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Posted in: Survey finds only 23% of vehicles stop for pedestrians at crosswalks See in context

Can't believe it is that high! Seriously, in the Kansai region, I would think it would be only 1-2% that would stop for you. Another thing that is dangerous here is the constant parking of vehicles right next to (or even ON) the pedestrian crossing. Imagine a young elementary school kid trying to cross the road, in between the parked vehicles, with the speeds some cars do in built up areas. They are small enough to be hidden by an average sized car. So scary! I just don't understand why the police don't enforce the law more.

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Posted in: Diet session opens; Suga says Japan to go carbon-free by 2050 See in context

Zero carbon emissions means zero carbon emissions from the burning of fossil fuels. I don't think they are talking about the damage done by the pollution of products, such as plastics. The only way we can really slow down this ecological disaster we are making is to stop one thing - CONSUMERISM! But as all governments know, economies rely on consumerism and not many people seem to want to drastically change their lifestyle for a better future for our planet.

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Posted in: Trump no fan of Sacha Baron Cohen See in context

To me, he is similar to what Jordan Klepper ( is doing - taking advantage of bigots' stupidity in any way possible. The main difference between the two is that Borat is a little too crude for my liking. If you find it offensive, just don't watch it.

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Posted in: At least 5 Kindai University soccer players used cannabis See in context

(As seen on the news this morning) Is it necessary for the university to apologize on national television for these five? I assume all are 20 years of age or over, so shouldn't they be apologizing if any had to be done? Or maybe they should be apologizing to the university for tarnishing its reputation?

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Posted in: Aichi man arrested for stealing ¥70,000 in toy money left in safe as 'bait' See in context

The report didn't mention how the man was able to open the safe. She must have left it unlocked?

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