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Posted in: Tokyo lifts coronavirus alert to highest level; 165 new cases reported Wednesday See in context

It's pretty slick how when faced with a public crisis, high government officials in Japan don these blue collar work uniforms, apparently to get the public to think they're getting ready to go roll up their sleeves and unclog a sewer pipe by hand somewhere.

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Posted in: Lawmaker admits receiving ¥1 mil in casino bribery scandal See in context

Not a very good negotiator if he risked his entire career over it and only walked away with about $10K...

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Posted in: Florida reports largest, single-day increase in COVID-19 cases in U.S. See in context

Capitalism; where money trumps lives.

Capitalism: where money for all social programs originates.

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Posted in: Japanese university awards first-ever ninja studies degree See in context

"What was your major in college?" "Oh I studied Ninja!"

Hell of a conversation starter!

...with your co-worker at Starbucks.

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Posted in: Man arrested for kicking pregnant woman in Sapporo See in context

A curbstomping is in order.

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Posted in: S Korea to demand removal of Japanese sites from World Heritage list See in context

I'm not sure I'd even heard of a 'UN World Heritage Site' until I went to Japan, where they seem to believe that every time they get a new landmark listed the entire world pauses and looks to Japan in awe.

What's next, an old capped-off landfill outside Yokohama? A hydroelectric dam up in the mountains somewhere? The Hello Kitty museum?

I realize that Korea is trying to jump on the 'woke' bandwagon and knock down a few monuments, but some of the sites listed are just silly.

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Posted in: Emmy Awards to go ahead; host Jimmy Kimmel says still figuring out how See in context

There are pictures of Jimmy Kimmel dressed up in blackface.

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Posted in: Japan wants U.S. to extradite Americans who helped Ghosn flee See in context

Rut roh Nippon...

Former Nissan CEO Ghosn Was Set Up By Company Executives: Bloomberg

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Posted in: 20-year-old woman arrested for abandoning body of newborn in park toilet See in context

There should be a better campaign -in all countries that have them- to educate the public about the baby drop-off Sally ports they have at fire stations, as well as about the adoption process.

That baby could have grown up in an adopted family and gone off to medical school then cured cancer.

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Posted in: McDonald’s Japan’s ‘Chicken Tatsuta’ burger now includes fish egg sauce and rice bun options See in context

Internet rule # 67,241:

"Every news article about McDonalds shall have a comment section filled with people proudly proclaiming -as if asked- that they would never, ever eat at McDonalds."

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Posted in: Japan joins calls for investigation into WHO's virus response See in context

Since Trump was the first one to question the corruption of the WHO, we need to support the WHO 100%, increase their funding by as much as unelected UN bureaucrats see fit, and eliminate any and all oversight.

To resist Trump.

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Posted in: Denim is considered old fashioned?! What else are the youngsters in Japan losing interest in? See in context

Being a yearly Japan visitor, the one trend that I was sad to see go was the gradual disappearance of 3cm-long mini skirts in favor of those goofy baggy pants.

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Posted in: Japan preparing to extend coronavirus emergency for about a month See in context


If the trains are running nearly empty, why are they running the same route with an express every 21 minutes?


Its because as many trains are running as usual, they are nearly empty. More trains + less people = more spaces.

My point is, if ridership is down so significantly, they should run fewer trains.

ex: If they previously ran 3 trains per hour on a given route but ridership is down 66%, run 1 per hour instead.

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Posted in: Japan preparing to extend coronavirus emergency for about a month See in context

If the trains are running nearly empty, why are they running the same route with an express every 21 minutes?

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Posted in: 'No time to act stupidly,' New York's Cuomo warns as Trump lauds state plans to reopen See in context

This from a President that wants to go to war with Iran just to save his Oil buddies.

Stunning and brave comment, but if Trump was itching for an excuse to go to war with Iran, he's had about 6 of them already.

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Posted in: JAL cuts profit forecast more than 40% See in context

It looks like those two planes are getting ready to throw down.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic organizers, IOC clash over who will pay for delay See in context

I think Trump should be the one who has to pay. It is all his fault, after all.

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Posted in: Porn for women in Japan: The adult entertainment world isn’t just made for a male gaze See in context

Just more exploitation and objectification of the human body.

Comments like this are rarely made by people who are less than 50 kilograms overweight.

Just sayin'

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Posted in: Hospitals turning away sick people as coronavirus cases surge See in context

We're also talking about the country where they make you stay overnight in the hospital for a week after you've had rotator cuff surgery on your shoulder, or some other such simple operation from which a Western hospital sends you home happily the same day.

That whole racket of milking money out of simple procedures will be forever knocked off the rails if it's modified to accommodate our current predicament. It's better just to tell people to buzz off when they show up at the hospital.

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Posted in: Japanese artists in New York sing 'Sukiyaki' together in heartwarming video See in context

Some of you people really need to lighten up a bit.

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Posted in: Koike takes tougher stance than Abe on coronavirus See in context

Abe has been having a tough time since Trump has been too busy to take his phone calls.

Despite leaving Trump multiple "OMG what do I do now?" voicemails, Abe still hasn't heard back yet, and as he is incapable of really making an executive decision himself, not much is getting done.

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Posted in: Parents arrested for abusing 3-year-old son See in context

I'm guessing the father has an orange mullet. Just a hunch.

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Posted in: Japan to pick partner this year for next fighter jet development See in context

I've got an idea:

How about Japan just not pick a partner and design their own airplane instead?

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic CEO hints Games could be in doubt even in 2021 See in context

So Japan, a country that's been demographically suffocating for decades and inching ever closer into bankruptcy, decides to spend $15 billion on a big extravaganza because everything will obviously turn around for Japan if only the rest of the world takes notice of her for two weeks and sees how very unique all the "very famous Japanese" this and that is.

Now, she's about 18" closer to bankruptcy. But good job, Japan, I'm sure mailing 2 masks to everyone will fix it all.

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Posted in: Koike asks Tokyo restaurants, pubs to shut by 8 p.m. See in context

As usual with Japan, it's all form and no function.

"As long as it looks like we're doing something, it solves the problem."

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Posted in: Aichi Prefecture to declare its own state of emergency See in context

Dear PM Abe,

If you ever want to see so much as 1¥ of campaign contributions to you or your party again, you will EXEMPT the prefecture of Aichi from your emergency declaration,

Respectfully yours,

The Toyota Motor Company

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Posted in: Koike says Tokyo has secured 1,000 beds for virus patients See in context

That oughta do wonders for a city of 40 million people.

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Posted in: Concern raised over exclusion of bar hostesses, sex workers from virus compensation See in context

for those who belittle sex workers and say it is immoral...

I say working for despicable companies such as BP,Shell,McDonalds and a whole list of filthy NO GOOD companies is actually far more immoral...

Amazon pays tax? apple? Google ?

all filthy industries...but sex workers are not fit to be covered by hardship payments...oh please get off your moral high horses! wake up!

...says the guy who just belittled every single mom in the world trying to make ends meet by working at McDonalds.

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Posted in: Concern raised over exclusion of bar hostesses, sex workers from virus compensation See in context

The irony is that the bureaucrats who made this decision spend a couple nights a week after work having their lame jokes laughed at and their cigarettes lit by hostesses in snack bars.

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Posted in: Abe's two-mask pledge met online with derision and humor See in context


Whenever a crisis hits Japan, it becomes very apparent that pretty much every night is Amateur Night down at Japan Inc. HQ in Tokyo.

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