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Posted in: Japan hopes for early easing of tensions in Gaza, Kishida tells Israel president See in context

He should've brought him back and prosecuted him for genocide. Hopefully next time!

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Posted in: Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group CEO dies at 65 See in context

I pray for his soul. RIP

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Posted in: Line operator says 440,000 personal data items leaked See in context


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Posted in: South Korea to ban eating dogs See in context

I don't eat dogs, but this law will make it easier to come after us beef lovers in the future!

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Posted in: Kishida tells U.S. chipmaker execs that cooperation is key to supply See in context

If he didn't meet Nvidia execs his trip was pointless!

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Posted in: Car rams into barricade near Israel Embassy in Tokyo; man detained See in context

Am glad the embassy is safe.

But in all seriousness guys, if your country embassy requires police to guard it you know you're guilty of something. A lot of 3rd world embassies don't need them.

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Posted in: Self-Defense Forces hold drill to repel invaders See in context

More of our taxes going down the drain.

Wet should get cost reports reach time these drill happens.

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Posted in: Foreign minister says Japan to 'take lead' in addressing Gaza crisis See in context

Symbolic but by the time Japanese politicians finish "deliberating", half of Gazans will be gone.

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Posted in: 3 decaying bodies found in house in Aichi Prefecture See in context

For such a safe country these creepy, scary occurrences happen way too often.

You took the words right off my mouth!

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Posted in: Pressure rises on Israel to pause fighting and ease siege as battles intensify near Gaza City See in context

There is no "fighting". It's a one sided bombardment!

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Drove there with my bike. Witnessed how the place was turned into a 1984 Orwellian waste land.

This was done for the 20% elderly of Shibuya. Which are probably 50% of the voting population. It would've never happened back in the day when young people were the majority.

I pity young people in Japan. Things will only get worse.

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Posted in: Kishida says gov't won't hike taxes to boost defense budget See in context

He can pull the budget out of a hat for all I care. Just don't raise our taxes, or some of us will start being creative.

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Posted in: 2 workers at Fukushima plant hospitalized after accidentally sprayed with radioactive waste See in context

The key phrase here is "TEPCO said".

I wouldn't trust them with the current time, let alone information about another human being.

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Posted in: Tokyo's Shibuya braces for Halloween crowd despite calls to stay away See in context


Japan is turning into a no fun country for its young peopl

I agree

Also, people will just converge to other places like Shinjuku. Overcrowding those places.

The rest of Tokyo should brace up.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

"The challenge is that no single cause can be identified for the declining birthrate," Iwasawa said.

They can start with the scammy, borderline robbery children school bag that cost upwards of 70,000 yen and must be replaced every few years just for a change in color!

Not enough so called "experts" are talking about this.

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Posted in: In Japan, a third of today's 18-year-old women may not have children: study See in context

As people have fewer children, they are able to spend more on each child than families have in the past. That drives up the average cost of raising a child for the broader population, putting some people off from having children, he said.

The logic here is flawed. Having more children won't bring down the aggregate cost of raising them. Which is more of a concern for each individual family.

That's my problem with government, they just look at statistics and assume stuff!

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Posted in: 31-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of 2-year-old daughter See in context

What did her daughter have to do with any of that?

I know right?

Mind boggling!!!

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Posted in: Era of mass closures: The Japanese businesses without successors See in context

Absolutely nobody saw this coming. Lol

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Posted in: Doctor, daughter arrested over headless body found at Sapporo love hotel See in context

That hotel staff must be traumatized and need help.

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Posted in: EU removes post-Fukushima curbs on Japan food imports See in context

Only problem is Kishida doesn't have the political power to take on the agriculture industry. The EU is getting nothing I'm return. They should've lowered their guns at the same time.

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Posted in: Hiroshima peace park and Pearl Harbor memorial will work together to promote peace See in context

Fun fact: Most young people in Japan don't even know what Pearl Harbor is/was.

Try asking them yourselves.

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Posted in: Kishida to visit Europe for NATO, EU summits, Middle East in July See in context

Dude keeps traveling.

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Posted in: Kabuki actor Ennosuke arrested for alleged role in mother's suicide See in context

As DJ Khaled said:

"Another one"

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Posted in: Welcome to Manila See in context

Be careful what you wish for Philippines.

History might repeat itself!

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Posted in: Ground Self Defense Force conducts live fire drill See in context

There you go folks.

Your tax money being burned!

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Posted in: Korean dinner See in context

Kishidas wife doesn't seem like she wants to be there. She should learn to smile for diplomacy or just stay in Japan.

Korean president's wife looks good for a 50yo. Would trade that for tons of 20yo women.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers gather in Karuizawa to discuss global crises See in context

Nothing comes out of these discussing.

How about discussing when is the next Crysis game instead?

Might lead to a better result.

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Posted in: Robbery at Tokyo apartment leaves one suspect dead; 4 get away See in context

No Honor Among Thieves.

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Posted in: Fans rejoice as Japan wins World Baseball Classic title See in context

Congratulations to team Japan!

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Posted in: Kishida visits Kyiv for meeting with Zelenskyy See in context

Being last isn't exactly a surprise. Good he went anyway!

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