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CanuckNikkei comments

Posted in: 1 dead, 7 missing after 2 MSDF helicopters crash in Pacific during night training See in context

I pray this ends better than current information indicates.

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Posted in: Record 3.4 million foreign residents living in Japan as work visas rise See in context

Get the local governments to do a recruitment push at overnight internet cafes where

many who are down on their luck try to eke out a life.

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Posted in: Creepy car See in context

That Centipede horror movie.

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Posted in: Mountbatten’s Samurai: Imperial Japanese Army, Navy Forces under British control in Southeast Asia, 1945-1948. See in context

Is this for real? This information is grimly strange and fascinating.

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Posted in: Paddle power See in context


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Posted in: When in Tokyo, try making a Japanese woodblock print See in context

I really enjoyed this article. Thank you.

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Posted in: Akiyuki Nosaka, author of 'Grave of the Fireflies,' dies at 85 See in context

The film was heartbreaking. Rest in Peace Nosakasan.

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Posted in: Space voyage See in context

That's a neat shot.

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Posted in: Survivor recalls life in internment camp for Japanese-Americans See in context

In Canada too. It happened to my parents' generation, all Canadian born.

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Posted in: Video asks young Japanese adults what they know about Canada See in context

This made me smile too.

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Posted in: In Japan, robot dogs are for life - and death See in context

The pic of AIBO and the inu...it's a very cute-looking robot.

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Posted in: Hero's welcome See in context

And this young man gave a very gracious thank you to everyone; he was the epitome of sportsmanship!

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Posted in: Japan coach Jones targets Rugby World Cup quarterfinals See in context

Rugby is tougher, rougher, and meaner than football. Go Japan!

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Posted in: From Love Princess to Silent Hill: Japanese prefecture names changed into English See in context

Shiga ken and Kumamoto ken, very, very interesting article and comments! Thank you!

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Posted in: Elderly people's manners increasingly deplorable See in context

The Granny Bashers skit from Monty Python.

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Posted in: Hot springs are passe - Japan's tourist towns covet casinos See in context

If they do this, I hope they forbid locals from gambling there as the Bahamas disallow their citizens from gambling in their casinos. Please study Detroit and Windsor and the major downsides of casinos.

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Posted in: Kennedy meets emperor in ceremonial pomp broadcast live on TV See in context

National Post has a number of different photos of the event.

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Posted in: 'Hafu' tells story of Japan’s mixed-race minority and changing attitudes in society See in context

Japan will change...She has to. If a person has even a tiny finger-tip of Japanese blood, embrace them as one of your own. The world is getting really crazy out here. The more allies you have, the more people who want to love you, the stronger and better for you.

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Posted in: Keanu Reeves explores world of samurai See in context

Better than the movies that are filled with Chinese actors portraying Japanese characters. The look is so totally wrong. RE. Geisha, Kill Bill. And then, because of Kill Bill some clerk in the CD store corrects me, "Oh, you mean yakoooza." Sigh...

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Posted in: Curtain to come down on acclaimed series 'Breaking Bad' See in context

I really enjoy the murder and mayhem of this series. (Just glad it's not reality tv). Waiting for tomorrow and the finale.

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Posted in: Improved digital book reader See in context

3 minute charge? WOW! My Paperwhite takes 3 hours and 20 minutes.

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Posted in: Aging 'ama' divers defy tide of time See in context

Are these the ladies who were featured in a National Geographic documentary? It was amazing.

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Posted in: Give us a hug See in context

See what the world would be like if women ran it! :)

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Posted in: Canada See in context

This is interesting and also confusing...Canada usually refuses to extradite even the most terrible alleged criminal to countries that have the death penalty (much to the anger of the general populace).

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Posted in: Abe arrives in Ottawa See in context

He must have flown in under the radar. Nothing in the papers today, maybe tomorrow.

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Posted in: Nearly 290,000 people still living in shelters 2 1/2 years after Tohoku disaster See in context

Once the Red Cross gets the money, it becomes theirs. And the Red Cross disperses the money as they see fit, at their own discretion. So that means a big chunk of Japan money could have gone to other countries that the Red Cross adjudged to be in need.

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Telephone ninja!

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Posted in: Japan's human rights envoy to U.N. resigns after outburst earlier this year See in context

Well, he defended his country albeit in an unsophisticated and naive-sounding way. Google Mauritius, a binky little island that was home to the extinct Dodo bird.

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Posted in: The top 8 fast food chains in Japan See in context

Is Tim Horton's in Japan? I think Krispy Kreme pulled out of Canada because Tim Horton's is most popular.

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Posted in: Running and snuggling miniature puppies See in context

If the dog has a sponge-like body covered in faux fur I would love to get one... I am SO tired of scooping my cat's stinky poop.

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