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Posted in: Japan's probe into alleged Olympic bid bribery flawed: French court See in context

Getting the Olympics to come to town is kind of like building skyscrapers in NYC in the '80s... you wouldn't have gotten a dollop of cement poured without one of the 5 Cosa Nostra families getting involved... and in this case, I don't think the flame shows up until the individuals making up the IOC are properly 'bolstered' with some 'incentives'.

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Posted in: Do you think China is a military threat to Japan? See in context

China is a military threat to any country that's 'in range', and that would include Iceland, should a Chinese ballistic missile submarine be able to sneak up on it.

The balance is the threat right back on China if they tried something unilateral, and the deterrent factor that causes them from trying it in the first place.

So given Japan's ability for a razor-sharp focused retaliatory response on China and moreover the defensive umbrella provided by the US, then no, I don't feel that China is currently a military threat to Japan.

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Posted in: Woman disciplined after putting up partition between herself and older male coworker See in context

If the 50-year old man is of such a weak mind that he has to stay home sick from work for having his feelings hurt for months on end because Dumiko hung up some cardboard around her desk, then the company is better off without him until he gets professional help.

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Posted in: 73-year-old man arrested for attempting to murder son See in context

I’m happy I come from a country where people are expected to move out of their parents’ homes long before they reach 43.

American living in US with Japanese wife here (souvenir from JET program 15 years ago).

Your above statement echos my own assertiveness in insisting on being the disciplinarian for our young son. If my wife was solely in charge, he'd be treated like a little prince- allowed to talk back, act out, be rude, get things by demanding/not saying "please", etcetera.

Whenever my wife gives me a hard time for correcting our son, I need only to point her brother:

45 years old, living at home with Mom and Dad back in Japan, still in his room with his high school motorcycle posters on the wall, inside playing video games while my 70-year old mother-in-law is outside shoveling snow.

He's a nice guy, but we don't need the leniency that led to his becoming the way he is in our family with our son.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for killing 67-year-old mother See in context

Japanese houses need basements.

Seriously. Think about it: Multigenerational families living under one roof, often with middle-aged unemployed losers mooching off everyone and sitting around playing video games and reading comic books...

Japanese houses and ultimately families need BASEMENTS in which to hide away their shiftless, antisocial layabouts, and this problem of family members tripping all over each other and getting in one another's way all the time largely goes away.

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Posted in: Do you think the post-pandemic world will be awash with corporate bankruptcies and prolonged unemployment in most countries? See in context

If this vaccine does its job, there is a ton of pent up demand out there ready to roar.

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Posted in: N Korea holds huge military parade as Kim vows nuclear might See in context

Hopefully there's something to be said for NK not testing a nuke or a long-rage missile these past several years, as well as something to diplomatic channels established during the meetings with the US.

This might just be a message to the new administration, reminding them to keep NK at the forefront of new agendas the first days in office. They may wish to negotiate further.

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Posted in: WHO team arrives in Wuhan to search for pandemic origins See in context

They'll likely be spending their nights being wined, dined, and massaged, and spending their days not finding the origins of the virus.

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Posted in: 10 die in snow-related incidents over weekend See in context

Why do the elderly always ignore these things? Every single year

When you live in a rickety old house with a flat roof and 6 feet of snow falls on it, you're one warm night of rain away from having your house collapse. When your nearest young relative under the age of 60 is over 200km away, you pretty much have to shovel that snow off yourself.

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Posted in: Man arrested for forging prized popsicle sticks to win Pokemon cards See in context

Where's the part where it says he's unemployed and still lives at home with his parents?

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Posted in: Do you think those people calling for a lockdown in Japan have secure jobs and income? See in context

Our local schools are currently closed down due to Covid, but the teachers won't be returning until their pension fund is divested of fossil fuel companies and companies "founded on white supremacy".

There are a lot of reasons why people can't go back to work.

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Posted in: 78-year-old man, driving wrong way on expressway, crashes into car, killing driver See in context

Before everyone really starts in with it, let's not forget that in Japan he's still a young fella.

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Posted in: Ghosn asks why Japanese don't come and question him in Lebanon See in context

I always suspected that there was a certain element that just didn't like to see a non-Japanese at the helm of such a large Japanese organization.

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Posted in: Sumo grand champion Hakuho tests positive for coronavirus: JSA See in context

He certainly doesn't have any co-morbidities or anything...

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Posted in: Heavy snow and COVID-19 crimp New Year celebrations in Japan See in context

Looking like this might have been the winter to be stuck with the wife's family in Akita instead of New England.

It's shaping up to be an epic ski season in Tohoku.

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Posted in: 58-year-old man arrested after beating sister to death at gas station See in context

A tool? I wish they could be more specific.

Mr. Kipling,

We are told it may have been a pocket tire pressure guage.

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Posted in: Activist, champion: Naomi Osaka selected AP Female Athlete of Year See in context

Activist first, athlete second. Got it.

I think the only activists are you 'journalists'...

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Posted in: Anime 'Demon Slayer' becomes Japan's top-grossing film See in context

My son isn't allowed to watch anime.

I prefer instead that he grow up to have enriching social relationships, and one day even procreate.

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Posted in: Lockheed Martin to help Japan build stealth fighter See in context

We've done this with a few jets. The F-16 has a Japanese copy as well, and I believe General Dynamics helped Mistubishi every step of the way on that, too.

I wonder how much of that comes from it being easier to sell an expensive program if the taxpayers think it's for advanced Japanese aerospace technology made in Japan?

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Posted in: Police officer shoots knife-wielding man dead in Niigata See in context

Glad the officer is safe and the threat was eliminated.

Well done Niigata PD for making sure no bystanders where harmed.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

You get 10 extra 'Trashy' points if your hoop earrings have your given name punched out of a piece of gold-painted metal suspended through the middle.

How exactly are Latinas wearing hoop earrings "defy(ing) racial discrimination"?

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Posted in: 14-year-old girl from Nara City missing since Dec 1 See in context

Sounds like they are using pretty antiquated camera software if a city of that size can't find even "a trace" of her...

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

Japan has some decisions to make about the future: Open up to the world and survive as a tier-1 global player, or shrink back into the poverty of the pre-20th century.

I think they've pretty much chosen the latter. In 2021, Japan will just be another small, poor Asian country.

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Posted in: Nike ad addresses bullying and racism in Japan; riles up debate online See in context

I gave it a dislike, I'm an Adidas man myself.

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Posted in: Have you lost any income because of the coronavirus? See in context


But it isn't bonus time yet.

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Posted in: Enka singer Shoji Koganezawa arrested for drunk driving See in context

If you're a 62-year old enka singer, I mean you're basically Johnny Cash, right?

You should be allowed to drink and drive in the morning.

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Posted in: 85-year-old man arrested over death of 80-year-old wife See in context

Poor old feller, can't really say he didn't do the right thing.

Hope they take extra-special care of him in the old-timer's prison.

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Posted in: Suspect in murder of homeless woman turns himself in See in context

As a parent, I can't imagine any lower plunge to 'rock bottom' than to accompany one's unemployed loser 46-year old son to the police station to help him turn himself in for bludgeoning a little old homeless lady to death.

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Posted in: UNESCO to list Japan architectural techniques as intangible heritage See in context

There are literally only two groups of people in the world who are even aware that there is a list of UN World Heritage sites:

The people who work in the UN World Heritage office


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