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Posted in: Questions for Israel mount after Iran scientist's killing See in context

No drumbeat of lies, Tortoise

Read the IAEA reports:

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Posted in: Questions for Israel mount after Iran scientist's killing See in context

Iran has been caught lying about its nuclear program many, many times by IAEA inspectors, as they have stated in their reports over the years.

If you think Iran's leaders don't want nuclear weapons you're kidding yourself.

Seeing as there is no legal way to prevent them doing it (the nuclear deal would only have delayed it), then illegal means such as this assassination are the only option, right?

I wonder if all these posters here think a nuclear-armed Iran would be good for the world. No? Then what do you suggest?

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Posted in: Google curtails free photo storage, pushes users to buy more space See in context

I saw this Email from them the other day. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

Now I have to decide whether to pay them the $25 a year, or go through the hassle of backing up my photos on a hard drive.

Frowny face

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Posted in: Hong Kong pro-democracy lawmakers resign en masse as Beijing moves to quash opposition See in context


I suppose he means the govt in Beijing.

And BTW, elected politicians can not be fired in America. Trump fires his cabinet ministers, which can be done in any democracy (though not usually with such frequency as the Donald is given to).

In HK any person or politician can be arrested simply for what they say. There is no comparison to America.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin military exercise as concern about China grows See in context

His point was that the Japanese people have more cause to hate the US than China.

I was arguing that they don't, as the Japanese people know good and well.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. begin military exercise as concern about China grows See in context

joey stalinToday  11:32 am JST

It is the US that bombed, destroyed, invaded and conquered Japan, and militarily occupies the country to this day, not China

Yes, and Germany as well. Now, which part of that was wrong, exactly?

BTW, it's a mutually agreed upon security alliance, not an occupation.

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Posted in: Disney's 'Peter Pan,' 'Aristocats,' 'Dumbo' get racism advisories See in context


Actually, that's exactly what I'm arguing.

Being acceptable at that time and place is the determiner of what is right in that time and place (that's not to say 'good', which is another concept entirely).

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Posted in: Disney's 'Peter Pan,' 'Aristocats,' 'Dumbo' get racism advisories See in context

I am usually put off by Disney's obsession with political correctness, but this approach is fairly sensible, I suppose.

Though I wonder about that phrase "it was wrong then and it's wrong now.". Was it wrong then? I don't think many people, if any (including the black actors who voiced the crows in 'Dumbo') would have thought that was wrong at the time. The people who made these movies were the Leftists and progressives of their day.

This is an important point, relevant to many controversies about how history should be remembered.

The Left reflexively believes that the moral values of 2020 contain some sort of absolute or intrinsic truth which could have been grasped by people 50 or 500 years ago, had they simply thought about it enough, perhaps.

This a grossly fallacious, and harmful idea to be propagating The Left thus far only applies it selectively to targets of choice, but taken to it's logical conclusions it would render ALL people of the past immoral.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context


If it really was such a bad deal for Japan, don't you think they might know that?

They are a sovereign nation, and can ask the US to leave at any time.

All of you claiming the security pact is bad for Japan are obviously a lot smarter than Japan's leaders. Maybe you should be in charge.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. start talks on cost of hosting American troops See in context

Today 09:27 am JST

From 6 to 9 minutes. That’s how long the first wave of missiles from China would take to hit Japan.

Maybe, but don't you think China knows what would happen to them 6 minutes after that? It's called a deterrent.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

-------Yes clearly it is so truly democratic here that posts on news websites with factual but 'inconvenient' information are deleted. How right your are.-----

So, Japan doesn't allow criticism of its government? Funny.... there seems to be an awful lot of that posted here. Maybe they haven't gotten to it yet?

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context


Yes, it was nefarious and not something either government is proud of. I always feel a bit sickened whenever I read about our giving the likes of Kishi and other war criminals the VIP treatment.

But should it not have been done? Sure, with hindsight one can posit that the Cold War might have been won without this or that CIA coup, but one must remember the geopolitical situation in the 50s.

The Soviet Union and its beneficiaries were not much less a threat to the world than Germany and Japan had been, and they certainly didn't play by the rules, so we could hardly afford to, either.

It's far more significant that America, by imposing democratic rule, gave the Japanese people sovereignty over their nation; something their own leaders never did. Not to mention freedom of speech, equality of women, etc.

And the LDP, for all its faults, did raise the standard of living of Japanese people to among the highest in the world, after all.

As for your assertion that Japan is 'antagonizing' its neighbors (i.e. NKorea and China), I confess i've never heard that one before. I'd love to hear more.

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Posted in: Pompeo calls Suga 'force for good' during visit to boost solidarity against China See in context

Funny that you 'respect' countries where people cannot choose their leaders and have no rights, yet refer to people who in democratic societies as 'under dominion.'

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

SOME of Japan's leaders were considering "negotiations" (call them 'peace talks' if it serves one's purpose) on terms they found favorable given their situation. Namely, they insisted on retention of the Japanese polity, meaning they keep their grip on power.

Of course the allies found this unacceptable. And not unreasonably so.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

@Cristopher Glen and Vanessa Carlisle

I'm with y'all on that one.  The biggest problem with the argument that the atomic bombs ended the war is that this presumes the leaders of Japan were that concerned with the lives of their citizens. There's little evidence they were.

After all that Japan had lost in the war up to that point, the lives of 100,000 civilians would not have altered their resolve.  Invasion by the Soviets was a far graver threat, and this weighed much heavier in the minds of the Army command, who held the real power.  And once Hirohito heard that he would be spared, that was enough to satisfy him.

After years of studying this, I too came to the realization that the atomic bombings merely did something like give them a public excuse to surrender.   

Could the surrender have been brought without the atomic bombs?  Would the Soviet invasion, and American concession to keep Hirohito on the throne, been enough?   

Japanese leaders, in post-war interviews, gave varying and contradictory opinions on this question.  Some said it could have happened without the atomic bombs, but most said it couldn't have.   

That's about the closest thing to a final answer we're ever going to get, I'm afraid.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

It's telling that revisionists will always quote such remorseful US officials when seeking to show the Japanese were 'about to surrender'.

They will never present any Japanese evidence of such an intention. That's because none exists. All the records of meetings and even private discussions among the war council and the emperor show the opposite was true.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

(surprise), the Japanese leadership.

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

@Peter Neil

One can indeed find high-ranking US officials who offered opinions years after the war that Japan was ready to surrender, or had even offered to do so. Presenting such quotes is a common approach to portraying the atomic bombings as unjustified.

The problem is, even figures as authoritative as Leahy, King, and Nimitz can offer no evidence to support these opinions (not that they were pressed to by their interviewers). I don't know why they said these things. Perhaps they were, understandably, disturbed by the scenes of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I think you'll agree that if one were trying to learn the intentions of the Japanese leadership regarding possible surrender, one should simply look to the the records and statements of (s

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Posted in: 5 things to know about Japan's World War II surrender See in context

@Peter Neil

The Japanese offered to surrender in April? That is complete nonsense.

I can only suppose you are referring to the abortive plan hatched by some members in the Japanese oligarchy to approach Stalin with the idea that he might facilitate "negotiations" (NOT surrender) with the US.

They envisioned something like "OK, we've won a few, you've won a few, let's wind this thing down. How bout this: you can have the Philippines and Indonesia back, but we keep Taiwan, Korea and Manchuria. And of course the Army and emperor retain total control here at home. That sounds fair, don't you think?"

To be clear; No One in the amorphous Japanese leadership even considered giving up all conquered territory, much less consenting to letting the US remove them from power, try them for war crimes, and turn Japan into a democracy. And please, don't take my word for it, they are all on record saying exactly this, time and time again throughout the final months of the war.

There never was a Japanese offer of surrender, nor anything even resembling one, prior to the atomic bombings and Soviet declaration of war, no matter how much some people with ulterior motives would like to imagine there was.

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Posted in: Female-centric 'Star Wars' series in works: reports See in context

@Bugle Boy

I think you're right. They have used the reprehensible comments of a few cretins online to scapegoat racism/misogyny for the failure of the new trilogy, when in truth they were just flat, forgettable movies.

(OK, relative failure; I know they made billions, but does anyone really care about these movies? Do people wear Rise of Skywalker T-shirts? Like Avatar, everyone saw it but nobody remembers it. They aren't building on the legacy, they're just selling it out, and the Disney execs know they can't do that for long.)

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Posted in: 25th anniversary of Great Hanshin Earthquake observed See in context

I think I remember reading that something like 80 or 90 percent of the houses that collapsed were built before 1971, when construction codes were introduced. At least that's encouraging for anyone living in a building less than 50 years old.

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Posted in: Leia has key role as 'Star Wars' wraps Skywalker saga See in context

Not going to see this. And I saw the original 9 times in the theater in '77 when I was a 4th grader.

I know some people think the new ones are great because of their post-modern angst and irony, but I couldn't bring myself to care about very much of it. It looks like Star Wars, but doesn't feel like it. I think I have never enjoyed a movie less than I did The Last Jedi. I just kept thinking "make it stop, please.". And I never thought that watching the prequels, flawed as they were.

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Posted in: Researchers find second Japanese warship sunk in Battle of Midway See in context

because they had deliberately enticed the attack, and wanted a heavy loss of life in order to change US public's attitude into joining in WWII. They had been setting increasingly powerful sanctions against Japan for a year, before Japan bit the bait. Read 'Day of Deceit' by Robert B. Stinnett.

Sorry? How exactly did the US "entice" the attack?

You're suggesting America should have continued selling oil to a hostile nation?

And Stinnett's book has been widely dismissed as nonsense by historians.

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Posted in: Japan to dispatch SDF to Strait of Hormuz instead of joining U.S.-led coalition See in context

Nice picture of the Kaga here. Named after the great old WWII carrier.

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Posted in: U.S. beats Netherlands 2-0 to win 4th Women's World Cup title See in context

Athletes' salaries depend on the revenue they generate, not on their success within that sport.

Womens' soccer does not generate a fraction of what mens' soccer does. This is a reflection of a lack of public interest on the part of both women and men, not discrimination.

Male athletes are paid more because people are willing to pay ridiculous (stupid, even) amounts of money for tickets and merchandise.

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Posted in: Russell says Abrams' new 'Star Wars' script made her cry See in context

The Force Awakens was neither good nor bad, seemingly by design. They made something totally risk-averse to avoid the kind of scorn levelled at the prequels.

The Last Jedi was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen.

I'm not planning to see this new one. Star Wars is dead to me now.

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Posted in: Canadian English teacher filmed hitting 2-year-old child at daycare facility See in context

To the posters here defending this teacher's actions; you seem unaware of what children are capable of at a given age.

This child is TWO YEARS OLD. He was completely unaware a 'lesson' was even taking place, much less that he was expected to behave properly. And, no, he did not 'learn' anything from this spasm of violence.

The phrase 'unlicensed daycare' pretty much tells you all you need to know about this situation.

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Posted in: Scientists set to unveil first picture of a black hole See in context


If you know anything about black holes, you know not to expect very much from this soon to be released picture.

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Posted in: 'Star Wars' producer Kennedy wants new movie voices 'to bring world to its senses' See in context

Star Wars was supposed to be about ancient mythical and legendary themes. That's what made it unique.

Kennedy has made it all about post-modern angst and irony, the antithesis of what it was.

They cashed in on the name for a few movies, but good will is rapidly fading now. She's literally killing the franchise, and I hope that's what she'll be remembered for.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel rebuffs S Korean lawyers in forced labor row See in context

That is a completely ridiculous statement.

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