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Posted in: As Japan burns more coal, climate policies under pressure See in context

Japan has been a preacher to India about Nukes, Carbon emission etc while 1% of world population emit morre pollution than India's population which is 1.2 billion. Now hard reality stares its face. Now it will understand India and other Asian nations and their security concerns vis avis China.

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Posted in: 72-year-old woman arrested for killing bedridden son See in context

I myself stage IV pancreatic cancer patient and my only daughter is disabled due to mental illness. My wife is a stroke patient. Both of us worry about our only child and not about h our health. We sympthise with this lady.

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Posted in: 200-strong Japanese business delegation visits China See in context

Japanese Business and politicians must not lecturre about China to India. when they themselves go hoping for an appointment. with Chinese President

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Posted in: Abe, Putin hold telephone talks See in context

Just a year back a government of Ukraine was running its show with elected President who was practical to Ukraine national interest. then a democratic coup is staged by west and the President was overthrown and Putin swallows up Crimea. Now west sanctions russia for stopping western march of NATO. Now russian speaking population of eastern ukraine start their fight. the Ukranian troops were no match to them. Now west imposes more sanctions on Russia. Finally who is the sufferer? Ukraine is clobbered and lost territory and west does not give that much aid. Russia suffers but it is pushed to China corner and China gains in $100 billion gas deal. Russia revices arctic base. Its fighters hover near Alaska. Except military industrial complex of USA none has gained. In fact Japan's security scenario has worsned with Russia may be selling 400 series missiles and latest Sukhoi fighters. USA just do not care but Japan must think.

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Posted in: Japan, China, S Korea to ensure geopolitical risks don't threaten recovery See in context

China is very cleverly building its expertise and also in innovation using Japanese exertise intitially and now they are on their own like in high speed rail which is cheaper and faster than Japanese ones. Visiting the Shrine is no big deal because just because the forefathers were defeated does not mean they are not fore fathers of Japan. China and Soth koreans use this a stick instead of ignoring and concentrating on comfort girls and their welfare. Japan also must know now that Samsung has stolen march over Sony and competing with Apple.Today chinese smart phones are competing with Samsung and Apple with their lower cost and Japan is not in the picture at all.

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Posted in: What do you think is the best way for the global community to deal with the Islamic State? See in context

If they have not killed these two American journalists, then what would have been the reaction of USA?They just did not do anyhting when those Yazdies were butchered and sent to mountains nor Americans did nothing when Christians were converted or Shias were butchered. Now just killing two American journalists has created some furore. Anyone with litlle geography and geo politics can see it is Turkey which created this monster and the Turks continue to give them Arms and allow them to sell oil through their ports. The real fighters with boots on ground is Iran but Americans will not talk to them about IS. The Arabs are itching to bomb Assad who is fighting the same ISIL. Is American hands are clean in this ISIL creation?

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Posted in: Asia arms up to counter growing Chinese might See in context

The following statement by the author shows his ignorance."Other Asian countries such as India and South Korea are quickly modernizing their forces, although their disputes with China have stayed largely at the diplomatic level." India is the only country which fought a land war with China after it became a communist country.It defeated India and grabbed plenty of land area which it claimed and continue to nibble. China also is constructing the highest rail/road connecting China with a port in Pakistan through the Indian disputed Karakoram pass. To me this Chinese sabre rattling is with wink from USA which is the main gainer through its Arms export lobby. But this is also slowly forcing Russia to export high tech weapons to China which had a minor land skirmish at Amur river.Obama just cannot see this embrace which is much more bad for USA in the long run.

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Posted in: Indian PM Modi eyes breakthrough nuclear pact on Japan trip See in context

The problem with Japan is that it is under the Nuclear security umbrella of USA while it gives lectures to India on security. Inspite of its lack of economic might of Japan, India wants to be an independent power without security blanket from any power. Does Japan really believe Americans will fight their war especially against rising China? India is facing not only china which gets all the comfort of a Nuclear P 5 but also a nation like Pakistan which has a policy of using nukes in a combat situation. Japan should show more maturity

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Posted in: China says Japan's 'hype' on air defense zone spreads tension See in context

There was no ADIZ even about 6 months back. It is China which created this tension and now cries wolf

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Posted in: India, Japan pledge stronger defense ties See in context

Japan and India have been friends even before India became an Indepedent nation due to Nethaji and Azad India force. Japan was always admired ijn India for its Military prowess and recently technology, cleanliness and the quickness with which it comes out of natural calamities like Earthquakes and Psunami.But Japan was also seen as only running after profits after Suzuki refused to give evenclutch technology to its Indian Maruthi.It is only when South Koreans came it started learning its lesson.Japan has plenty to offer India in its management style, cleanliness and self control.Indira the Elepjhant cub was the toast of 1950s and todaynIndia can teach Japan how to avoid suicide by Yoga and be satisfied with less worldly goods along with its Iron ore.

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Posted in: Abe visits Yasukuni shrine; calls it pledge against war See in context

As an Indian I feel this hue and cry is due to Japan being the defeated nation, the victors writing the history.In war untold miseries are inflicted by victors and Japan is no exception. But then Japan also supported Indian independence movement and Azad Hindu force led by Nethaji bose a man feared by the Britsh Imperialism. Japan must not bother for these criticisms and the visits should be routine.

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Posted in: Japan's next defense budget to post biggest rise in 18 years See in context

Japan was sermonising India about re arming and spending on Nukes while it had nculear umbrella. Now it should understand India's problems with nuclear armed China and Pakistan in a different perspective. USA is not going to fight China and one has to defend oneself.

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Posted in: India's PM says Japan a natural partner on sea issues See in context

Japan was lecturing India , a nation of 1 billion people even some years back about how not to go for Nuclear self reliance with its own US umbrella and no fukishama. It is a richer nation and wanted to be part of white nation some40 years back..Why its export to India is lagging? It jwas the first country to have a Car plant with Suzuki but will not agree to transfer even gear box technology.It is only with engry of Hyundai of South korea it opned its eyes.Now Sony used to sit at pedestal with US market.But today Samsung is leaping far ahead while sony's Xperia range is no match in price or quality.Dito with flat panel TVs where with same or better technology Samsung and LG products are cheaper.I have a Sony TV acyber shot camera but the after slaes are not upto the mark unlike Samsung.Japan has shown how it has recovered from such a huge Tsunami,earthquake and nuke accident all occurring simultaneoulsy while a country like India would have collpased.It is here Japan should show magnanimity

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Posted in: U.S. reassures Japan, S Korea after fresh N Korea threats See in context

Noth Korea is not Iran. It is unpredictable.Basically North korrea wants ecurity from China's nukes and west and Japan are unable to understand this.It is China which is the real enemy of North korea

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Posted in: U.S. officials defend handling of Boeing 787 mishaps See in context

The statement by Boeing officials was hasty and not committed to safety of passengers.He can compete with Airbus only by being transparent.Will there be any compensation to the Airlines which are facing losses to these groundings?

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Posted in: World leaders set for busy weekend of summitry in U.S. See in context

G8, Has canada,Italy,Japan has any role in this summit? It is always USA. NATO summit has nobody from India,russia and china,Iran and how can they solve problems of Afghanistan without these nations. India has been sucker that it is the biggest investor in Afghanistan.

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Posted in: Beat Takeshi compares same-sex marriage with bestiality See in context

At last a Japanese who has the guts to tell the truth and go against US President's views.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia sign security information deal See in context

Japan has to look for USA,Australia,NATO and France to counter rising China shows the bankruptcy of its foreign policy. Can China be stumped without help of India,Vietnam, Philippines,south Korea who all fear China more than Japan due to territorial claims. Wake up Japan and forge tries with Asians

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Posted in: Japan, India strike $15 billion currency swap deal See in context

Japan has $200 billion trade with china and $15 billion with India.The growing might of china was readily due to the outcome of Japanese investment in hightech areas in china. Now it is learning the truth about Democracy.

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Posted in: TPP opponents accuse Noda of making hasty decision to join talks See in context

Japan for too long has been tied to Security and Nuclear Umbrella of USA. Now that USA is decline power and cannot stand upto rising china, it wants its share of pound of flesh. Japan had a lead in India in every field but it never shared with Indians. But South Koreans entered and occupied that space by sharing while Japan was thinking about how it was called a white race by the racist south africa. Now it has to wake upto reality that USA will not fight the battles with China.It has to build for its own security as well as look after its future in food security and economic well being.

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Posted in: G7 ministers, central bankers to discuss U.S. ratings downgrade See in context

Unless USA learns to live within its means instead of living of Chinese Labour and Japanese savings, this problem will continue

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Posted in: China calls Japan defense comments irresponsible See in context

Japan must understand that China is aspiring to be a power which can challenge USA whether liked by Japan, south koreans,vietnamese or even Indians.

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Posted in: Suicide bomber kills 67 at Pakistani mosque See in context

When Muslims kill another Muslim, it is duty of law abiding Muslim to wage jihad against Muslims who donot follow their Wahabism. When will world will understand this menace funded by OIC who even ask for Muslim forces in Afghanistan, Iraq but not UN forces.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador: U.S.-Japan pact critical for peace See in context

Will USA come to aid Japan if China attacks it?Obama didnot even meet with Dalai Lama and China is now called G2. Japan is a proud nation and it must defend its wealth with its own forces.

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Posted in: 29 killed in clashes, suicide attack in Pakistan See in context

If Frontier constabulary which is supposed to protect are themselves involved, then whom to citizens will look?

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Posted in: Japan enters high-speed train sales race See in context

This article shows why Japan is lagging behind in the world of business.Its arrogance.I think Chinese have German system but soon they will copy it to export to third world.Hatayoma proposed the bullet train to Indians during his recent visit.But Indian tracks are ancient as well as its signal system.It just cannnot afford to relay the whole track but Japan has the bullet train. It is here Japan has to show innovation.otherwise it can sell in Korea,Taiwan or vietnam

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Posted in: Do you think it is a good idea to have armed guards on planes as an anti-terrorism measure? See in context

Better to have black belt trained karate experts instead of with arms

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Posted in: Obama blasts banks for opposing financial overhaul See in context

banks have tough guidelines to grant loans. But those tough guidelines are thrown overboard when it comes to powerful politicians, Big fat cats of Industry or even mafia from sicily

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Posted in: Obama's bow to emperor causes outrage in Washington See in context

obama bowed to Saudi king while standing tall in front of Queen Elizabeth of England

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Posted in: Karzai effectively handed 2nd term as Afghan president See in context

Why Obama is NOT comfortable with Karzai while Bush was. whether it is karzai or Abdullah2 , both have to be corrupt as is Zardari or any other leader whether in democrasy or dictatorship. But Obama should not have cancelled the first round without doing his homework with abdullah and Karzai and this shows the failure of US foreign policy establishment.

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