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Posted in: Fewer fireworks events in Japan next summer due to Olympics See in context

The more I read about countries' lead ups to hosting a Games, the more relieved that my home state of Massachusetts told the Olympics to go pound sand when we were awarded the national bid for 2024.

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Posted in: High tide: Cocaine haul washes up on New Zealand beach See in context

What a waste.

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat to Aichi museum over 'comfort women' exhibit See in context

Did he spell his threatening note with little letters he scissored out of magazines and newspapers and painstakingly glued together all night at his kitchen table?

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Posted in: Angry South Koreans accuse Japan of 'economic invasion' See in context

$10 bucks says NOT ONE of those protesters is successful in life.

People who hit the streets over that stuff are channeling their rage at not knowing how to get their lives on track. Same with those speaker van dorks in Japan. Same with 'death to america' people in certain countries.

Losers. The lot of 'em.

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Posted in: S Korea warns of security impact if dropped from Japan's easy-trade list See in context

I guarantee that all the slobs out in the streets protesting are totally unsuccessful losers with no direction in life, occupying such a low rung on the ladder as not to be in anyway affected by international trade agreements to begin with.

Just sayin'.

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Posted in: T-Mobile's $26.5 bil Sprint deal OKed despite competition fears See in context

I bought a fair amount of Sprint stock on speculation when the chatter of this merger began early last year. Glad I did. This has pushed it up about 25% thus far.

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Posted in: Angst in suburbia: Tokyo's once-gracious Setagaya Ward faces increasingly tarnished image See in context

I never understood why Setagaya was such a desirable place to live

For the same reason people with new money will pay $180 for a $4 t-shirt that says 'Emporio Armani' on it.

Because all their friends are so they feel like they have to.

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Posted in: Campaign encourages commuters to stand still in two lines on escalators See in context

Wow, I'm surprised they managed to do it without cute little bunnies and kitties on the poster...

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Posted in: 33 dead after man sets fire to Kyoto anime studio See in context

Some 40 year old loser who still lives with his parents and spends all day in his room watching cartoons, no doubt.

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Posted in: 630 cases of violence against train station employees reported in fiscal 2018 See in context

Instead of making the cutesy little crayon drawing of a silly cartoon character with a childish message aimed at grown adults, why not just have a sign that's instead says "ASSAULT ON TRANSIT EMPLOYEES WILL RESULT IN CRIMINAL PROSECUTION, HEAVY FINES, AND/OR IMPRISONMENT"?

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Posted in: How to fight against climate change living in Japan See in context

Damn, deniers are on full swing today.

And still with the same debunked argument and information.

Thankfully, a majority of people and communities are making efforts to fight the crisis.

I don't deny climate change;

I just don't care.

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Posted in: TOEIC drops out of Japan's new university entrance exam See in context

Who cares? The average Japanese university graduate can't string a simple 3-word sentence together in English as it is.

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Posted in: Putin says liberalism 'eating itself,' migrant influx wrong See in context

Even a broken clock is right twice a day...

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Posted in: Trump, N Korean leader Kim meet at DMZ See in context

All the liberals are gonna be FURIOUS when they roll out of bed at the crack of noon and see this story...

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Posted in: Trump on rape accuser: 'She's not my type' See in context

Oh, give me a break.

Go watch Anderson Cooper's interview of the accuser and tell me how credible she sounds, and how self-righteous you all still feel for bashing Trump on this.

Cooper basically cut her off when it was apparent she's just some wingnut,

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Posted in: Ghosn, Kelly appear in court; lawyer asks why Saikawa wasn't indicted See in context

This entire fiasco is a shot across the bow, warning that big Japanese companies are to be run by Japanese CEOs.

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Posted in: Feminist scholar calls Japan's gender problem 'human disaster' See in context

Sexism, in every country not just Japan, is a cultural barrier to more competitiveness in the global marketplace. The more highly capable women who get stuck serving tea instead of working in the engineering, marketing, or sales departments, the less of an edge that company and its host country has.

Ageism is probably just if not more of an issue in Japan, where the young brilliant people with innovative ideas for navigating the lightning speeds of the modern global economy play second fiddle to the old crusty company men further on up the totem pole.

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Posted in: 16-year-old student on minibike assaulted See in context

Some tough guys right here, beating on a teenager. Also, nice hair mate. Did you dye it yourself?

Let's not forget they were riding doubles on a moped.

Super tough.

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Posted in: Japan encourages foreign tourists to buy travel insurance due to surge in unpaid medical bills See in context

Travel insurance is dirt cheap.

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Posted in: Nearly 50% of Japan's singles have no dating prospects: gov't survey See in context

Japanese women are "too picky"?

I married a beautiful Japanese woman with a heart of gold.

Apparently they aren't picky at all.

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Posted in: Swift calls out homophobes on new song, announces 7th album See in context

Swift was once publicly agnostic about political matters, stating she just wanted to be an entertainer and not plant her flag somewhere on the issues of the day.

Then the Woke community told her in no uncertain terms that her career would be targeted if she didn't profess alignment with their side.

Her recent political posturing is just her simply trying to avoid a book burning.

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Posted in: Operator of tanker says sailors saw 'flying objects' just before attack See in context

No matter what new information is learned, it will be formatted by most of you so that it can be plugged into the "IT'S TRUMP'S FAULT" narrative.

It may very well be Trump's fault. Or Iran's fault. Or Saudi Arabia's fault. Or Godzilla's fault.

But one thing's for sure, the JT comments section here is NOT the place for an honest, unbiased conversation about it.

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Posted in: Japan offers most paid leave for fathers in world, but few take it See in context

Europe is often spoken of enviously here in the US for similar labor policies. But European friends tell me that, at least in the corporate world, one would be acting detrimental to one's career should the time allowed by law actually be used.

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Posted in: Trump threatens huge new tariffs on China if Xi doesn't meet with him See in context

I'm glad Trump is holding China's feet to the fire; the intellectual property stuff has to end. But this was a bad move because to save face the Chinese president now pretty much has to skip the meeting.

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Posted in: Japan's detention center gives foreign media a look See in context

I was arrested for assault in a small city in northern Honshu and interrogated for most of a night and early morning. It wasn't injustice against the innocent; I roughed some other dudes up.

Other than saying I wanted a lawyer, I stayed silent. They played good cop/bad cop, they hollered and screamed, they even slapped me around a bit. But I was released when I firmly demanded a lawyer, an English-speaking officer, and a phone call to the US Embassy.

I knew darn well that the US Embassy would tell me to go pound sand, ("Hi! I got arrested for getting into a drunken scuffle with some dudes who mouthed off to me." ) Apparently the cops didn't know that, because they immediately went into a worried huddle and left the interrogation room. About 45 minutes later, they brought in some elderly cop who spoke pretty good English and who had apparently gotten out of bed and come downtown just for me. He tried to ask me their questions in English, but I just asked him if I was being charged with a crime. "No, because you haven't said anything." was his answer. "Then walk me out the front door past your sargent", I said. And that's just what he did.

I guess I'm one of the 2% who don't incriminate themselves when arrested in Japan. Now let the down votes fly!

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Posted in: Jetstar Japan to cancel 70 flights in June due to pilot shortage See in context

They should hire some of the out-of-work drunk pilots from JAL.

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Posted in: Offices adding greenery as part of work-style reform See in context

I work from an office in my house and I have a jungle of houseplants growing in here. The greenery makes it a much more pleasant place to work.

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Posted in: Mahathir urges U.S., others to accept China's prowess See in context

China needs to stop with the intellectual property theft and forced technology transfers.

Full stop.

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Posted in: Canadian English teacher filmed hitting 2-year-old child at daycare facility See in context

That poor toddler was the recipient of deflected anger. The man was really angry at the world for the fact that he's in his 40's and stuck making minimum wage dancing around with puppets at some daycare in Japan.

What a loser.

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Posted in: Filipino man indicted over 2004 murder of Japanese student See in context

Get a rope.

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