at least 23.

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Posted in: Bored Japanese trucker gets kicks from Syria war tourism See in context

Hah! I'm sure a guy walking around wearing combat fatigues won't be mistaken for a soldier.

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Posted in: Two die after being hit by train in Saitama See in context

It's hard to comment about the train because we have no clear idea of the situation. What is clear is that trains can't stop on a dime nor would we want them to. Could you imagine all of the injuries and lawsuits if a crowded train travelling at 90km/h suddenly slammed on its brakes? It would be a disaster. If someone wants to kill themselves no amount of train safety is going to stop that.

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