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Posted in: Japanese rice tastier due to global warming, says Aso See in context

Hahaha, let the heads explode over a silly comment.

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Posted in: Mako's marriage casts shadow on imperial succession debate See in context

I'd like to know what percentage of Japanese even give a damn about the Imperial Family. I don't think I've ever talked to any who do... (not that I ever took a poll, mind you)

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Posted in: U.S. details new international COVID-19 travel requirements See in context

Gina Raimondo is the Secretary of Commerce, not Transportation. Oops AP!

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Posted in: Princess Mako to only give written answers at marriage press conference See in context

Once they've gone back to the US, they'll be largely forgotten in the Japanese press.

Then we can count on the Daily Mail to give us riveting photo updates about them being observed picking their noses or buying booze in a bodega.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disneyland holds first Halloween event in 2 years; admits more visitors See in context

I went to Disney World when I was a little boy, quite often as my grandma wintered near the park. Par for the course in the US where visitors typically take their little kids, who love getting their pictures taken with the characters, and love getting little stuffed Mickey's, Minnie's, and Pluto's. Once I hit about 11 years old, I had no interest in going back.

I always thought it odd that the typical Toko Disneyland customers are gaggles of adult women who love getting their pictures taken with the characters, and love getting little stuffed Mickey's, Minnie's, and Pluto's.

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

Somehow the Cancel Brigade gave up on South Park since forever ago. They rip on everybody super hard, but you never hear anyone trying to shut down Comedy Central over it.

I wonder why they get a pass?

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

He's a comedian. He tells jokes.

Just how special do you think you are that you think you're off limits to a comedian telling jokes?

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Posted in: Tokyo, Osaka to lift nightlife curbs from Monday as virus cases plunge See in context

I've got a feeling that foreign tourists won't be stepping foot on Japanese soil until 2024.

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Posted in: Daiichi Sankyo to launch COVID-19 vaccine in Japan in 2022 See in context

Right on time!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 41 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 391 See in context

When do you think this will stop being a top headline?

Perhaps when it isn't causing significant disruptions to the country, such as not allowing people to come visit from other countries. Japan is buttoned up like it's still 1746.

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Posted in: Mount Aso volcano erupts See in context

I was hiking on the top of that mountain with a buddy back in '05 or so, when it burped out a cloud of smoke. The ranger station below hollered on their loudspeakers for everyone to get back down the mountain and we scrambled our way back, never really in danger as it wasn't a significant eruption. As I recall, there are concrete bunkers built into the mountain up near the top that hikers can seek shelter in if need be.

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Posted in: Princess Mako's fiance visits her parents before marriage See in context

I bet the Daily Mail ends up chasing them all over NYC trying to get photos of them picking their noses or whatever once they move back.

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Posted in: Kishida says Fukushima wastewater release can't be delayed See in context

This water will be so diluted even a few hundred meters after it comes out of the pipe that while traceable, the radioactivity will be inconsequential. Calm down, everyone.

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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context

Bunch of rednecks... I'll bet that day was the first time half of those slobs stepped foot in a town of more than 20,000 people.

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Posted in: Kishida visits areas hit by 2011 disaster for 1st time as PM See in context

You people should lighten up.

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Posted in: Tokyo court disrupted by hundreds of maskless anti-vaxxers See in context

I recently heard on a Joe Rogan podcast that there are a bunch of that Q-anon crap in Japan of all places... I wonder if these clowns are part of that?

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Posted in: Japan may exempt Australian troops in joint drills from death penalty See in context

I have a solution for the Australian soldiers: Just don't commit any murders in Japan. Problem solved!

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Posted in: Japan has lowest share of women studying science: OECD report See in context

The problem isn't the STEM professions keeping women out, but rather the old school culture instilled in Japanese from a young age that women are meant to quit whatever job they have by age 30 or so to stay home and make lunch for a salaryman. Why would one bother with all the work of starting and earning an advanced degree when they're only able to put it to use for a few years?

And for whatever reason, women even in more equitable countries have a similar phenomenon. I remember reading that Sweden spent lots of money and effort trying to recruit more women to STEM, but they simply din't want to sign up at nearly the same rate as men. Cultural problem, or simple preferences based upon gender differences? If it's the latter, it would be a career-ender to study it.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 60 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 553 See in context

Starting to look like some real progress. For as critical as everyone was (myself included) about the slow vaccine rollout, they certainly ramped up quick and got a lot of people vaccinated.

Personally, I can't wait to be able to resume my family's trips to visit the in-laws in Tohoku. Our 4-year old son hasn't seen his grandparents in person since late 2019. Technically we can all get in now, myself included being married to a national, but as onsen enthusiasts, and also with lots of friends we like to visit, we aren't so keen on being holed up in quarantine for most of our trip.

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Posted in: Rock and roar: Iwate region's riff warns of bear attacks See in context

When bears wander into my yard, I usually just run out there with a couple pots and pans, bang them together, and holler at them like a lunatic. They run for their dear fuzzy lives.

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Posted in: Princess Mako, boyfriend Komuro to marry by year-end See in context


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Posted in: U.N. team says it is unclear if Fukushima cleanup can finish by 2051 See in context

On the bright side of such predictions, they are generally based upon current technology, which as we all know, tends not to stay 'current' for long. No one can anticipate what might be developed prior to 2051 that might help with this challenge.

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Posted in: Police say man in train knife rampage thought of bombing Shibuya crossing See in context

If he thought he could start a train on fire using a bottle of peanut oil and a cigarette lighter, he likely wouldn't have been a successful bomb-maker.

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Posted in: Suga thanks people for helping to hold safe Olympics during pandemic See in context

Suga always looks like he hates his life.

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Posted in: Man arrested in train stabbings says he suffered rejection in relationships See in context

My compassion for someone who's having a particularly difficult time at life ends where innocent people are targeted and hurt. Lock him up and don't let him out.

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Posted in: China slams U.S. offer of safe haven for Hong Kong residents See in context

If the Western world would make a converted effort to stop buying cheap Chinese stuff for a year or two, the resulting economic upheaval among the newly-created middle class in China would have the government there running for the hills.

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Posted in: Google mogul Larry Page allowed into New Zealand despite closed border See in context

I’m doing my best to get Rich! so that I too will be able to travel all over the world where and when I want…

This is literally the only thing that motivates me to pretend I give a crap about this corporate game I've fallen into.

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Posted in: Belarus athlete leaves Japan on Vienna-bound flight See in context

I'd ask the pilot to fly around Russia just to be safe.

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Posted in: Man dies after being assaulted, thrown off bridge in Osaka See in context

If any of you had tried to intervene and stop the attacker, the story would have turned into "foreigner viciously attacks Japanese man".

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Posted in: Japan starts giving COVID-19 shots to citizens temporarily returning See in context

Is Japan still requiring that the shot givers are all full-blown surgeons and MDs, or are they allowing nurses and whatnot to administer the shots now, too? I'm just surprised to see people being told they have to wait until November.

I'll admit I was somewhat weirded out to get my shot from a 19-year old volunteer firefighter/EMT (here in Massachusetts, US), but then again my arm didn't fall off so I suppose it's all good...

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