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Posted in: Man arrested over murder of 73-year-old father See in context

Police in Nagoya said Monday they have arrested a 52-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his 76-year-old mother at their apartment on Sunday.

According to police, Takeshi Yamaguchi beat his mother Kazuko about the head and face between Dec 30 and Jan 3 at their home in Meito Ward,


Police in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, have arrested a 44-year-old unemployed man on suspicion of killing his 73-year-old father.

According to police, Seiichi Sato beat his father Saburo multiple times about the head and stomach on Dec 30 at their home in Hodogaya Ward


Just copy, paste the story and fill in the blanks. When will the government acknowledge that this is a national problem?

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Posted in: Politician voted out after accusing mayor of sexual assault See in context

The fact that she was removed because "She damaged the dignity of the council" and not because the allegations were claimed as false is rather disturbing. Exactly the sort of social shaming that prevents victims coming forward.

Shame the victim for rocking the boat and causing trouble.

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Posted in: Human rights panel: Japan was wrong to detain Carlos Ghosn; owes him compensation See in context

Japan's justice is indeed infamous and a laughing stock throughout the world.

Unless there's domestic pressure from within Japan to change its detention laws and address its unrealistic 99.9% conviction rate nothing will change. Japan doesn't like foreigners telling them they're wrong.

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Posted in: Trump's vaccine team will not brief Biden administration See in context

Gustave Perna and Dr Moncef Slaoui, leaders of "Operation Warp Speed," the administration's vaccine-development effort

More like "Operation Warped Morals". More childish, selfish behaviour from Trump.

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Posted in: Yakuza have their fingers in Go To Eat campaign See in context

'Yakuza have their fingers in Go To Eat campaign'

For some reason my first conclusion from reading the headline was that Yakuza are selling their severed fingers for food. Man, times really are rough.

Ugh, Mondays. I need more coffee.

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attempted murder of ex-husband See in context

I guess he’ll be moving out now

I think she'll be the one moving out. Problem solved I guess.

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Posted in: Abe says he didn’t want to cosplay as Mario at 2016 Olympics See in context

I'm surprised Nintendo ever let their mascot character be politicized in such a way.

Wario would have been a better fit given his legacy of corruption.

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Posted in: Man loses 200 times at crane game, calls police to investigate; staff member loses 300 times too See in context

So the police stood around and "investigated" someone playing a crane game 300+ times? Aren't there more important things to be doing?

That staff member must have been sweating buckets.

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Posted in: Japan's top court backs lower pay for nonregular employees See in context

A disappointing decision. This will only encourage more companies hire people on short term fixed contracts to save money and shirk their responsibilities as employees.

More Japanese people need to refuse to work free overtime and unreasonable hours for companies who take everything and offer nothing.

I hope we see a generational shift as younger people wakeup to the fact that they owe nothing to companies that seek to merely exploit them and then discard them.

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Posted in: Ex-advisers to Chinese firm get suspended sentence for bribing lawmaker over casino See in context

Last month, Akimoto, who resumed political activities after his release on bail in February, was also indicted on a charge of offering money to Konno and Nakazato in exchange for false court testimony favorable to him.

Charged for accepting bribes, released, continues his political activities and is arrested a second time for bribing the people who bribed him.

Clearly corruption is just how Akimoto operates. No surprise given the government's seeming immunity to justice.

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Posted in: Over 1,300 firms in Japan hit by mishandling of shareholders' votes See in context

Banks that can't count. Sounds like a problem.

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Posted in: Trump won't commit to peaceful transfer of power if he loses See in context

I hope he sticks to his guns. I look forward to seeing him being dragged out the Whitehouse by his ear like the bawling, spoilt man child he is.

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

As long as China is one of the 5 permanent UNSC countries they will veto any and all attempts by Japan.

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Posted in: Police using facial images from surveillance cameras and social media in criminal probes See in context

This combined with Japan's infamous 99% conviction rate and habitual use if forced confessions is extremely disconcerting.

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Posted in: Trump downplays legacy of slavery in appeal to white voters See in context

"He also argued that America's founding “set in motion the unstoppable chain of events that abolished slavery. . ."

America was a little late to the party on that one. Might want to check the historical record. It would be more accurate to say that America was one of the last hold outs in the unstoppable chain of events that led to the abolition of slavery.

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Posted in: Netflix woos Japan with new original series about a reporter's exchange with Suga See in context

"an original series set in Japan about a journalist who challenges authority"

It's a fantasy drama then.

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Posted in: Kyoto Animation arsonist’s treatments yield major advancement in skin transplantation See in context

It is a twisted irony that the heinousness of his crime are what saved his life and led to him receiving cutting edge V.I.P. treatment.

If only fire safety standards would make a similar move forward. Such a huge loss of life could easily have been avoided if the building had more than a single escape route.

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Posted in: Kono instructs SDF what to do on UFO sightings See in context

"His instruction, which also calls for analyses on receiving such information from the public, came after his meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Mark Esper in Guam late last month, during which the issue was brought up as a potential new area of Japan-U.S. security cooperation."

When the girl you just tried to ask out says "Yeah, sure let's hang out sometime. Y'know like at the farmers market or something. I'll call you. I've got your number".

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Posted in: Trump and Biden clash over cause of wildfires as blazes become election issue See in context

Perhaps California should try raking it's forests like Finland to prevent wildfires. . .oh wait.

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Posted in: Nearly 80% of LDP lawmakers back Suga in post-Abe leadership race See in context

A One Party Ruling is NOT a democracy, so why even vote.

Because Japan has a Parliamentary form of government? The people voted for their electors (sort of like America’s electoral college).

A single party for almost 70 years of uninterrupted rule is not the sign of a healthy democracy. Single rule also cements decades worth of corruption and collusion.

Japan is a democracy on paper but like a lot of other things in Japan the appearance of something is often more important than the actuality.

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Posted in: Book Off running low on books; begs customers to sell them books See in context

Maybe they should try offering people more than a pittance for what they buy then. They pay so little they might as well pay in dirt.

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Posted in: Osaka tosses racket, overcomes test from teenager at U.S. Open See in context

Didn't Serena Williams get into a massive amount of trouble for doing something similar to Osaka a year or 2 ago?

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Posted in: Japanese grandmothers create 'Monkey Busters' group to fight primates with airguns See in context

This seems like a reckless escalation in what could potentially develop into an all out Simian-Sapien territorial conflict.

With the sapiens pursuing armament we will likely see the Simians resort to improvised weaponry in the form of long range IEDs (Improvised explosive doodoos) This could prove devastating for the local civilian population.

Perhaps a 2nd tract strategy of appeasement and non-lethal deterrence in the form of bananas and grumpy cats might prevent the precarious situation from developing into an intractable turf war.

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Posted in: Ishiba most popular choice for next PM: poll See in context

Another Nippon Kaigi stooge.

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Posted in: ‘Tenet’ to screen early at theaters in some U.S. cities See in context

According to official release dates the film opens on Sept 18th here in Japan. Not Aug 26th like it says in the article.

Just a heads up for fans looking forward to this film.

Moderator: That detail has been amended.

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Posted in: Man arrested after his father’s skeletal remains found in apartment See in context

So for a two years they paid his pension to which the son receive? They really need a better check system. This poor old man died two years ago and only one person in the world knew about it. Sad. - since1981

He had been living with his father for 2 years but he only passed away in January.

But agreed there really should be a better way to check for these scammers and acknowledge that this sort of thing is a common enough occurrence that it is a social issue that needs to be addressed.

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Posted in: Japan sees fewer COVID-19 hospital deaths than other nations: study See in context

But there's also this.

'Over half of Japan pathologists' requests for postmortem coronavirus tests rejected: survey'

Because PCR tests are not being carried out sufficiently on deceased patients, there are concerns that the number of people who have died from COVID-19 is actually higher than reported. Kondo said, "If a cause of death cannot be ascertained, then accurate coronavirus death rates cannot be obtained."

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Posted in: What 'uyoku dantai' and Japanese alt-right groups want See in context

I wish Tokyo On Fire was still going. Very informative and objective discussions about the politics and inner workings of Japan.

Hate speech laws were introduced to try and curb the black van cacophony but have never been inforced. Much like how Trump courts white supremacists in the U.S. the government here also discretely coddles these ultra-right wing nuts. It's not hard to find pictures of top Japanese politicians shaking hands and exchanging drinks with these sordid types. Like for example at one of Abe's now infamous invite only hanami partys.

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Posted in: Forgive or forget Johnny Depp? Jury is out on his post-trial career See in context

I hope Amber Heard isn't able to walk away from this unscathed. It would betray the whole point of the the #metoo movement she exploited to claim victimhood.

Depp has his fair share of drug and alcohol demons but Heard has been shown to both be a prolific mental and physical abuser and a pathological liar. I genuinely don't think Heard was after Depp's money but she needs some serious psychological intervention.

She contributed to the de-legitimization of an important and necessary social movement to try and abdicate herself from the consequences of her actions. It needs to be demonstrated that this sort of behavior from either gender is something that will no longer be tolerated in modern society.

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Posted in: Japanese government's digital ambitions still stuck in piles of paper See in context

Overall, it could cost the government 323 million working hours per year if it doesn't go digital,

When people back home find out I'm living in Japan often the first comment is "I've heard its really hi-tech and efficient". To which I just have to laugh.

The toilets are pretty hi-tech though. I think I've spent about 323 million hours on glorious Japanese heated toilet seats.

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