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Posted in: K-pop group BTS's talent agency apologizes over A-bomb shirt See in context

some people will place morality above a paycheck.

I wouldn’t count creators of manufactured pop groups amongst those people. But ultimately having shows cancelled and the uproar surrounding the issue does affect their pay check. The fact that it seems that the members themselves haven’t come forward to apologise only highlights the fact that they’re glorified ken dolls.

Its also dissapointing to see this issue bringing Japan’s fringe nationalists out of the woodwork, bringing out the worst and most petulant of both sides that don’t represent the majority of Koreans and Japanese.

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Posted in: Tasty tower See in context


is it me or is that thing leaning to one side?


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Posted in: Tadao Ando exhibition in Paris See in context

That’s a fantastic photo of one of the world’s most overrated architects. Though that scribble on the board looks rather imaginative by Ando’s standards.

Google his Azuma House for a perfect example of his “iconic” designs.

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Posted in: Trump: I told Saudi king he wouldn't last 2 weeks without U.S. support See in context

Trump: I told Saudi king he wouldn't last 2 weeks without U.S. support

...and then the Saudi King says “American wouldn’t last 1 week without Saudi oil.”

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Posted in: Kumamoto councilwoman who took baby to work kicked out of conference for using cough drop See in context

Looks like the old boys have painted a target on her back for making them look bad last year.


Hammer the nail that sticks up.

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Posted in: In Gaza and Israel, war fears mount despite truce See in context

Can you call it a war when only one side has an army?

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Posted in: Cabinet approves guidelines for ¥100 tril budget for fiscal 2019 See in context

Japan currently has a public debt to GDP ratio of 236% and it’s only increasing. The bubble has to burst some time and I guess as long as it doesn’t happen on Abe’s watch he doesn’t really care. Maintain the illusion of a healthy economy and pass the buck on to the next generation.

or better still, wait until the opposition get into power and heap the blame on them for decades of self-destructive, irresponsible policy making. Just like Fukushima.

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Posted in: Japanese newlyweds can order a special wedding service that won’t leave a dry eye in the house See in context

Sounds more creepy than emotional. Watching some saccharine child actor reenact your life’s most treasured moments sounds like a cringeworthy nightmare.

Also sounds a lot like the premise for Hirokazu Koreeda’s film ‘After Life’. Life imitates art?

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Posted in: Japan took in 20 asylum seekers in 2017 from nearly 20,000 applications See in context

Japan is a first world country and as such has a moral obligation to take in refugees and provide sanctuary to those who have no other option.

Worst still is that Japan is sorely in need of an immigrant population to replace its rapidly aging population. In a few generations Japan will be begging for an immigrant workforce.

It would be a great shame to see Japan destroy itself due to hysteric ethnic protectionism.

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Posted in: Music piracy on increase worldwide: industry group See in context

Musicians make their money performing.

Sadly not true for a majority of musicians in Japan. Anyone who's been involved with performing here will be aware of the "noruma" or "pay to play system" where to play in even the smallest of venues will cost a band upwards of $200 and audiences will have to pay between $15-25 to see a short list of unknown bands. It guarantees that venues make hundreds of dollars every night while the musicians themselves are left out of pocket.

Venues here are just as greedy and self-serving as the record labels.

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