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Posted in: Japan, South Korea drop export claims against each other See in context

I hope this annoying little wiener measuring contest is finally coming to a close.

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Posted in: 50-year-old man gets 6 years in prison for sexually abusing girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter See in context

Ruin someone's life and only have your own put on pause for 6 years.

What a system.

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Posted in: North Korea claims almost 800,000 have signed up to fight against U.S. See in context

Lambs to the slaughter if it ever went down. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: Kishida outlines plans to tackle falling birthrate See in context

implement the necessary measures to allow 85 percent of male workers who have a child to take paternity leave by fiscal 2030

If he's serious about his, it wouldn't seem to be such a heavy lift that it would take 7 years to implement...

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Posted in: 2 indicted for robbery and murder of 90-year-old Tokyo woman See in context

I hope the cops tune those guys up good back at the station.

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Posted in: Japanese scientists create mice with two fathers See in context

Are the mice partners?

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Posted in: Britain and Japan to pay for most of fighter project agreed with Italy See in context

Japan might be able to build fast trains and reliable cars, but they have zero experience making a modern fighter jet. They build carbon copies of US F-15s and F-16s on license with all of the blueprints supplied, but that's about as best they can do. Italy isn't far behind.

Basically this all means that the UK will be designing a new fighter jet, Japan is going to help pay for it, and Italy is going to make the tires and leather seats and get a lot more than they're pay for once the little red hen makes the bread.

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Posted in: Man arrested for beating father to death with hammer and rice cooker See in context

Are the majority of murders in Japan family-on-family now? Seems like it from the news, but that might be a good story worthy of investigation.

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Posted in: ¥3.997 billion in cash handed in to Tokyo lost and found center in 2022 See in context

Coincidentally, that same number was turned into the NYPD last year: $39.97.

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Posted in: Asian shares extend losses as U.S. banking worries persist See in context

Made a bunch of dough buying stocks in small banks at the height of yesterday's panic selling. A day later and I've already nearly doubled my money.

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Posted in: Travel industry counting on cherry blossoms to lure foreign tourists See in context

I hope all that pent up demand winds down sooner than later. Plane tickets are up the cornhole right now. Those of us who have to scramble our whole families around the globe to see Ji-ji and Ba-ba in Japan once or twice a year might as well just bend over and hold our ankles when we buy our plane tickets this year.

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Posted in: Ghibli Park visitors caught in lewd acts with anime character figures See in context

Some young dudes taking funny pictures with their buddies.

Lord have mercy. What is the world coming to.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for 'sushi terrorism' pranks See in context

Problem solved:

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Posted in: Disaster to destination: Fukushima woos tourists with snow See in context

I lived in Fukushima City for year back in '06-'07 and snowboarded out there in the Bandai region every Saturday and Sunday that there was snow on the ground. I hit just about all of the places over there near the lakes. There's some good terrain out there, and pretty good snow. It wasn't quite up to the Tohoku standards I'd gotten used to in the previous 3 years, but it was pretty good.

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Posted in: 3 arrested for 'sushi terrorism' pranks See in context

The Yakuza needs to get involved. Have a couple of Yaks stationed at each restaurant for a few months, sitting out back watching the cameras. If someone spits on some sushi, it's in the back room they go, for a little pep talk with their hands held down on the edge of a whirling table saw.

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Posted in: Message to foreigners at Japanese convenience store sparks controversy online See in context

Some angry loser making ¥730 an hour to sell cigarettes and onigiri writing some dopey note hardly seems newsworthy to me.

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Posted in: When you drink coffee or tea in Japan, do you prefer the chains like Starbucks, Tully’s, Doutor, etc, or do you prefer the traditional “kissaten?” See in context

I usually drink coffee at home but if I want one outside of my home/morning window, I just want a cup of coffee; Lawson's or 7-11* for all I care. Starbucks if available.

The last thing I want to do is pay ¥800 to wait 10 minutes while some bohemian makes me 3 sips of coffee in a moonshine still.

*you youngsters are lucky that they actually have coffee machines in convenience stores now where you can get a fresh cup. When I lived in Japan 2003-2007 all they had was that crappy coffee that comes in cans.

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Posted in: 40-year-old man arrested for abusing girlfriend’s 5-year-old son See in context

I hope the cops use their 21 allowed days of interrogation to tune that guy up good. And after his black eyes and busted lip heals a bit, I hope they tune him up again.

They'll still have time for him to heal up and look presentable in court.

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Posted in: Japan to launch pilot program for issuing digital yen See in context

Yeah, great: Do it to "catch up with China", where a centralized currency is wielded as leverage over the citizenry, where if someone gets out of line in 'private' conversations on on WeChat, the Chinese government can see to it that you can't even buy a bus ticket.

Japan (and the US where I live) are free societies and they aren't China, but I am still 100% opposed to the government handling the transactions for things that I buy. It's none of their damn business, and moreover, I don't want to expose myself to the potential for the government tampering with my freedom of purchase should I get out of line, whatever they ever decide that means.

Everyone should be VERY Leary of these moves by ANY government.

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Posted in: Annual event held in Japan pushing claim over S Korea-held isles See in context


That sign is retarded.

You can't say that anymore....

You should say.... That sign is special.

Actually, being from Massachusetts what I should have said was "That sign in retahded."

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Posted in: Annual event held in Japan pushing claim over S Korea-held isles See in context

That sign is retarded.

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Posted in: Mother arrested for fatally assaulting 2-year-old son See in context

Those of us with children know how much our wives' instincts of love and protection kick into overdrive during those first years of a child's lives. Often men almost pushed aside by their wives during these years, the mothers' being so dedicated to the child. A case like this must involve some serious mental illness for that instinct to be 'shut off' such that something like this can occur.

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Posted in: 34 nations: No clarity on neutrality, no Olympics for Russia See in context

Simple fix: They can compete, but they have to compete under the rainbow pride flag, and the men's team has to wear daisy dukes for every event. Putin will be thrilled!

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Posted in: Panasonic unit says it will promptly demote sexual harassment offenders See in context

In other news, half the board of directors and 142 section chiefs enjoyed their first days back on the job as janitors. Panasonic building now spotless.

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Posted in: Kishida pledges to boost child-rearing budget to 4% of GDP See in context

Definitely need to use some money to encourage yuppie migration away from cities and back to the heartland. Subsidies for home building, tax breaks for companies who allow remote work for the people who move there, etc.

Proximity to nature, open space, and friendly rural communities would likely get people to have children who might not have otherwise in some rabbit hutch in Tokyo.

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Posted in: U.S. military shoots down another flying object near Canadian border See in context

I’m glad to see that all the professional aerial intercept defense strategists have all weighed in here.

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Posted in: Should Russian and Belarussian athletes be allowed to compete in the Olympics and other international sporting events? See in context

Yes, because the athletes are young people who've worked hard their whole lives for the wonderful chance to be in the Olympics. We can't blame them for their looney president and his actions...

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Posted in: Japan to ease COVID-19 guidelines for mask-wearing on March 13 See in context

It doesn’t matter what is recommended.

It’s Japan; nobody wants to be the first guy to take it off. A fully masked populace isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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Posted in: Philippines deports remaining 2 robbery suspects to Japan See in context

Some guys who scam old ladies, huh? I hope those two jabrionis don't really have fat faces like that, I hope it's because the cops in the Philippines tuned them up real good back at the station.

And I hope the Japanese cops tune them up again.

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Posted in: Allure of Japan's powder snow a growing danger as more tourists ski backcountry See in context

The closest I ever came to dying snowboarding was in Japan; twice.

Once we were hucking ourselves off of a cornice at Hachimantai in Iwate. When we were having lunch (and a few more beers) the cornice broke off. It was the size of about two buses tall and 4 buses across. There's no digging someone out from under that. That's a recovery delayed until spring.

The other time I fell headfirst into a tree well at Yamagata Zao (ironically famous for trees covered in snow with windblown wells around the base). I was upside down and nearly invisible. Luckily one of my buddies stopped and extra-luckily I was able to fish my whistle out of my pocket and give it some loud toots. My buddy was able to unstrap my board and get me out.

Now I just snowboard here in New England where conditions basically suck. I'm looking forward to my son getting a little bigger and better at snowboarding so we can do our annual family visits to Tohoku in the winter and bring our boards!

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