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Posted in: Olympic air rifles turning heads with futuristic looks See in context

That's a hell of a lot of tech and augmentation to shoot a target that's just 10 meters away.

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Posted in: Japanese horror manga win U.S. awards touted as Oscars of comic industry See in context

"The government will firmly support the overseas expansion of (Japanese) contents," Kato, the top government spokesman, said.

Spoken like a true beaurocratic robot. How about something along the lines "It's great to see our artists receiving such attention and admiration from people around the world and we hope to further support such talented people in discovering new global audiences.

"Overseas expansion of Japanese contents" sounds soulless and militaristic.

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympics: Pandemic, heat ... and now a typhoon's en route See in context

The last Tokyo olympics in 1964 were held in the middle of October for these exact reasons. Why wasn't the same done this time?

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Posted in: Mito gov’t official arrested for video voyeurism of 13-year-old boy taking bath See in context

Sounds less like a "nuisance" and more like pedophilia to me.

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Posted in: Tokyo hotel criticized for 'Japanese only' notice for elevator use See in context

The signs should have said 'international guests' and 'domestic guests'. But no doubt any Japan resident who is not ethnically would encounter resistance from the staff.

I encounter the same thing every time I come back into the country and go through passport check. Being forced by insistent airport staff to line up with the gaijins despite explaining to them in Japanese that I have permanent residence.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

An olympics held under a state of emergency and with no fans. As long as Dentsu have the exclusive Asian broadcasting rights the show must go on. The lives and welfare of Japanese citizens are less important than Dentsu's bottom line.

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Posted in: Q&A: Kings of Convenience on new album and key to longevity See in context

These guys are like the musical equivalent of fresh, soft, white sheets. Nice to see them back.

I hope we'll get more Whitest Boy Alive at some point. That first album is still my favourite Erlend Øye related project.

By the way the titles of their third album is 'Declaration of Dependance' not independence. ;)

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Posted in: Suga says Japan will offer 3 mil vaccine doses to Pacific nations See in context

In other news "Osaka may halt first round of COVID-19 vaccinations due to supply shortage".

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Posted in: Israeli PM: World powers must wake up on Iran nuclear deal See in context

Israel was the first country to introduce nuclear weapons to the Middle East and is responsible for nuclear proliferation in the region.

This is also all part of the Begin Doctrine which ensures that Israel has a continues monopoly on nuclear weapons in the region either by foul means or fair. A number of highly illegal missile strikes, bombings and cyber attacks have been carried out on foreign soil.

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Posted in: Myanmar soccer player to apply for refugee status in Japan on Tuesday See in context

For those unaware of Japan's appalling record on refugees Japan accepted just 47 refugees in 2020 which is actually the highest number in the last decade. Truly shameful.

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Posted in: Mizuho's corporate culture to blame for serial system failures, probe finds See in context

". . .corporate culture is to blame for. . . creating an atmosphere where managers are reluctant to express opinions and unable to respond well to crises, an investigation found."

This is the story of every Japanese company. Olympus, Nissan, Takata, Toshiba, Kobe Steel. . .

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Posted in: Crowdfunding opens on Japanese version of a gadget that makes any canned beer easier to drink See in context

This would be good to prank drunk people with. Slice their can open when they're in the toilet then blame it on aliens.

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Posted in: 'You're so cool,' mayor tells Australian softball Olympians See in context

"I think you'll be able to come in second place at the Olympics," Shimizu told the team. "The champions will be Japan."

That's quite the warm welcome.

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Posted in: Netanyahu opponents push for quick vote to end his 12-year rule See in context

The Knesset does need some major reforms. The fragmented and unstable coalitions created to form a majority turn far right-wing fringe groups into kingmakers and give them a disproportionate influence on national policy.

If the coalition doesn't implode and Netanyahu and the Likud are ousted then the Yamina leader Naftali Bennet will serve as prime minister until 2023 until rotating to Yesh Atid's Lapid.

That means the right-wing Yamina party which has a total of 7 out of 120 Knesset seats will head the government for the next 2 years.

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Posted in: Netanyahu opponents reach coalition deal to oust Israeli PM See in context

Great news for Israel. The new leadership will keep it safe from terrorist attacks by Arabs in surrounding areas trying to steal Israel's land, which rightfully belongs to Israel.

Commodore Perry

Only one side in this conflict is involved in illegal expropriation of land from its native inhabitants and that's Israel.

This is an uneasy coalition but hopefully between his ousting and string of corruption charges against him this is the last we see of Netanyahu and his extremist right-wing bully politics.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after asking police for advice on how to deal with smell of son’s corpse See in context

How do soooo many Japanese people not know what to do when someone dies? I just don't get it. - HoldingYouAccountableToday

I think the issue is more related to the expense. As with anything pertaining to ceremony in Japan companies have found ways to price gouge people into the ground in the name of "tradition".

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Posted in: Liverpool back in Premier League's top 4 with 1 round left See in context

Even though I'm a Liverpool supporter Leicester have played brilliantly this season and deserve a spot in the champions league.

We need teams like Leicester to keep the big 6 on their toes keep the EPL exciting.

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Posted in: Death toll climbs in Israel-Gaza conflict amid U.N. deadlock See in context

If the Palestinians stop shooting, they'll be no more war.

If the Israelis stop shooting, they'll be no more Israel. - Brian Pangburn

Those are the justifications of a compulsive domestic abuser. If you simply stop resisting then the trouble will stop for you.

If the Palestinians stop shooting the status quo continues with American support.

If Palestinians stop shooting Israel continues its illegal occupation, Israel continues illegally annexing land from the Palestinian people, Israel continues its ethnic cleansing of the region in the name of a Jewish state.

Resistance is futile without worthwhile intervention and the repercussions disproportionate but the alternative is doom.

In the words of a famous Palestinian poet.


Write down on the top of the first page:

I do not hate people

Nor do I encroach

But if I become hungry

The usurper’s flesh will be my food



Of my hunger

And my anger!

- Mahmoud Darwish

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Posted in: Governors refuse to allot hospital beds for COVID-infected Olympians See in context

If I were an olympic athlete (If only beer was an olympic sport. ) I'd have serious reservations about competing in a country that has less than 1% of its population vaccinated and refuses to give me a hospital bed if I got sick.

The bricks really are starting to tumble. Hurry up and cancel already.

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Posted in: Action star Steven Seagal gives samurai sword to Venezuela's Maduro See in context

That must but what he uses to make his peanut butter and jelly sanwiches.

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Posted in: Meet Aloma: the Japanese male idol group cheering on moms through the trials of child-rearing See in context

Their name should be a play on SMAP. They could call themselves SIMP.

Okay, I feel that was some fairly productive toilet time.

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Posted in: Teacher disciplined for drinking alcohol during class in Okinawa See in context

Getting tanked in class, writing 'die' on students clothing, bullying, corporal punishnent, hiding cameras in toilets, pulling a gun on your students. . . What do you have to do to actually get fired in Japan?

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Posted in: Death of man attacked by bear sparks conversation about what to do when facing one See in context

I thought the advice was "If its brown lay down, if its black fight back"

The idea that playing dead and hoping it'll eventually leave you alone is the best course of action for brown bears and trying to scare them off works better for black bears.

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Posted in: 'Please drink' treated Fukushima water, China asks Aso See in context

And please wear a Tritium-kun t-shirt while you do it.

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Posted in: Assemblyman in Mie reveals same-sex couple's address online See in context

I hope Kobayashi's sleazy intimidation tactic backfires and he receives many more letters open letters. Disgusting behavior for a civil servant.

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Posted in: Education ministry hosts Twitter campaign to recruit teachers, but it backfires right away See in context

Maybe the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology should rename it #passthebuck.

The sad thing is that it seems very few professions are untouched by Japan's culture of overwork and de-humanizing of the workforce to make up for management inefficiencies and overbearing beaurecratic red tape.

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Posted in: Nurseries, kindergartens mull how to teach issues of gender identity See in context

I'm all for ex-ed and cultural awareness being taught in schools buy as someone who has worked in kindergartens for nearly 15 years and someone who has a child who has recently graduated kindergarten, trying to teach gender awareness to kindergarten age children is about as effective as giving pilot lessons to fish.

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Posted in: Valentino sparks outrage with apology for disrespecting Japanese culture in photo shoot See in context

They outraged Japan by giving the traditional Japanese style responsibility evading apology.

"We're sorry that you misunderstood and thought it was an obi."

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Posted in: Japan spends billions on technology for absent Olympic fans See in context

7.3 billion for a $700 lunch. NTT got a good deal on that one.

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Posted in: Suga pledges he'll do utmost to prevent virus rebound See in context

Suga goes through more vows than drive-through wedding chapel.

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