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Posted in: California pardons actor Robert Downey Jr for drug conviction See in context

Does this mean he'll be allowed to enter Japan now for press tours ?

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Posted in: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' is fun fan service See in context

I just saw it, just as good as when I first saw it back in '77.

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Posted in: Former Chiba police officer arrested for indecent exposure See in context


Aaaand that's Thursday.*

That was funny. Good one.

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Posted in: 8 places you need to visit to really understand Japan See in context

Why must Japan constantly be in need of being understood ? Enough of this endless navel-gazing already. Sheesh.

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Posted in: Vast majority of women in survey say no to guys who smoke See in context

My wife smokes under the kitchen fan. I tell her everyday she's killing me and the 4 cats but she just says 'shoganai'. What can ya do ? Guys at work who smoke stink esp. in the elevator. When I inform them of such, they grin sheepishly, and several of them just got married so there's no accounting for taste it would seem. Smoking in restaurants is so primitive, why can't they figure this out ?

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Posted in: Japanese men share top 10 ways their weekends disappear See in context

I too was always baffled by the reply "I sleep." to the question "What do you do on the weekend ?" I told whoever I was asking that in Canada no one would say that and they were equally baffled. Even when my office staff go out for drinks all they talk about is work which makes for tedious outings. Perhaps the expression could be "No fun please, We're Japanese."

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Posted in: Furniture magnate fails to oust daughter in family feud See in context

We bought all our furniture there when we bought our house 10 years ago. The salesman guy kept steering us to the high end items and we had to continually ask him to show us less pricey stuff which they kept way at the back of the store to make you feel like you were slumming in the warehouse. Suffice to say, we have already had to throw out most of the cheaper stuff, just didn't stand up to daily wear and tear (plus 4 cats). That being said, most of the furniture in that place is way too nice for the average Taroh and Hanako's humble abode.

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Posted in: Tokyo men stay one step ahead in style See in context

Those clothes look ridiculous. Of course, a lot of the clothes guys walking around Harajuku wear on the weekends look equally so.

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Posted in: 58.4% of high school seniors say they don't like studying English See in context

When I was in junior high school in the 1970s we hated studying English grammar. And then when were all forced to study French (in Canada), we hated that even more. Kids hate being forced to study stuff they don't like. Especially if it smacks of having someone else's culture stuffed down your throat.

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Posted in: Sony sacks 1,000 employees at Swedish mobile unit See in context

Hiving ?!

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Posted in: Swan shot by arrow dies in Saitama See in context

Yes, crossbows are legal here. I was recently at shop for war geeks here in Tokyo and they have every kind of non-gun weapon you can think of: huge Rambo knives, machetes, dozens of hunting knives, knuckle dusters, handcuffs, swat clothing, FBI jackets, exact replicas of AK-47S, etc. Weird what is legal here and what isn't. Poor swan was a victim of this closet industry for war nerds too afraid to join Isis but not too chicken to slaughter an innocent bird in their own backyard.

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Posted in: Why do most concerts held in Japan prohibit taking pictures? See in context

I was at the Motley Crue concert and everyone was delighted when they were told they could take pix or vids. Tommy Lee's upside-down drum solo hanging from the roof of Saitama Super Arena really had to be seen to believed so I was quite grateful myself to take a minute or so vid of that. I put my iPhone away after that to enjoy the spectacle but thousands continued to vid the whole performance so the lights of all those phones were a tad distracting and became a spectacle in themselves somewhat detracting from the drum solo acrobatics and creating a kind of circus-like atmosphere. In sum, I wouldn't want every concert to be like that but since the Crue was putting on a sayonara concert, I'd say it was ok this time anyway.

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Posted in: The most annoying people you’ll meet at a Japanese fitness gym See in context

I've gone to a variety of gyms here over the last 30 years and the reason I quit some of them is the total lack of privacy you have as a foreigner while dressing and undressing. I've had locals stand there totally unabashedly staring at my nether regions without a thought to their rude and insulting behavior. And as soon as you enter the work-out area, every eye is on you the entire time like you're a zoo specimen. I often left the gym much more stressed out than when I arrived. I found the solution at my latest gym: just ignore everyone there, not even making eye contact, do your workout and get the hell out of there. They resent you for it but hey, I'm going there for my benefit, not theirs.

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Posted in: 104 suffer food poisoning after eating bentos in Tokyo See in context

Bentos are a scourge on the food chain. My J-co-workers gobble them to the last grain and pronounce themselves satisfied while I quietly slip half of mine into the gomibako hoping no one will notice. In a word: inedible.

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Posted in: Food scares cost McDonald's in China, Japan as sales fall See in context

I went in a big McDs at noon last Sunday on Aoyama Dori, hardly a soul in there, five clerks at the counter with no customers waiting, kind of eerie. Food was ok, what does one expect ?

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Posted in: Gov't to tighten penalties for dangerous bicycle riding See in context

Apparently those doo-dads for holding an umbrella are also considered illegal as the wind can blow the umbrella into your face and maybe cause an accident. Gray areas abound. Where I live in Itabashi, they have lovely red brick lanes for bicycles on the sidewalks, and grey for peds. Guess where all the peds are ? Strolling all through the bike lane, totally oblivious as usual. Very spatially unaware they are. When I chastise them for it they unload a torrent of verbal abuse even though they are clearly in the wrong. Morally bankrupt as well. Big surprise.

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Posted in: Fright night See in context

Nice to see young people having some harmless fun. The world needs more of this kind of thing.

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Posted in: Let's note RZ4 See in context

That's insane expensive. I bought a beautiful 17" screen Aspire laptop at Walmart 3 years ago for $375 and the thing still kicks ass ! My wife's Sony Vaio which I bought at the same time here for $800 has almost packed it in and is so poorly made it's falling apart.

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Posted in: What do you think of smartwatches? Would you wear one? See in context

Many younger people stopped buying watches years ago because of having smart phones. I wonder what age group Apple is targeting with these smartwatches ? Young people will probably ignore them and older people will find them too hard to read (like me). Apple could take a real bath with these.

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Posted in: MOS Burger’s new premium hamburger packs a sophisticated punch See in context

Agreed, demi-glace sauce, probably out of a big can, is so gross, and adding potato to burgers is a definite no-no. As stated, Mos burgers are sloppy and messy, better eaten with a fork or even a spoon. Plus they're expensive and you have to wait a while to get them. Call this ad campaign DOA.

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Posted in: Ehime enacts law instructing cyclists to wear a helmet See in context

I wore a helmet in Tokyo a few times but school girls kept pointing and laughing so I stopped. It's still an anomaly here to wear a helmet on the streets and most people are reticent to don one.

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Posted in: Hooters to open 1st restaurant in Osaka; 3rd location in Tokyo See in context

Been a few times: food's ok if you make your choices wisely, girls are nice, a fun place. Who doesn't need more places for some harmless fun in Tokyo ?

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Posted in: Station official allowed subway train to leave despite woman being on tracks See in context

The same thing happened to a friend of mine at Yoyogi Station: he fell into the large gap that exists on the platform there where the platform curves. The train left and he fortunately survived so he made a major complaint. Someone from the station brought around a box of cookies the next day and apologized. Case closed. He was dumbfounded.

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Posted in: 'Sopranos' listed best-written U.S. TV series, ahead of 'Seinfeld' See in context

'Sopranos' definitely, excellent series, altho recent HBO hits have raised the game quite a bit. Never could make it through a single ep of 'Seinfield', I was always mystified why anyone thought it funny, I felt embarassed for the lot of them.

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Posted in: Hotmail is dead as Outlook.com takes over See in context

Both hotmail and gmail switched to new formats and I'll be darned if I can figure out how to use them. Way to go guys !

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Posted in: Mos Burger to take on McDonald’s in breakfast arena See in context

MOS burgers are overpriced, soggy, take forever, and you might as well eat them with a spoon as they fall all over in squishy clumps,the cheese tastes weird, and the stores are usually empty which must say something.

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Posted in: Jump in my car See in context

That's what my house cost here. What's with those ugly headlights ?

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Posted in: 60-inch Apple iTV to launch this year See in context

Apple has no idea what its doing anymore. Steve's a spinnin'.

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Posted in: Windy day See in context

4 seasons in Australia ? No way ! We have 4 in Canada too ! What a kawinkydink. This article blows...............

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Posted in: Robert Downey Jr. promotes 'Iron Man 3' in Beijing See in context

So why isn't he promoting the movie in Japan ? Oh yeah, he is a notorious criminal, gotta keep them outta here.

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