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Posted in: 8 tips for getting a seat on Japan’s crowded trains See in context

I take trains VERY rarely in Japan, and when I do it is always annoying. The only saving grace is when some tasty bird gets on, but with the aging populous, that is becoming a rarity.

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Posted in: Japan in 2030: A country from which families have disappeared See in context

^Yeah, while I do agree with a lot of the stuff that has been discussed on here, I am very close to a Japanese woman who has recently retrained as a care assistant, and I resent the comments which claim care work to be a last resort for the lowest skilled in society. The woman I know worked very hard to retrain, and puts absolutely everything she has into her job. So back off with those kind of comments; they are out of order.

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Posted in: 8 tips for getting a seat on Japan’s crowded trains See in context

I used to enjoy getting the trains here when I was new to the country and knew little about the culture here.

Now I hate it, as it is basically the same as sitting in a sweltering tin can with the most humourless, lifeless people on the planet.

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Posted in: Census: Whites no longer a majority in U.S. by 2043 See in context

This is not a big deal. Just a sign of how effective globalisation is. It changes nothing. The West will remain the West, and the East will continue playing catch up of our way of life, no matter what colour the people are, involved in either side of the developments.

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Posted in: Remembering John Lennon See in context

I have got a great joke about Yoko Ono

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Posted in: 'Kin' chosen as kanji character best representing 2012 See in context

^Haha, nice.

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Posted in: Teaching English to children the right way See in context

213,000yen a month, living in Tokyo. Good luck with that.

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Posted in: 140 same-sex couples wed in Washington state for first time See in context

CrisGerSan; LOL.

Regarding the article; Good news this! I was at the mass partnering in Brighton in the UK years back and it was a great day for all involved.

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Posted in: DOCOMO launches real-time phone translation See in context

Yeah, if the coding giant that is Google can only just get it kind of working, some rubbish Docomo programming is not going to get anything close.

This is going to be absolutely awful.

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Posted in: Tokyo man killed by street cleaning truck See in context

What the actual what.

This story is full of glaring Japanese-ness.

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Posted in: Twitter comment starts online debate on working overtime See in context

Yeah, I agree with all the above.

I have worked in Japanese offices for going on 8 years now, and the average worker does very little. They seem to find every single way to stretch the most mundane and simple of task over a giant amount of time, involve as many people as possible, etc., when said task could be done by a single person who actually worked a bit, in a fraction of the time.

The results they are getting are demonstrably rubbish too, given the state of the economy and the take-over of various sectors from foreign business.

And yes, anybody playing this game of overtime to impress the boss is a moron; they will be sacked / laid-off just as quickly, and with seemingly no reason, just like the rest of us.

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Posted in: French broadcaster apologizes to Japan over Fukushima gag See in context

Well said chooch.

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Posted in: French broadcaster apologizes to Japan over Fukushima gag See in context

Whatever. Nothing is offensive. We live in post-modern times, and if you can't get with the program, the rest of us are not going to wait for you to catch up.

Those who get offended by things like this, SHOULD be offended.

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Posted in: Japan angered by French TV host's Fukushima joke about goalkeeper Kawashima See in context

Whatever. Nothing is offensive. We live in post-modern times, and if you can't get with the program, the rest of us are not going to wait for you to catch up.

Those who get offended by things like this, SHOULD be offended.

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Posted in: 2channel post removal requests decrease in 2012, police say See in context

Speed has it right. The Japanese have flocked to Facebook.

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Posted in: Why Japan doesn’t give a Gangnam about PSY See in context

I am not a fan of Gangnam Style, but that is beside the point, and I feel I am able to still comment.

The Japanese are consciously ignoring it. Why? Because there is not a hope in hell of anything this spontaneous and ironic coming out of Japan's pathetic music industry ever. Sure, they churn out a lot of stuff and it sells, but on the world scale, it is utter throwaway trash. They are creatively anaemic and this is rubbing their noses in it, by the one nation they wish would not.

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Posted in: Usain Bolt to appear on SMAP TV program on Monday night See in context

@sandiegoluv; I will tell you why the Japanese always ask the same questions... because they have absolutely no other frame of reference for anything more interesting.

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Posted in: Violations involving reckless cyclists on the rise See in context

4000 violations? Ha. I see that many myself every year on my commute, and I only go about 5km. The average Japanese bicycle rider breaks the law every single time they ride their bike. This figure is a massive misrepresentation of the problem.

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Posted in: Docomo to introduce mobile translation of conversations and signage See in context

LOL. Because you can't already do this with Google Translate, right?

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Posted in: Google launches Nexus 7 tablet in Japan See in context

No TV Out on this is a major downer. Would be interested other wise...

And that comment about having to type your credit card number in on a mobile device... Haha, that is not how it works. You just sign in once with your Amazon, Rakuten or whatever, and order with 1-click. Simple. I do it all the time.

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Posted in: Tokyo cyclists may soon be snarled in red tape See in context

I am heavily involved in cycling here in Japan, having ridden and raced here for over 7 years.

As an experienced and law abiding cyclist, I can certainly say that I am pretty much in favour of any system that attempts to control the average cyclist in Japan.

On a daily basis, I see things which make me cringe, whilst out on my bike. I ride from morning to night, in all weather, and by far the worst offenders on the roads are the cyclists. Sure, there are cars who come past too close, or pull out on me without looking, but as an experienced rider I get angry, but not killed.

The cyclists on the other hand, reading their phones, earphones in, up the wrong side of the road, pulling out without looking, and generally being utterly pathetic on a bike, really REALLY winds me up.

Bring it on, I say. Nothing they can throw at me to test my skills are going to stop me riding. I just know for a fact though, that if they enforce things correctly, there will be a hell of a lot less dick heads on the road getting in my way.

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Posted in: No fun See in context

jessbaybay; someone I know was telling me about this the other day, and I palmed it off as standard gaijin BS trivia. Turns out there may have been some truth in what he was saying!

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Posted in: Pakistani minister offers $100,000 to anyone who kills anti-Islam filmmaker See in context

@Probie: LOL. Using that one!

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Posted in: Noriko Sakai to make comeback in December See in context

Didn't see this coming a billion miles off.

Welcome back, Shabu-P.

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Posted in: What do you think of home schooling? See in context

Good stuff badmigraine.

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Posted in: Body of newborn baby found in woman's refrigerator See in context

Again and again and again and again.

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Posted in: An Apple a day See in context

@papasmurfinjapan; yeah, exactly. I suppose these kind of people sum up the average Apple user; the are interested in toys, and that is what they get given. The GPS services on any iPhone are pitiful!

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Posted in: Nationalists converge on Shin-Okubo's Koreatown See in context

I was there. It was very ugly indeed.

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Posted in: What is the best way to deal with cyber-bullying on Twitter, Facebook and other social media? See in context

How the hell can anybody be bullied on the internet? Ridiculous. Just take an arrogant, cutting stance, and deal immensely bitchy, yet veiled non-compliments back, ridiculing the protagonists use of language and intellect. It is easy, and also great fun to put someone in their place for being a dick.

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Posted in: Point of view See in context

@chucky7136; ah thanks for the link! Yeah, that is what I witnessed yesterday. Was confused when this report said there were only 70 people. Waaaaaaaaay more than that!

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