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Posted in: Popular Japanese yakiniku chain introduces Vtuber meat delivery robots as staff See in context

Something about the proximity of the words "Vtuber" and "meat" makes me uncomfortable.

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Posted in: Court orders TEPCO to pay ¥73.5 million over Fukushima nuclear crisis See in context

"Even if the government had exercised its regulatory authority and had TEPCO take countermeasures, it could not have been possible to prevent the tsunami from triggering the accident," the judge said

Not according to the 420 page, 900 hour report carried out by the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission.

"Although triggered by these cataclysmic events, the subsequent accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant cannot be regarded as a natural disaster," it said.

"It was a profoundly man-made disaster - that could and should have been foreseen and prevented."

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Posted in: 47-year-old woman arrested over attempted murder of boyfriend See in context

kaimycahlMay 4  09:48 pm JST

The article never said where the women wounds were locate, but if the wounds were on her arms or hands a "Smart Lawyer" would turn that around and say "Yes my client was angry because of cheating" but her wounds are a direct result from "self defense.

In a lot of stabbing incidents people often cut their own hands because kitchen knives don't have crossguards.

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Posted in: Osaka Expo mascot needs name; organizers ask for suggestions See in context


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Posted in: Get ready to pay more: Over 40% of Japanese firms to raise prices within a year: survey See in context

Inflation, higher taxes, higher cost of goods, higher cost of living, 3 decades of stagnant wages and a government that throws money they don't have at companies that are already sitting on giant stockpiles of cash, the world's most rapidly aging population and the worlds highest national debt. (Currently around 230% of its GDP)

When will the Japanese people wake up and realize that the government that has monopolized their democracy is nothing but a consortium of self-serving old men who let Japan slip into the 3rd world?

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Posted in: Chinese man gets Japan's 1st skilled worker visa with no time limit See in context

The single beneficiary of a government program started 3 years ago whilst Japan's population decreases by almost half a million annually.

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Posted in: Director of 'Drive My Car' surprised by Oscar, film's popularity See in context

Been a fan of Japanese cinema for a long time. From the golden oldies or Ozu, Mizoguchi and Kurosawa, through to the new wave directors like Oshima, Imamura, Ishii and the more recent auteurs like Miyazaki, Takashi and Koreeda. So many amazing Japanese films and directors worthy of recognition over the eras.

This film is frankly boring, unremarkable and prone to Japan's tendency towards overly shmaultzy drama. Not opposed to a slow burn film but it seems that the Murakami connection and Hollywood's current faux, self-congratulatory flavour of the week being Asians made it the go to feel good choice.

It's certainly no parasite.

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

The local education board says the rules "not only nurture a sense of unity among children but also ease the economic burden for families of buying clothes".

That's a load of bull. School uniforms and equipment is a massive industry unto itself.

Check out the price of the average "landsell" bags that are required by most elementary schools. One of those will set you back around $700-$1000.

It has nothing to do with economic burden. The government couldn't care less about the financial struggles of the average citizen.

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Posted in: Kishida calls for unity at party convention to win upcoming election See in context

Is there any other option than LDP-Komeito

Yep, that about sums up the LDPs political platform.

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Posted in: Man in Toyama Prefecture arrested for stealing about 50 'tanuki' statues See in context

At least it's better than stealing women's underwear or that one guy who was stealing children's socks for years.

I have a Daruma collection so I can relate to some degree. Coincidentally I also have one tanuki in my Daruma collection.

Not enough of a fetishist to actually go round stealing them though.

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Posted in: Razzies add 'Worst performance by Bruce Willis' category See in context

This might change your opinion.

Collecting million dollar pay cheques from seedy films for 2 days of filming in roles where he doesn't have to stand up and has his lines fed to him by earpiece.

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Posted in: 'Moonfall' and the art of the disaster film cliche See in context

Naturally, it's a small group of Americans that must save the world

Not without the invaluable knowledge of Grand Maester Samwell Tarly.

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Posted in: 2 men hit by woman falling out of window… who was looking at another man who fell off rooftop See in context

For once I actually want to see one of those awkward CG reconstructions the news usually likes to do.

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Posted in: Johnson left reeling Brexit negotiator David Frost quits UK gov't See in context

To be replaced by the by Liz Truss. The EU will be shaking in their boots. Let the Bozo clown circus roll on. In Truss' own words "Banging the dumb for Britain!".

How anyone in Britain voted for these clueless toffs is beyond me.

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Posted in: Magazine advises people to shrug off peer pressure and do what they like See in context

"mystifying peer pressure-driven behavior that makes Japanese appear as fools."

I was on board with this article and then saw the list. Most of it is basically not being a perve, being hygienic or being a compassionate human being. The not leaving before your boss one was about the only one I agrees with.

On that list should be

Thank you money. Large stacks of un-taxed cash given to doctors, estate agents and the like for doing their job.

Ridiculously expensive weddings that fleece the couple and all of their friends and family simultaneously. $200 just to attend a wedding?

It being a basic expectation that you will work unpaid overtime without question.

Working full time hours whilst the company will only hire you part time.

Switching the heating or cooling on at a specific date rather than basing on the temperature that day. It's September we need to turn the heating on even though it's still 26 degrees.

That also extends to how people dress. It's September so I have to wear a scarf.

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Posted in: Train driver sues JR West for ¥56 deducted pay over one-minute delay See in context

Japanese workers actually standing up for their rights is rare and nice to see but. . .

he was waiting at the wrong platform,

Guy's trying to sue JR for 2.2 million yen for making himself late. If this works I may have a retirement plan.

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Posted in: Political dynasties die hard in Japan's general election See in context

Meanwhile, an LDP supporter said, "I think it is brave for an LDP lawmaker to retire and make way for his son. I think I can trust the son rather than someone I don't really know."

What a bizarre and completely illogical comment. You can't trust someone you don't really know but you can trust the son of someone you don't really know.

Japanese voters baffle me. Saeko Hashimoto was on TV this morning delivering her legally mandated, pre-recorded political speel. Kept using the phrase "Nippon modoru" take back Japan. Take Japan back from whom? You're party has been in charge for over 7 decades years. How do people fall for this nonsense?

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Posted in: Chapelle special spurs Netflix walkout; 'Trans lives matter' See in context

I support equal rights for people of all races, genders or sexuality but the vocal, extreme minority of LGBTQA+ community are demanding more than equal representation, more than equal rights and expect to be hoisted on to a pedestal that places them above all forms of criticism and public discourse.

The movement more resembles the unrealistic demands of a spoilt, narcissistic and emotionally immature child than it does a civil rights movement. This makes people less willing to support their cause or engage with them. It's own behaviour is toxic, self destructive and undermines the movements own goals.

A movement that supposedly is all about tolerance and acceptance is in fact completely intolerant and un-accepting of criticism or views that oppose its own.

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Posted in: Some U.S. Capitol riot defendants forgo lawyers See in context

Sad that these people are so deluded and self righteous that you can't even offer them help. Must be frustrating for the judges to watch their courts be turned into circuses and have their advice and warnings spat right back at them.

Unfortunately these people are going to learn the hard way that believing you're righteous doesn't place you above the law.

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Posted in: William Shatner, 3 others blast into space See in context

Batman has the Batmobile. Shatner has that interestingly shaped rocket.

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Posted in: Kishida to seek economic growth before redistributing wealth See in context

"Unless there is growth there is nothing to distribute."

What about all that money stored up in tax havens by the 1,000+ Japanese companies named in the Pandora papers just a week ago?

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Posted in: Japan skipper Yoshida accuses Saudi fans of 'discriminatory gestures' See in context

Racism should not be tolerated in any sport.

Nikkan Sports reported that the nationality of midfielder Gaku Shibasaki, whose errant back pass let in Saudi Arabia for the winning goal, was briefly changed from Japanese to Saudi on his Wikipedia page.

That's pretty funny though.

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Posted in: Kishida vows to lead with 'trust and empathy' to fix Japan See in context

Kishida vows to lead with 'trust and empathy' 

Can't think of a better place to start than properly investigating the suicide of Toshio Akagi. No better way to demonstrate empathy for a widow whose husband killed himself because of corrupt Jimin-to practices.

No better way to build trust than to properly address corruption within their own government and properly seek out out and punish those responsible for the death of another human being.

Oh wait, he 'Didn't get the letter yet.''s-widow-asks-pm-to-look-into-scandal-that-led-to-suicide

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Posted in: EU reinstates travel ban from Japan due to surge in coronavirus cases See in context

"The coronavirus has been resolved in some way or other, and the international community's evaluation (of Japan) is extremely high. In that sense, it's certain that he (Suga) fulfilled his role,"

Taro Aso, Sept 7th 2021

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Posted in: Visually impaired Paralympian hit by self-driving bus See in context

Despite the misleading headline this only helps the argument for replacing human drivers with machines. The machine did its job. The 2 men on board the vehicle and the crossing guard did not.

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Posted in: Ex-Sex Pistols win court battle to use songs in Disney series See in context

John burnt most of his punk credibility when started doing butter commercials in the U.K. Bit late to be getting back on the high horse now.

A Danny Boyle directed Sex Pistols doc sounds good. Just a shame that the all consuming cultural monopoly that is Disney is behind it.

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Posted in: Olympic air rifles turning heads with futuristic looks See in context

That's a hell of a lot of tech and augmentation to shoot a target that's just 10 meters away.

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Posted in: Japanese horror manga win U.S. awards touted as Oscars of comic industry See in context

"The government will firmly support the overseas expansion of (Japanese) contents," Kato, the top government spokesman, said.

Spoken like a true beaurocratic robot. How about something along the lines "It's great to see our artists receiving such attention and admiration from people around the world and we hope to further support such talented people in discovering new global audiences.

"Overseas expansion of Japanese contents" sounds soulless and militaristic.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

The last Tokyo olympics in 1964 were held in the middle of October for these exact reasons. Why wasn't the same done this time?

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Posted in: Mito gov’t official arrested for video voyeurism of 13-year-old boy taking bath See in context

Sounds less like a "nuisance" and more like pedophilia to me.

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