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Beautiful shot

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl, 8-year-old brother perish in Hyogo fire See in context

When I visited my in-laws in Japan last month, I installed smoke detectors throughout their house and strategically placed a few fire extinguishers about. Nobody knew what the darned things were.

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Posted in: Chinese city urges those 'poisoned by extremism' to turn themselves in See in context

In the UK, they give them a pat on the back and a welfare check.

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Posted in: Trump says he came to California to see fire scars See in context

If he DIDN'T go, you guys would be all mad about that...

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

"1,750 groping or molestation cases" in Tokyo....

When? Last Tuesday?

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Posted in: Women in Tokyo strongly back single-sex transport amid security fears: global poll See in context

Some years back when living in NYC, I was on the subway when a woman spreamed of being groped. The next thing I knew, a sleazy-looking fellow had his nose exploded for him and spit chicklets out of his mouth, courtesy of a nearby straphanger who apparently wasn't in approval of the whole situation.

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Posted in: North Korea says it has tested 'ultramodern tactical weapon' See in context

Whatever it was, I'm sure US intelligence is all over it.

I'm in the security hardware business, having dealings with government and defense contractors often. People will often drop hints from time to time about this or that if you speak somewhat knowledgeably of world affairs. Someone not at liberty to say much more recently told me that "we can count how many hairs are in Kim Jong Un's ears." Given where they spend their days, I believe them.

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Posted in: K-pop group BTS's talent agency apologizes over A-bomb shirt See in context

This was insensitive and stupid.

But stupid probably trumps insensitive; why the hell would you deliberately insult your meal ticket?

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Posted in: Woman in critical condition after being stabbed on Yokohama street See in context

Lots of crazies in the world, with all the random attacks you hear about.

Generally, they are always truly random. But I have noticed that in Japan, it's always a woman or a young girl who is targeted, never another man. I wonder what that says about lots of Japanese men...

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Posted in: Gov't considering Y10 trillion stimulus to offset sales tax hike: sources See in context

They ought to use some of the stimulus to incentivise young urban dwellers to move back to rural areas and get involved in agriculture, and promote farm-to-table restaurant culture and whatnot so that a more diversified economy can develop alongside. 'CoolBiz' seemed to work, have a similar push on large business to allow remote working. There are lots of tech and other service jobs that could just as easily be done from a broadband Internet connection in Akita or Ehime as they could in Tokyo. Subsidize the thermal insulation and installation of central heating in associated rural housing stock so that such a move is more attractive and simultaneously energy-efficient.

Might as well kill two birds with one stone. If you're gonna dump $100 billion dollars into the economy, use it to help reverse the cultural desertification of the Japanese heartlands.

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Posted in: Netflix steps up original Asian content to hook international viewers See in context

What they really need to do is focus on licensing negotiations with 3rd-party producers to free up the availability of existing program across international boundaries. I live in the US with a Japanese wife and a kid who we're raising to be bilingual, and I have to jury-rig my computer into 'fooling' my Netflix account that I'm in Japan to access the Japanese version. Netflix is on to the commercial VPN services and blocks them, so I'm currently streaming off a network of computers in kids' dorm rooms at Japanese universities and the image resolution is spotty and often poor. The US version of Netflix only has a few dozen Japanese-language movies and shows, and 90% of it is adult-themed anime and crappy horror movies.

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Posted in: Japan, 2 other Asian nations warn citizens not to use marijuana in Canada See in context

My guess is that a good chunk of the Japanese expat community in Vancouver are there precisely because they want to roast up some buds.

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Posted in: There has been some criticism in Japan of freelance journalist Jumpei Yasuda, who was freed after being held hostage in Syria for more than three years, that if you go to a dangerous place, despite the government urging you not to, and are taken prisoner, you get what you asked for (referred to in Japanese as jiko sekinin or self-responsibility). Do you agree with this view? See in context

I think it depends if he was a bona fide journalist, as opposed to a thrill seeker making the claim of being a journalist. I haven't followed the story close enough to know what kind of work he put out before the notorious trip he took.

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The family and I took our annual trip to Japan to visit the in-laws earlier this month, and as in other trips in recent years, I'm surprised by the low retail prices. I came to Japan on JET in 2003, and I SWEAR prices are basically the same now as they were then. I've looked at inflation charts that would say (slightly) otherwise, but it sure seems like the prices haven't changed.

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Posted in: Indonesia Lion Air flight with 189 on board crashes into sea See in context

A 737-MAX 8 doesn't just fall into the ocean. That's one of the most sophisticated pieces of machinery and computer power ever assembled.

I'm very curious about the backstory of the people in the cockpit.

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Posted in: Forbidden from moving or making noise, Japanese hostage recounts Syrian torment See in context

Here's to hoping this guy is headed to a secluded mountain ryokan somewhere off the beaten path with family and friends so simply eat, drink, soak in the onsen, rest, and be merry.

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Posted in: Driver of derailed train in Taiwan admits he turned off speed control system See in context

How hard is it to put some kind of GPS governor on a train so that it can't enter a curve beyond a given speed? This stuff keeps happening in the US, too. They put a dude on the moon 50 years ago, and they can't make sure trains don't go too fast?

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Posted in: May tries to calm Brexit rebels; says deal almost done See in context

Liberals: They want democracy until the side they're on loses. Then they want democracy again to fix it.

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Posted in: 3 men toting guns on shinkansen cause scare; turn out to be plain clothes police officers See in context

Badges should have been displayed on the hip or on lanyards around the neck.

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Posted in: 2 firms fined Y380 mil over maglev bid-rigging See in context

Japanese construction companies colluding on pricing and rigging bids? Pffff.... Japanese construction companies collude to create and rig half the darn requests for proposals before they even hit the street.

How do you think all those roads to nowhere snaking through the mountains and concrete-lined mountain streams got built?

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Posted in: Bombardier sues Mitsubishi Aircraft over alleged theft of trade secrets See in context

Didn't the workers have a non-compete?

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Posted in: AI robots may lend hand in Japan's English classes See in context

Nice to see that young feller is wearing the proper t-shirt...

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Posted in: Quake shock absorber maker says products may have been used nationwide See in context

Give them 6-8 years of kneeling seiza in a yellow square painted on a cold concrete floor to think about it.

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Posted in: 6 bodies found after house fire in Sendai See in context

Just got back to the US after visiting my wife's parents in Tohoku, while there, I installed smoke detectors and and fire extinguishers in their house. Glad I did!

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Posted in: Around 70 Japanese lawmakers visit Yasukuni Shrine See in context

The war criminals should have never been interred there, it poisons the whole atmosphere. Otherwise, who says Japanese people aren't allowed to honor their fallen soldiers? You can make the argument about what they were fighting for, but at the end of the day, 95%+ of the people that shrine honors were just regular folks who got drafted and taken from their families. They deserve the same respect as any fallen soldier.

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Posted in: Trump says climate change not a hoax, but not sure of its source See in context

89% of scientists who don't want to be called 'racist' and get fired agree, climate change is undeniably caused by human activity.

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Posted in: Japan's women sailors serve on frontline of gender equality See in context

JT, you ought to have a slideshow link on these stories so you can use more of the photos you took. I'd sure like to see them...

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Posted in: German tourist admits to stabbing Japanese man on Nagasaki street See in context

The "I was drunk" defense might work for running around naked with a lampshade on your head, but nearly killing a poor man who was just going about his business IN HIS OWN COUNTRY? Yeah, not so much.

Give him 15 years of kneeling seiza in a yellow square painted on a cold concrete floor to think about it.

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Posted in: Japan uneasy over Trump pressure on auto as summit, trade talks loom See in context

That's a lot of Subarus...

Just think, in 6 months, many of those will be parked outside a Whole Foods with 'Coexist' and 'Stop the Pipeline' bumper stickers on them.

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Posted in: Japan sees surge in foreign nursing care students amid labor shortage See in context

So after they're done with the schooling, and after they've passed a 5,000-question exam written in Meiji-era kanji, they'll be allowed to go empty bedpans, right?

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