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I wish we (US, Japan, S. Korea) would COMPLETELY IGNORE these launches. Fatso clearly wants attention, and we indulge him with attention each and every time. I'd love to see how he's react to no reaction whatsoever.

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Posted in: Views on U.S. bases shift in Okinawa See in context

"Propaganda", several of you claim?

What interest does a French government-owned news agency have in all of this?

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Posted in: U.S. Marine arrested over assault in Okinawan bar See in context

I bet the guy who got his face mushed into the counter will never say that again...

Just sayin'

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Posted in: Russian athletes who do not back invasion of Ukraine could return to competing: Bach See in context

A political litmus test to be allowed to compete in a sporting event?

Just shows what a joke the Olympics are.

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Posted in: Japan reports 49,979 new coronavirus cases See in context

Nearing the end of a 2-week visit here to visit family, my observation is that nobody really gives a hoot about Covid anymore, same as back home in the US. Everyone seems to know that it's just a fact of life at this point. It really hasn't been particularly fatal here, as even though there are a ton of old people, most people eat pretty healthy- tons of fermented foods, not much processed crap, etc. Unlike back home, there aren't a bunch of 400-pound slobs waddling around here, which cuts down significantly on fatalities. The elephant in the room in the US was that the Covid ICUs at the hospitals were mostly populated by obese people (a bunch of elephants in the room, I guess). But acknowedging that would have been 'fat shaming', so we had to pretend that we were all equally vulnerable.

The masks here in Japan are a charade, and most people seem to realize this, because as soon as the doors close they come off. Hopefully as time goes on more and more people have the guts to go against the grain and shed them.

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Posted in: Yamaha Motor, ShinMaywa conduct early-stage test flight of small aircraft See in context

No thanks. I think I'll stick with the '83 Warrior II that I usually rent when I go up (albeit not so often now that I have a kid who's quickly proving to be more expensive than maintaining my private pilot's license).

On the topic of Japanese aircraft, I never could figure out why Japan doesn't have a product line that competes with Boeing and Airbus.

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Posted in: Abe's controversial state funeral may backfire on Kishida See in context

I still don't get what all the fuss is about. The guy was the longest-serving PM ever, and unpopular or otherwise, he was popular enough to achieve that status. He was shot and killed while acting in that role (albeit in retirement), a very rare occurrence in Japan, or any 1st world country for that matter.

The opposition is likely overblown, giving too much press time to the loudest shouters. Just like in the US when something/someone is all over the news for being "racist", just because the 0.01% percent of the population screaming and hollering about it says so.

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Posted in: Freight owners frequently call my cell phone, asking me where I am running now and pressuring me to quickly transport goods. See in context

My brother-in-law is a truck driver in Tohoku. His shifts are 15 hours on the road.

In the US, drivers aren't allowed to work shifts longer than 14 hours, and only 11 of those hours can be spent driving.*

Yes, I know this isn't the US. I'm just sayin'.

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Posted in: Young women in Japan want only one child or none at all: survey See in context

*The Japanese Government does next to nothing to make having children easier *much like America does.

I beg to differ here. The two biggest gut punches in the US are probably preschool and college tuitions. I pay $1,600 a month for my kid's preschool in the US, and it isn't some fancy place where they all learn to play the cello and speak 6 languages; it's just a preschool. And we all know what college costs in the US.

In Japan, the town preschools are of a high quality and on a sliding income scale, with even the wealthy families paying a very reasonable amount. My buddy, not rich or poor, pays the equivelent of about $200 for his kid's preschool. A kid can attend a good college for often not much more than the equivalent of $7,000 a year, and often less. Not chump change, but not a kick in the teeth either.

I'd assume that both of these relatively low-cost expenses are the price they are due to government subsidies, be they local government in the case of the town preschool, or the prefectural and national governments with the colleges. In the US, even the public universities are pretty expensive these days. The school near my house (UMass) serves sushi in the dining halls and builds $100 million dollar gyms for the varsity teams. Perhaps they should cut the crap with the fancy stuff a bit, subsidize it a bit more, and drop the tuition so kids don't get slammed in the buns so hard with loans. Tuition there is 2-3 times what a Japanese students (or their parents) pay.

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I'm in Japan with my family for a couple weeks to visit my wife's folks in Tohoku, and to travel around a bit as we are on vacation. We always come every year, or at least we did until about 3 years ago.

Other than the obsessive-compulsive mask situation here, I was pleasantly surprised to see that most Japanese people do seem to be treating this more as an endemic scenario rather than some big emergency pandemic. We took our little son to Disneyland yesterday, Shibuya the day before that, and everything seemed pretty normal in terms of crowds (though the Shibuya scramble crossing seemed to be less of a swarm than I remembered it). Old friends were all fine with unmasked visits and rides in cars together and whatnot, save for one friend whose disabled child has a tracheotomy and is rightfully very cautious.

I just hope that people come to give the masks a rest. It's awkward to speak to people without seeing their faces, and I'm one who likes to have friendly chats with strangers so perhaps it's extra-awkward for me. It's silly to be such sticklers about masks nearly everywhere, and them suddenly not worrying about exposure whatsoever in onsen in restaurants. It seems that people aren't so worried about Covid as they are afraid to be the 'first guy' to not wear one. Some people are brave enough to shed the mask though, but I really don't see the mask thing truly ending here anytime within the next several years, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japan weighs plan for ban on hotel guests without masks: report See in context

The efficacy of masks are irrelevant. If the societal consensus was that hopping around everywhere on one foot was the way to go, 95% of Japanese people would be hopping around everywhere on one foot. If the government then came out and said "OK, you can stop hopping now", nobody would want to be the first one to stop. Everyone would keep hopping around everywhere on one foot for years and years to come.

Covid could be eradicated like Yellow Fever and the masks will stay on. They aren't going away. For years and years to come.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

I entered the country through Narita the other day, first time here since late 2019 (here visiting my wife's family). I couldn't believe how dead the place was. Most of the people getting off my flight seemed to be funneled into the area for connecting flights to elsewhere in Asia. The baggage claim area was nearly empty.

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Posted in: Japan set to waive some visa requirements in October to boost tourism: Nikkei See in context

Who are "certain tourists"? Those willing to spend their entire vacation following some lady wearing a bowler hat and carrying a flag around? Best of luck with, Japan. Nobody wants to take one of those crappy vacations.

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Posted in: 'Ninja Bear' has been attacking dairy farms in Hokkaido for three years See in context

Nothing a 30-aught-6 and a steady hand couldn't handle...

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Posted in: Japan aims to remove daily arrival cap in October to spur tourism See in context

Raising entry permissions to draw tourists at this point is analogous to a movie theater owner who can't get customers to fill the theater putting extra in seating capacity hoping that will help.

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Posted in: Japan to remove entry cap in 'not-so-distant future,' official says See in context

Raising the entry cap puts the cart before the horse.

It's analogous to a movie theater owner who can't attract enough customers, so he increases seating capacity thinking that will help.

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Posted in: Japan says it is ready to take action as yen dives See in context

... and I'm 'ready for action' with my credit card when we visit Japan from the US next week!

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Posted in: Mos Burger opens metaverse branch See in context

There's a lot of horrible slop that sounds like a good idea when you've been out drinking all night, but I don't care how hammered and hungry I am, I won't touch Lotteria.

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Posted in: Mos Burger opens metaverse branch See in context



Every time I hear or read that word, I throw up in my mouth a little.

Thanks, Dan.

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Posted in: Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student See in context

Japanese generally hold their tongues regarding their feelings of superiority over Westerners, but it all comes pouring out when they interact with other Asians, especially while in positions of power.

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Posted in: Mos Burger opens metaverse branch See in context

I bet their burgers suck there, too.

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Posted in: Countries around the world are being increasingly hit by record heat, flash floods and droughts. Scientists say these weather variations are becoming more extreme due to global warming, which is being driven chiefly by humanity's use of fossil fuels. Do you agree? See in context

I agree to an extent. However, every time there's a weather event of any kind, 'experts' are quick to blame global warming. We had a few days here in Massachusetts this summer when it was around 95F, and it was "global warming". We've had a heat snap or two like that every summer since I was a kid. Yesterday, we got a few inches of rain in the middle of a summer drought. The rainstorm was "global warming", too. I'd say we just got a rainstorm (though the drought is probably somewhat due to global warming).

When we get a big snowstorm, "global warming". When it doesn't snow for 3 weeks, "global warming". There is definitely an agenda.

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Posted in: Japan eases COVID-19 border controls but tourist surge doubtful See in context

I got a visa by being married to a Japanese national and we're headed there next week for 2 weeks. When I applied for the visa, I had to fill out a spreadsheet declaring where I'll be every single day, and who I'll be with. I just wrote "in-law's house" for all 14 days. In reality, we'll be all over the place, multiple prefectures visiting friends, family, and ryokan/onsen. I wonder if the unguided package tour people will be able to fudge their itineraries like that.

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Posted in: Gov't plans ¥50,000 handouts for each low-income household to fight inflation See in context

It will help in the short term for those families. However, injecting freshly printed currency into the economy fuels inflation. They shot trillions$$$ into the US economy and look at us.

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter appeals 20-year prison term for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

So screwing up the life, likely for the duration of the life that's just getting started, warrants only 1 year in prison.

Yes, "this happens in the US, too", though with perhaps a longer sentence, but still much too short.

I can't understand why in Japan, the US, why anywhere- child molesters aren't locked up for decades for each child they harm. Shameful.

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Posted in: Man arrested for trying to rob confectionery store in Tottori See in context

I'm surprised the clerk stonewalled him. Was he in a wheelchair or something? If I was working in a candy store making ¥730 an hour, I'd probably just give the dude the money and call the fuzz after he left.

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Posted in: Robot that stocks drinks is newest thing at FamilyMart in Japan See in context

Well, that's what happens when conbini store workers get greedy and ask for a ¥6 raise all the way up to ¥762 per hour...

By the way, who's the random white dude in the photos that go with this story? Is that the ex-Nova teacher who lost out on the conbini job to the robot?

Who stocks the shelf that the robot uses ?

Well played, Gogogo. I don't usually laugh out loud at comments, but you got one outta me here.

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Posted in: Amazon to unveil its $1bil bet with 'Lord of the Rings' prequel launch See in context

I tried to like GOT, but I kept falling asleep. It must have taken me 5 attempts to get past the 3rd episode. I gave up and went back to watching my documentaries and reading books at night.

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context

She'll be forever known in her village as 'the lady who looks like a monkey'.

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Posted in: Have you found that your smartphone has gotten you into the habit of spending more time checking work messages or reading work-related materials or emails in your “off” time at home? See in context

No, I basically refuse to look at work emails on the weekends, or even at night on work nights if I feel I'm not really behind on anything. I do check it periodically on vacation just to make sure there aren't any raging fires I need to put out that might lose significant business, and to keep pokers in the fire on big opportunities.

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