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Posted in: Japan, Israel leaders agree to closely communicate on Gaza situation See in context

N: Hey, we hit another hospital! It's 47 children, 20 women and 12 men. Bingo! - Alfie Noakes

Hey, you forgot the 102 U.N. aid workers! Sounds like a lack of communication is the issue.

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Posted in: UK gov't apologizes to families of 97 Liverpool soccer fans killed in a stadium crush 34 years ago See in context

The police, the media and the government all attempted to de-humanize the people of Liverpool and pin the blame for the tragedy squarely on them. It's only through decades of tireless campaigning that the truth was finally revealed and acknowledged by the perpetrators.

R.I.P. to all those who lost friends and family in the tragedy and hats off to all those who refused to let the institutions off the hook for their lies.

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Posted in: Israel expands Gaza ground offensive; says efforts in south will be 'no less strength' than in north See in context

"Israel needs to create a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, compelling tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to seek refuge in Egypt or the Gulf.

As a result, Gaza will become a place where no human being can exist, and I say this as a means rather than an end.

The entire population of Gaza will either move to Egypt or move to the Gulf. From our perspective, every building in Gaza known to have Hamas headquarters underneath, including schools and hospitals, is considered a military target."

"The international community is warning us against a severe humanitarian disaster and severe epidemics. We must not shy away from this. After all, severe epidemics in the south of Gaza will bring victory closer."

Giora Eiland - retired major general of the IDF, senior research associate at the Institute for National Security Studies and former head of the Israeli National Security Council.

No need to conceal Israel's genocidal intentions when its allies allow it to act with total impunity.

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resume after weeklong truce with Hamas ends See in context

If Hamas would release all of the hostages it kidnapped and turn themselves in to the IDF to stand trial for the brutal October 7th massacre, then this could all be over and done with. - stormcrow

You mean Israel would end its blockade of Gaza, withdraw from the West Bank, dismantle the illegal settlements, allow the right of return and the creation of a Palestinian state based on internationally recognised borders?

Or by "over and done with" do you mean the Palestinians have the opportunity to go back to being an occupied people?

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Posted in: Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resume after weeklong truce with Hamas ends See in context

The independent Israeli website +972 is reporting that the IDF is using an AI system known as “Habsora” (The Gospel) to generate bombing sites in Gaza. Not only are thousands of women and children being murdered, the victims are being selected by machines...

The Palestinians are laboratory rats in an experiment with weaponized AI - it's the industrialization of genocide, - Alfie Noakes

Indeed, Israel has a long history of testing weapons on the Palestinians to sell to around the world. They use footage of their crimes as promo clips for their 'battle tested' weapons.

I recommend reading Antony Lowenstein's 'The Palestine Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation Around the World'.

It was published about a year ago but the publisher currently has it for free given its current relevance.

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Posted in: Israel resumes Gaza attacks as truce expires; heavy fighting reported See in context

Death cult Hamas broke the truce. Not going to end well for them. - Fighto!

No one broke the truce. It expired.

Hamas had a opportunity to release all the hostages, save what is left for any future of a Palestinian state, for its people. - itsonlyrocknroll

Before the hostage exchanges started Israel had made it clear that it would continue its bombardment and its military incursions into Gaza as soon as the exchanges ended.

The 64 dollar question is will the Hannibal Directive be invoked yet again. - JJE

Hamas already offered to return the bodies if 2 hostages killed by Israeli bombing. Israel refused.

Hamas prioritized the release of elderly and child hostages. I assume the majority of the remaining hostages are either active or reservist military.

The Hannibal Directive was very much invoked on Oct 7th as has been heavily reported by Israeli news, investigations and survivors. A large part of the reason the official Israeli death toll was reduced from 1400 to 1200 was the difficulty of distinguishing the charred remains of Israeli citizens from Hamas fighters killed by IDF ordinance.

There's a lot of pressure domestically for Netanyahu to save the remaining hostages but anyone with half a brain cell can see that the siege on Gaza won't achieve these aims. Worst case scenario is that Israel ends up killing more hostages than Hamas does so they roll out the 'human shields' excuse.

Women, children, Israeli hostages. Collateral damage.

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Posted in: Russia withdraws from 2025 World Expo in Japan See in context

Moscow has decided to refrain from participating in the World Expo in Osaka "amid the lack of efficient communication with the host."

"We would not assume Russia's participation in the Osaka-Kansai Expo if there will be no change in the current situation" surrounding the country's invasion of Ukraine, Hanako Jimi, the minister in charge of the expo, told reporters Friday.

Put less diplomatically.

Russia: We didn't get any calls.

Japan: Don't worry about it. You weren't invited.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and to free more hostages and prisoners See in context

Very convenient that you leave out the “firebomb” part. Also, in every single civilized country throwing rocks at people will get you arrested - JboneInTheZone

We're not talking about chucking rocks at random grannies in the street. We're talking about throwing rocks at a foreign military force that illegally occupies your country. I draw the line at killing civilians but scratching up the paintwork on a few American bought tanks I think is well within their rights.

Israel is the only country in the world that arrests children and tries them in military courts. Not something it does to Israeli children of course. That special treatment is reserved for the "human animal" Palestinians.

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Posted in: Israel and Hamas agree to extend truce for two more days, and to free more hostages and prisoners See in context

could have been the Singapore of the middle east - Cat Stevens

Haha, yeah. With the boot of the Israeli blockade on its throat.

"In early 2006, Dov Weisglass, then a senior advisor to Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, explained that Israeli policy was designed “to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.” In 2012 it was revealed that in early 2008 Israeli authorities drew up a document calculating the minimum caloric intake necessary for Palestinians to avoid malnutrition so Israel could limit the amount of foodstuffs allowed into Gaza without causing outright starvation."

"Singapore of the Middle East" indeed.

The greenhouses were destroyed because they were a symbol of the occupation. Not the most rational or constructive thing to do but I think understandable. But Israel knew that would happen. From the very start of the conflict Israel's entire strategy has been to de-humanise and de-legitimise the Palestinians. During this entire "ceasefire" dozens of Palestinians have been killed in the occupied West Bank.

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Posted in: The 'Oppenheimer' creative team take you behind the scenes of film's key moments See in context

I watched it the other night through somewhat legally grey means. But if you're going to ban it then what choice to I have?

Having now seen the film it's baffling that Japan chose to ban it (Or perhaps just not facilitate its release?) Releasing the film around the time of the atomic bombing commemorations was a culturally blind decision by the movie studio but there's no reason for the film to not have been released by now.

Japan barely gets mentioned in the film. The film itself deals much more with Oppenheimer and the other scientists' inner turmoil over having created such a weapon and the consequences for all of humanity both now and then. Perhaps Japan being reduced to a mere footnote is what incensed them so much. But the eerily detached and clinical way that the fate of thousands of people is decided and the lack of perceived consequence has so much to do with what the film is about. The creation of nuclear weapons is a tragedy that is still unfolding today. Pandora's box has been opened.

As for the film itself, I think it's one of Nolan's best. Wasn't a big fan of Tenet. It almost seemed like a self-parody of a Nolan film. I usually come away from one of his films with a mechanical appreciation for his film making. Like admiring the engineering of a Swiss watch. This is the first film of his that really hit on an emotional level. There's a lot of clever non-linear storytelling going on but it's seamless and for the first time the characters and emotional core of the film manage to supercede Nolan's cinematic wizardry.

Worth seeing, however you choose to go about doing that. . .

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Posted in: Japan to allow criminal checks beyond 10 years for jobs involving children See in context

The creation of a sex offenders register in Japan is long overdue. However, this part seems rather dubious.

Some ruling lawmakers have also proposed that arrests resulting in non-convictions, violations of local ordinances, and administrative penalties should also be registered in the system.

Maybe I'm reading this wrong but doesn't "arrests resulting in non-convictions" mean that being wrongfully arrested for something would also go onto your permanent record and be visible to employers?

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Posted in: Israeli PM Netanyahu says war against Hamas will not stop after cease-fire See in context

Yes, it's important that Israel save the hostages from their own bombing.

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Posted in: Israel battles Hamas near another Gaza hospital sheltering thousands See in context

It seems there was actually a playbook created to teach supporters what language to use and how to defend what is currently going on. according to AlJazeera. This article is an interesting read, - La vie douce

This sort of propaganda is usually referred to as 'Hasbara' which is Hebrew for explanation. Google it and you'll find multiple guides and handbooks that have existed for decades.

It's a relief to see that people are finally starting to see through the propaganda. It's astonishing how clumsy so much of it is. To the point of it actually being quite condescending and disdainful in how much BS they think the goys will swallow.

As Israel continues to act with impunity in increasingly atrocious ways even their usually effective propaganda seems to be finding its limits.

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Posted in: U.N. stops delivery of food and supplies to Gaza as communications blackout hinders aid coordination See in context

A horrible end to a terrorist attack in which more than 1400 people were murdered and kidnapped.

The number was revised down to 1200.

Israel must continue with its patient, humane, approach to eliminate Hamas, no matter what it takes.

Nothing in the above article sounds humane, maggots crawling from wounds, starving population, contaminated water spreading disease, babies in incubators dying from dysentery, mass graves, entire families eviscerated.

Still waiting on this supposed evidence of the Al Shifa hospital being this giant super villain base that we were promised in Israel's elaborate CGI propaganda. So far we've gotten a few staged videos of sone AK47's and a Lenovo laptop conveniently un-password protected stashed behind an MRI machine. (Which is a giant electro magnet)

Oh yeah, and the calender they claimed was a hostage rotor with a list of terrorist names that was just the days of the week and even forgot that Arabic is read from right to left.

All of this is going to be pretty embarrassing when Israel is sitting in the international criminal court a year from now on trial for genocide. Which sadly will never happen.

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Posted in: Classroom avatar creating constructive conflict at small Japanese schools See in context

So utterly bizarre that Japanese group think is so effective that they have to create a virtual cat to simulate opinions. Orwell must be spinning in his grave.

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Posted in: G7 nations call for 'humanitarian pauses' in Israel-Hamas war See in context

A "pause" will only benefit Hamas. Hamas, like all radical islam, needs to be destroyed. So the IDF should not "pause". They should continue until Hamas is crushed to nothing but a rotten stain of history. - Japan Violet

Do you believe in the destruction of radical Judaism also? The likes of Otzma Yehudit who are the ideological descendants of the Kach party. A party defined as terrorists by Israel's own government and outlawed.

Their leader Itimar Ben-Gvir is infamous for hanging a picture of Baruch Goldstein in his house. The Jewish terrorist who massacred 29 people. He loves handing out assault rifles to Israel's illegal, extremist settlers in the West Bank. Presumably hoping to create another Goldstein. He's also the Minister of National Security.

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Posted in: New Beatles song set to reach number one on UK singles chart See in context

Pretty soon now the record companies won't have to deal with difficult and temperamental things like artists - though we could argue they hardly have in decades anyway. AI will plunder the vast back catalogue of popular music to produce any style the record companies want and we will all listen to minor variations on that. - Moonraker

Not entirely disagreeing with you but in this case AI technology was only used to filter out the noise and clean up the audio of Lennon's rough demo tape that formed the basis of this song.

It's a beautiful song and was created with the utmost respect for Beatles who are still with us and those who have sadly passed on.

The video is a bit tacky though.

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Posted in: Baseball fans leap into river as 'Curse of the Colonel' lifted See in context

So many disparaging (though not inaccurate.) remarks about how dirty the Dotonbori river is! 'filthy river', 'like swimming in toilet water'.

Remember the plan to turn it into one of the world's largest outdoor swimming pools?

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Posted in: Man whose wife, daughter were killed by elderly driver in Ikebukuro receives death threat See in context

This whole story from start to finish is sickening. The poor man whose wife and child were killed by Iizuka had to campaign to even get him prosecuted. The political blue blood showed zero remorse in the court proceedings and continually claimed that it must have been a malfunction of the car. Something that had zero evidence to back his claim.

His lack if remorse was the reason for the high fine. Knowing that Iizuka himself won't pay a penny of this fine because of his insurance is even more maddening.

The cherry on top of the cake is that this death threat seems to suggest that Iizuka also had close connections with the Yakuza.

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Posted in: Turn down the volume See in context

They need a "stop pretending you can't see that pregnant woman stood directly in front of your seat." poster.

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Posted in: Meta, Google quit tech summit over organizer's Israel remarks See in context

Last night on the news I saw that a quite a few Jewish Americans are criticising Israel. Can they be Jewish and anti-Semitic? Hopefully this will help to clarify the difference between being anti-Zionist and anti-Semitic. - gaijintraveller

Oh they crossed that inconvenient logical hurdle a long time ago. The term "self-hating Jew" has been bandied about for decades to try and silence any criticism of Israel's actions. So twisted and distorted is the rhetoric that has to be conjured up to dissuade any logical, nuanced, rational discussion of the topic.

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Posted in: After blast kills at least 500 at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads in region See in context

Bassem Youssef in this interview perfectly distills the frustration and helplessness the Palestinians must feel with the total imbalance of justice in this conflict and the ridiculousness of the rhetoric that surrounds it. First time I think I've laughed and cried at the same time.

Warning: Very dark humour.

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Posted in: Humanitarian aid stuck at Gaza-Egypt border as Israeli siege strains hospitals, water supply See in context

Yesterday people were whining that the U.S. should let in Palestinian refugees but what are other Middle Eastern countries doing? You know the ones that act like they care about the people of Gaza. Those closer should be offering their services first. - NOMINATION

There are already over 5 million Palestinian refugees in places like Lebanon, Jordan and Syria. Palestinian refugees are a bit of a political hot potato for many Arab countries. Especially in Lebanon where the presence of Palestinians threaten the delicate on often broken confessionalist political system (i.e. The attempt to balance the power between the Christian, Muslim and Druze population.)

But I 100% agree that most Arab nations have abandoned the Palestinian people and simply use them as a political football when it is convenient for them.

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Posted in: Humanitarian aid stuck at Gaza-Egypt border as Israeli siege strains hospitals, water supply See in context

Right Now Israel is More concerned about their people and nation first and foremost, if Hamas truly cared about their people, let them leave or more importantly, why didn’t they build functioning drinking water, basic livable necessities. Hospitals for their people? They had years and years the opportunity to do this, but they didn’t, all the money was spent to build an arsenal of weapons to attack the Israelis. - bass4funk

Hard things to achieve when a foreign power controls your borders, air-space and seas. Cutting off the entry of essential building supplies and even pencils and books (The purpose of this I'll leave to your imagination.) On top of that Israel's implementation of the Dahiya doctrine. Deliberately targeting civilian infrastructure as a form of collective punishment.

Israel has been nurturing a humanitarian disaster in Gaza for more than a decade. Entrap people in an open air prison, deny them their basic human rights and needs, make then reliant in you for basic needs, turn off the water when it suits you. Then when they lash out respond with disproportionate force.

Israel's treatment of the Palestinians can only be described as twisted, abusive and sadistic.

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Posted in: Kishida to deliver policy speech as gov't maps out new economic stimulus package See in context

Looks like it's the first time he's ever been in a supermarket. No doubt they'll dole out some one time cash hand outs which will make no meaningful difference. More a pre-election buttering up than a genuine attempt to help those struggling the most.

Now more than ever they should implement a VAT system. Reduce or remove the taxes places on essential items and increase taxes on non-essential/luxury items.

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Posted in: Japan lagging world in introducing livestock welfare standards See in context

Wagyu is known for how well it treats the cows. I'm sure they could figure out a way to do it for other animals too and make it profitable.

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Posted in: Hollywood condems 'evil' of Hamas after Israel attack See in context

And yet if any celebrity dares to criticise Israel for the crimes it commits against Palestinian civilians on a daily basis they are instantly feathered and tarred as an anti-semite and a nazi

Not that we should be looking towards Hollywood as any sort of moral compass.

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Posted in: 'Every Hamas member is a dead man,' Netanyahu says as strikes devastate Gaza See in context

U.S. President Joe Biden called the Hamas attack “the deadliest day for Jews since the Holocaust.”

Biden sounds like an Israeli mouthpiece. Evoking the holocaust at every opportunity whilst overlooking Israel's decades long violation of human rights and international law, illegal appropriation of Palestinian land and systematic ethnic cleansing of Palestinian people.

Such a sad reality that the oppressed so quickly become the oppressor.

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Posted in: Japan bank payments clearing network restored after 2-day disruption See in context

According to the Japanese Bankers Association, it is the first time that bank customers have been impacted by a system problem since the network was launched in 1973.

I think ironically the thing they're boasting about is probably a large part of the problem. Maybe time to update that half a century old banking system.

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Posted in: 3 bears captured after sneaking into Akita tatami factory See in context

"Sneaking"? An unusual choice of vocabulary, considering that bears do not sneak. Bears do what bears do, which is search for food. - 3RENSHO

Goldilocks in reverse? This tatami is too small. . .

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