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" can’t control or reason with a bad person. It’s why you are stuck with prevention (pre crime) and punishment (post crime) as your only options..."

So, what say Americans about their current POTUS?

"...Bad people are only prevented from following their nature by authority often in the form of some type of guard..."

That was supposed to be Congress and the Supreme Court, among other "guardians", but as of late, they don't seem to be as effective as ideally hoped.

Would metal detectors at the school have helped? That way, the gun-loving crowd doesn't get their feelings hurt.

How old was the Deputy? If he is stationed at a highschool, can we assume he is around retirement age?

Have any of the commenters here, excluding those with first-hand experience in the military, ever stood on the wrong side of a person holding a loaded firearm to know what it's like? I suspect for most people, lengthy debate goes right out the window. Admittedly, there are those rare instances, as seen on YT vids, where gas station attendants will stand their ground and manage to repel an assailant. But even then, there's not much debating and a lot of wild-gunman trigger pulling. Not something you want to happen in a school building.

Metal detectors might be easier, if the Americans absolutely, postively must have their firearms.

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually molesting teen girl on Tokyo street See in context

Message to Mr. Nitta: That's not how you play the bagpipes!

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