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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context


Whenever a crisis hits Japan, it becomes very apparent that pretty much every night is Amateur Night down at Japan Inc. HQ in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Health ministry taps Tokyo Girls Collection for coronavirus awareness campaign See in context

Well that should get the attention of the 35-45 y/o single men...

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Posted in: Virus breaks the mold for telework in office-bound Japan See in context

Take it a step further after this is all over and telework is a way to help repopulate the Japanese countryside.

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Posted in: Abe warns Japanese to prepare for prolonged coronavirus battle See in context

But wait, just a week ago when he still thought he was having the Olympics, Japan was being lauded the world over for having stopped Covid-19 in its tracks. This man is a joke.

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Posted in: Japan to set up coronavirus task force; no state of emergency yet See in context

From a PR standpoint, this is going to absolutely blow up in Japan Inc.'s face.

Once some of the little warriors at the Washington Post and the NYTimes start to get tired of writing about how Covid-19 is all Trump's fault, one of them is going to stumble across the story about the country that spent a month sweeping pandemic victims under the rug to protect their Olympic hosting slot... only to have it explode later on.

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Posted in: Koike urges cooperation to avoid Tokyo lockdown See in context

Well at least if the Olympics get called off they don't have to try to cover up the Coronavirus anymore. They might actually be able to deal with it now.

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Posted in: The Japan conundrum is just the fact that if you don't test for it, you're not going to find a lot of cases. See in context

This ties right into the Olympics.

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Posted in: More Americans think U.S.-Japan relations improved under Trump: poll See in context

I'm curious who they polled, because most Americans wouldn't be aware of the state of such affairs.

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Posted in: Trump angrily defends his handling of pandemic See in context

Could be worse... we could have a Democrat as president.

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Posted in: Olympic flame arrives in Japan amid worries over virus impact See in context

The Japanese government is being so completely stubborn over insisting that the Olympics go on as planned for one main reason: They are drunk with glee at the prospect of Japan being 'noticed' on the world stage, of getting it's moment in the sun, it's little 15 minutes of fame.

The kicker is that if the Games do go on, Japan sure will be noticed by the rest of the world alright, but it will be for being a bunch of stubborn, ignorant fools.

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Posted in: China reports zero new domestic virus cases for first time See in context

I don't believe this one bit. However, the American MSM is running with PRC talking points now because they see the Chinese as an ally against Trump now that China has jumped on the "Trump is Racist" bandwagon.

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Posted in: Japan testing for coronavirus at fraction of capacity See in context

They are deliberately trying to keep the true numbers under wraps to save their precious Olympics.

Well listen Shinzo and crew, the more you dig your heels in like so many children with their fingers in their ears singing at the top of their lungs, the more precious 'face' you'll have to lose this summer when the Olympics are inevitably called off.

But good luck with that. Maybe you can still have the Olympics, but only with Japanese athletes participating. Then you can parade around beating your chests about how Japan won the most gold medals and has the world's best athletes.

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Posted in: Doubts growing in Japan over Tokyo Olympics See in context

I wonder how much Yakuza involvement there is between construction of facilities and stadiums, selling concessions and merchandise, entertainment, and in the numerous other ways to make a buck off the Olympics.

I then wonder if anyone with authority to take a rain check on the games until 2021 is under 'very strong advisement' to continue as scheduled.

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Posted in: WHO pandemic declaration won't change Tokyo Olympics plan: Suga See in context

A win-win for Japan would be if the Olympics are not cancelled, but 95% of all the other countries don't show up.

Then Japan can win all the medals and parade around for having the greatest athletes in the world.

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Posted in: Trump officials emphasize coronavirus was 'Made in China' See in context

While it's certainly fun to sit around and get all mad about Trump and scream about racism every five minutes, the likely origin of this pandemic needs to be addressed. That origin most certainly is China, but moreover, the massive 'wet' markets common to Chinese cities.

Chinese wet markets contain nearly every sort of wild animal imaginable being kept alive and slaughtered in very close proximity, and they are the ripest of breeding grounds for viruses that can easily make the jump to humans. Until China makes some changes to these markets, our closely intertwined global community will continue to be vulnerable. Therefore, the origin of this outbreak most certainly needs to be acknowledged.

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Posted in: Stocks rebound from big losses on hope for U.S. economic aid See in context

I listened to National Public Radio (NPR) this morning in the car here in the US, and they were downright giddy to report that yesterday's slide of 2,000 points on the Dow Jones might adversely affect Trump's chances of reelection.

The news media want a recession because they think it will get rid of their bogeyman.

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Posted in: Gender gaps deeply ingrained in Japanese society: U.N. official See in context

Among most employers in Japan, it's a given that single young women live with their parents with limited expenses, and once married, will quit to become lifelong housewives. Therefore, they get paid peanuts.

When my Japanese wife got basically the exact same job here in the US as she had in Japan (lower-level in medical field), she was paid 4 times as much as in Japan. FOUR TIMES. And that was when she started, it's gone up significantly now.

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Posted in: 19-year-old arrested for assaulting man outside convenience store See in context

This is good news in the sense that it made national news, meaning it's rare to have violent assaults in Japan. Such an assault probably occurred last night alone here in the US in just about every big city and probably won't even be events worthy of local newspapers.

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Posted in: Tokyo gov't urges people to refrain from cherry blossom parties in parks See in context

I should imagine that if you consume enough shochu at one of these parties, you'd create in your own body a hostile environment for the Coronavirus to set up shop.

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Posted in: Trump says no reason to panic as 1st coronavirus death reported in U.S. See in context

He may be correct, but he's Trump. That means we have to get really mad that he said this and disagree vehemently.

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Posted in: Abe's abrupt call to close schools triggers confusion See in context

He's trying to save his precious Olympics.

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Posted in: All 16 of Vietnam's coronavirus sufferers cured See in context

As the global economy teeters over a hyped up version of the common cold that kills octogenarian cigarette smokers.

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Posted in: Health minister says it is too early to talk about canceling Olympics See in context

Why hasn't anyone really talked about simply doing it as planned in Tokyo but in the summer of 2021?

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Posted in: Japan announces basic policy to fight spread of coronavirus See in context

The result, no doubt, of dozens of meetings about meetings to discuss what will be discussed about the meetings to plan for the other meetings to decide where to have the drinking party to celebrate the completion of the meeting about the meeting to discuss the upcoming meeting where a bunch of people will decide on a policy based upon seniority in the room rather than expertise in the field at hand.

The Japanese government can't get out of its own way.

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Posted in: Sanders scores decisive win in Nevada; Biden headed for 2nd-place finish See in context

Just 9 more months until I can quit my job, kick back on the couch all day, and get all my free stuff!

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Posted in: Olympic crowd crush expected as Japan Inc rules out work from home See in context

Olympics aside, establishing a culture of working remotely in Japan is paramount to any chance of reviving the sputtering rural areas of that country.

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Posted in: Professor denies he was pressured to remove videos on virus-hit ship See in context

"Here's a nice bottle of shochu for you, Mr. Director-Sensei, a belated happy new year to you.

By the way- if your teaching hospital wants that government grant for those new MRI machines next summer, you'd better tell that employee of yours to take down his YouTube videos lickity split."

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Posted in: Coronavirus outbreak stokes anti-Asian bigotry worldwide See in context

Every year my wife and I go to Boston's Chinatown for their new year celebration and a big meal, when the streets are closed, firecrackers are permitted, and teams of lion dancers make their way trough the neighborhood and into restaurants full of people enjoying the festivities.

Last year, the family of a classmate of my son whose parents are very recent immigrants from China, went along with us and we agreed to make a tradition of it. This year, when I reached out to them to go to the Chinatown celebration, they said "Are you nuts? All those Chinese people in one place right next to an international airport, with all the college students coming back from winter break? We're not going anywhere near Chinatown!"

My point is, the most 'racist' and 'anti-Chinese rhetoric' I've heard since this outbreak began came straight from people who were born and raised in the heart of mainland China. While in my excitement to stuff my face with soup dumplings I threw caution out the window, I don't think that people's desire to keep their families safe needs to be labeled with something that ends in "-ist" or "-phobic", though such is certainly the fad these days.

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Posted in: Firefighter arrested for voyeuristic filming on smartphone See in context

The perversion aside, what does it say about the caliber of firefighter the city of Sendai has on the job when one of the city's Bravest is able to be physically restrained by a clothing shop clerk?

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Posted in: Boeing Dreamlifter See in context

That's big, but a C-5 Galaxy is noticeably bigger inside.

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