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I find this whole letter pretty laughable given my experience of being involved a few years ago in setting up an exchange program between this exact school and probably the top ranked public university in the world. Myself and other professors from Osaka University went to the university, discussed with several deans how we wanted to set up a program, were warmly received and told they wanted their students to study in Japan. The only thing we needed to provide was English descriptions of the courses at Osaka U so they would know what courses they correspond to at the other school.

When I told this to the Japanese administrator in charge of instituting the program, he was disgusted. "We can't be bothered to provide this sort of information! Don't they know how how great our university is? If they don't want to send their students, that's their problem!" Needless to say, nothing came of this initiative.

I won't hold my breath waiting for Japan to get serious about internationalizing. In the meantime, I'm sure professors like Sugita will write meaningless letters like this and absolutely nothing will change.

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