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“When I watch a Hollywood movie, I always look for Japanese names in the credits. It’s fun.”

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. I play a game of holding my breath until I see a Japanese name come up. It's weird, I know. I also look out for my own name and the same names of people I know.

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The guy must be interminably stupid then. 

I didn't say he/she was stupid. What they did was stupid though.

It's not as inane an action as people are suggesting. Japanese people often see water running constantly; think of the onsen or sento where the water flows all day and night.

I don't think the running water from the Onsen and Sento constantly comes straight out of the city's water supply like that. So, if you were 'kind of thinking straight' you wouldn't feel the pool water was the same as that of an onsen. Does this teacher ever pay the water bill at home to realize that water costs money?

Adding fresh water to something that may be contaminated is not so dumb since he/she probably thought it would dilute the water of any contaminant.

It is dumb in this situation. Diluting 'contaminated' water from the pool like this actually dilutes the chlorine which is used to fight bacteria in the water, which would add to the monetary cost of this debacle and put the children at a higher risk of being exposed to different kinds of bacteria. Is this not stupid???

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Soooo, you and other commenters here, have never done something stupid that made no sense?

I've done stupid things in my life but most of them have been spur of the moment events. This person did this over a period of 2-3 months, so he/she had ample time to realise what they were doing was so stupid. This is a teacher we're talking about here! Would you feel comfortable if someone like this was teaching your kids? And also, there is a problem with the administration if the pool's tap was allowed to be left turned on for such a long period of time. I understand that someone turned it off, but that that didn't last long.

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Station staff covered up the Russian sign and attached an "out of service" note in Japanese in its place on April 7 after receiving complaints from some passengers that the sight of the Russian language made them "uncomfortable."

Why would it make people uncomfortable? This, I don't understand. As for the station covering up the sign, just a knee-jerk reaction that would definitely cause more problems for them than what would be solved.

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Amazing how proud Japanese are while playing American baseball that originated in the UK.

Incomparable to truly magnificent achievements in USA baseball by American baseball legends.

I doubt the possibilities of the Japanese beating the Americans at thier own game.

Wow! You're a lot of fun!

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painkillerToday  07:58 am JST


There are 26 victims of the fire who died. They are not receiving any compensation payments.

The poor souls who lost heir lives in the fire are not the only victims. They have families too.

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Japan one of the few countries that doesnt provide trash cans on the street.

I think you'll find that in Japan you're expected to take your rubbish home (or not produce any - hence the societal ban on eating on the streets) instead of being able to dispose of it out in the public eye. Therefore it's very difficult to find a rubbish bin out on the streets.

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Man arrested for groping woman suspected of several similar offenses

I don't know if I'm wrong and I kind of understand how newspaper articles are titled, but does this one have two meanings?? I know a lot of newspapers are using these 'double meaning' titles to trick readers into reading the article. I literally thought the woman was also suspected of doing similar offenses.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy dies after being found at home with bruises on his face See in context

Am I reading this wrong? I thought the boy returned 'a few days earlier' with the injuries and it seems the mother didn't bother to contact paramedics during this time. Have to agree that there is so little information that this story is open to speculation.

Do mothers go and check their teenagers sleeping at 4.50am? Weird..

I'm pretty sure she knew how injured he was and was regularly checking up on him. My read on it is that the mother knew who had beaten him and was afraid of the repercussions by calling the authorities, but decided after 'a few days' because his state was looking critical.

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I think the real problem is that everyone is just following what everyone else seems to be doing and not think anything different. Another problem is that the police don't seem to think it is a problem, or they'd be out enforcing the rules. I've had a guy abuse me because I stepped out onto a pedestrian crossing and he was startled and had to brake suddenly. I've also had a taxi driver swerve around me as I started to cross a pedestrian crossing, while apologizing to me profusely (I don't think this the Japanese politeness that everyone is referring to!) because he decided not to stop for me. I kind of think it is actually safer to jaywalk than to use a pedestrian crossing, as you would not have that misinterpreted sense of safety of a pedestrian crossing, and you would be more alert of the incoming traffic to safely judge when is the correct time to cross the road.

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according to a lot of the science as well as Fauci, masks don’t work, in fact they seem to make things worse 

How do masks make it worse? Giving people a false sense of security? Where's the science that shows masks don't work?

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The science says that to help get the virus under control people should be wearing masks and getting vaccinated. You follow neither of these guidelines, probably because you think doing so would turn you into a socialist or something.

I agree. I kind of think many people feel that they aren't in control if they are following the protocols that governments lay out to them. (which, ironically, is what the government is there for!)

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It's also possible that they died with Covid.

600,000 Americans die every year of heart disease, about 560,000 die from pneumonia.

Whether those 901 people you referred to would be alive today if we all complied with your wishes is doubtful.

Many people die 'with' Covid because Covid causes Pneumonia! You can't ignore the fact that people die from this disease, or the organ failures directly caused by this disease. In a two week or so span of incidences of when a patient does have Covid, but they die of other causes which has nothing to do with Covid, I would think would be very minimal and it's not a very strong point to use in an argument of the dangers of Covid 19. We're all in this together, and you'd think this war against this terrible disease would bring us all together, not tear us apart. If we all had respect for each other, we'd have no problem with wearing a mask.

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Posted in: Lawsuit over Florida school mask mandates now before judge See in context

I don't think Desantis is forbidding anybody from wearing a mask. If parents are concerned, they can have their children wear a mask.

On the other hand, parents who don't want their children to wear a mask can send their kids to school without one.

Parents are primarily concerned of their own child being infected. Wearing a mask doesn't protect yourself but your height of protection DOES increase when everyone around you wears one. This is even stated in the article. Please consider this in your argument.

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Maybe in the future the Olympic committee will look at classifying the athletes not based on sex but based on testosterone levels? That's the way it seems to be going.

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

I definitely definitely definitely don't understand wanting a FIFTY-year-old woman's underwear. 

You'll mature one day! I don't particularly have a fetish for underwear, bur what's wrong with a fifty year old woman?

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Posted in: Man arrested for stealing ex-colleague’s underwear after making spare key to enter her residence See in context

What locksmith in his right mind would make a copy of a key just from a photo?????

I don't think any old locksmith would be able to cut a key without an original. I think the actual key manufacturer keeps records of the cut of each particular key through its individual serial number and you can just request for a newly cut key by using that number. I think the problem is is how easily this guy did that without any authorisation.

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Amazing. People need to be told what to do instead of thinking for themselves and using common sense (if they even possess it).

Yeah, but do you really think 'common sense' would take over livelihood and restaurant owners would willingly close their own establishments to help slow down this virus?

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Posted in: Arsonist at idol concert says he was imitating the Kyoto Animation attack See in context

Lock this violderanged mental case away

Like this violent and deranged mental case away!

Nearly there!

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Kids doing something stupid but why does it have to make national headlines? Saw this on the news yesterday as well. Like.......really? Slow news day, hey? Other than Corona, what else do we have?

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There are a lot of other neighbourhood noises that would annoy me more than children at a day-care centre. Children are children! Noisy children are a sign that the next generation are coming through and maybe this is something that Japan and its economy could appreciate a little more.

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He then approached a 10-ton truck driven by a 22-year-old company employee and began tailgating it.

After Aida passed the truck, he stopped his motorbike suddenly, forcing the truck driver to slam on his brakes.

My understanding of this incident (from what I saw on the news) is that the truck driver was in the right hand lane and decided to change to the left, and half way in doing this realized the bike was there, so he went back into the right hand lane. This is what upset the bike rider. Now the context of the incident in this article doesn't even show that. It's trying to show that the truck driver drove with no faults of his own.

I'm not defending the bike rider's actions though! Dangerous, not only for him, but for all other road users. What an idiot!

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Posted in: Kirin Brewery head questions restrictions on Tokyo bars, restaurants See in context

He just doesn't want to see Kirin come second to 'Corona'! (Gracias!)

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Can't believe it is that high! Seriously, in the Kansai region, I would think it would be only 1-2% that would stop for you. Another thing that is dangerous here is the constant parking of vehicles right next to (or even ON) the pedestrian crossing. Imagine a young elementary school kid trying to cross the road, in between the parked vehicles, with the speeds some cars do in built up areas. They are small enough to be hidden by an average sized car. So scary! I just don't understand why the police don't enforce the law more.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

Zero carbon emissions means zero carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. I don't think they are talking about the damage done by the pollution of products, such as plastics. The only way we can really slow down this ecological disaster we are making is to stop one thing - CONSUMERISM! But as all governments know, economies rely on consumerism and not many people seem to want to drastically change their lifestyle for a better future for our planet.

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To me, he is similar to what Jordan Klepper ( is doing - taking advantage of bigots' stupidity in any way possible. The main difference between the two is that Borat is a little too crude for my liking. If you find it offensive, just don't watch it.

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

(As seen on the news this morning) Is it necessary for the university to apologize on national television for these five? I assume all are 20 years of age or over, so shouldn't they be apologizing if any had to be done? Or maybe they should be apologizing to the university for tarnishing its reputation?

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context

The report didn't mention how the man was able to open the safe. She must have left it unlocked?

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