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Canucksfan comments

Posted in: U.S. charges yakuza gang leader with conspiring to sell nuclear material See in context

MarkFeb. 22  07:21 pm JST

see any Yakuza with tattoo all over his body, just put him inside the jail without trials.

Tattoos = Yakuza?

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Posted in: Hollywood blockbuster 'Barbie' opens in Japan after 'Barbenheimer' controversy See in context

I think they should make a movie about Barbie’s middle-aged mom, Karen.

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Posted in: Osaka casino resort's approval process in final stage, Kishida says See in context


Sorry, I don’t quite understand your point, but the reason why Casino owners are stinking rich is because the odds are significantly in their favor. Of all the people going to Casinos in the world, I would be surprised if even 1% actually became rich from winning for the rest of their life.

On another note, I’m for casinos, but I think they would be better received if the Government made an actual plan to direct certain percentages of the tax income to specific investments to benefit the general population… like parks and day care facilities and nursing homes.

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Posted in: How AI 'revolution' is shaking up journalism See in context

OMG! It’s Skynet!!

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Posted in: Toshiba says it will support ¥2 trillion takeover bid See in context

but have also pushed for faster growth and a clearer long-term strategy.

In a way, isn’t this an oxymoron? Lol

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Posted in: Sushi chain reports diner who licked utensils in viral clip to police See in context

A photo of this kid’s face and parent should be posted at EVERY restaurant and food establishment in Japan for a permanent ban.

Also, whether they did this for the purpose of posting on social media or not is beside the point. I’d be willing to bet that there are degenerates like this everywhere doing things like this for fun or to show off to friends or out of spite to the restaurant or customers. Just thinking about idiots like this working in the kitchen, spitting on my whopper or big mac gives me shudders. And I’m not just talking about Japan either.

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Posted in: Japan reports 42,737 new coronavirus cases See in context


1) The US numbers are highly questionable as we don’t know how many people aren’t testing.

2) The difference in population density between the two countries makes it pretty hard to compare apples to apples

On another note, I think Japan’s media should stop reporting the number of cases every day. No offense JT, but the media plays a big part in the road back to a “normal” lifestyle. People who want to know COVID numbers can go to a dedicated website to see that…

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Posted in: 6 members of 2 unrelated families found dead in suspected murder-suicide cases See in context

Should have been two separate articles maybe? Why roll them into one article? Very puzzling.

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Posted in: Fisheries remain opposed to Fukushima water discharge See in context

smithinjapanApr. 5  10:14 pm JST

Yeah... they'll take full responsibility for it when the world's media talks about how radiation levels have gone up because of Japan..

@smithinjapan, where in heck are you getting this “world’s” media from??? The article says that only China and South Korea are opposed…. We all know that those two countries will oppose anything Japan wants to do just to oppose. What about all of the other southeast asian countries? What about Canada and the US? If South Korea and China are opposed and no other countries are opposed, I would be inclined to say that there is no global opposition.

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Posted in: Companies revive in-person ceremonies as new recruits start work See in context

Wow… so much negativity and cynicism in these comments! IMHO very one-sided points of views.

There are many aspects of Japanese “culture” that can be improved on, for sure.

There are also good aspects, which I’m sure the negative commenters are aware of.

But have you ever thought that maybe what “Westerners” view as bad might have some positive aspects?


They are all wearing suits because this is a ceremony. They are not robots. There is a time and a place for everything, and I think you will find that young Japanese people very much have individual tastes and expressions in their personal attire.

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Posted in: 5 days after plane crash, 2nd black box eludes China searchers See in context

is it possible to put a GPS tracker in those black boxes? Too easy? I dunno

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for killing his grandmother, stealing her money See in context

What’s disappointing is:

1) No value of human life

2) No mental capacity to think beyond the next day (cash debt)

So depressing to think of how many more people there may be like this one. I blame bad parenting… just saying.

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Posted in: Number of women committing suicide rises in Japan for 2nd straight year See in context

YrralToday  01:33 am JST

Living in a society having too repress your true feelings, will leave you to suicide easily

I feel there is some truth to that in Japan.

@kaimycahl, don’t take this personally, and I know there were probably a lot of things you wanted to say, but I did not even attempt to read your comment because it was so long.

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Posted in: 30-year-old man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on high school girl See in context

letsberealisticMar. 9  08:39 am JST

CanucksfanToday  08:13 am JST

Gross. But I do wonder why stories like this makes the national news.

Perhaps because this type of sexual crime is so unusual outside of Japan.

I don’t know what country you are in, but I guess it depends on your definition of sexual crime. Generally speaking, I don’t think Japan is any worse or better than other developed countries. It might depend on what kind of sexual crime and what kind of sexual crimes get put into the news. In Canada, I doubt something like this would even make the local news. Does that mean Canada has less sexual crimes than Japan? Surely not.

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Posted in: 30-year-old man arrested for smearing bodily fluid on high school girl See in context

Gross. But I do wonder why stories like this makes the national news.

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Posted in: Death toll of victims from Osaka mental health clinic arson rises to 26 See in context

Death toll of victims from Osaka mental health clinic arson rises to 26

Death toll of victims? Wouldn’t just “Death toll” suffice? Just saying.

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Posted in: Man released from prison for theft in January arrested again for same offense See in context

…and this makes the national news why?

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Posted in: Mother gets 8 years in prison for leaving 3-year-old daughter alone at home for week to die See in context

They need to issue licenses in order to have children.

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Posted in: Japan eyes evacuating nationals in Ukraine See in context

gakinotsukaiJan. 25  05:44 pm JST

Without diplomatic international presence, you leave an open field to annexation, dictatorship or violence.

I think I agree. There may be options like having Japanese diplomats remain in the Ukraine but their families evacuate.

Who is going to take care of the Japanese civilians working/living/going to school in the Ukraine?

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Posted in: 3 stabbed at University of Tokyo ahead of entrance exams See in context

Foreigner In TokyoJan. 15  05:44 pm JST

Is anyone else disturbed by how much violent crime goes on here? Every other day there is a story about some horrific event, some of which would even make America revile in disgust. 

I think if you wanted to, you could make all sorts of connections between how much violent crimes have gone up in this country or that, but I also think that violent crimes have gone up on the whole around the world with parents taking less responsibility (not always by choice, sometimes out of necessity) and leaving social development up to schools and other entities. I think that one of the basic but important lessons kids need to learn from their parents all the way up to adulthood is how precious “life” is.

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