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Posted in: TEPCO asks for reported Y1 tril aid for Fukushima See in context

This is the LARGEST SCAM in the World! TEPCO blunders cause a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster and now they want to profit by it!

Wake Up Japan and Just say N☢!

BTW--> Any truth in this:

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Posted in: Japan's public debt to hit record Y1,024 trillion See in context

"Japan’s public debt is expected to swell to a record 1,024 trillion yen as the government finances reconstruction efforts after the March earthquake and tsunami, reports said Saturday".

I am SAD to see that JapanToday left out the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster caused by their Nuclear reactors! They are not saying that EVERY reactor is at risk and that is a dis-service to the Japanese People and the World!

The fact is, that all the (shutdown) reactors in Japan are susceptible to Nature fury, anytime, anyplace 24/7/365!

Every reactor in Japan is a potential Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster waiting to happen despite what the Government is saying, since man cannot predict when (or the size of) the next big Quake, Tsunami or other Disaster will happen!

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Posted in: Gov't announces plan to store radioactive soil in Fukushima See in context

Wake up Japan and accept that Radioactive Pollution is becoming an ever greater presence in your future!

Since 3/11, you have been told "not to worry" while TEPCO and your Gov't. have covered up this Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster, which is STILL ongoing! It is time to demand that your Leaders reveal the truth and allow everyone in Japan and World Wide to understand the true scale of this debacle...

If not for the Web, this would have been "swept under the rug" long ago by traditional Main Stream Media (MSM) and then the People of Japan would be in an even worse position since they would not be aware of the excessive amount os radiation that have and continue to escape from Fukushima!

Every day that the Japanese people allow TEPCO and their Government to continue this coverup is a win for their Nuclear Industry, which is desperate to retain its control over the Energy that Japan uses and the money it generates...

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