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Posted in: Rescuers race against time in search of survivors after quakes leave 73 dead See in context

It's terrible for those affected. To have such a low death toll when so many of those collapsed homes were death traps is incredible. A common theme in the plethora of footage coming out is the 40 to 100-year-old old wooden house with the kawara - traditional tile roof. Yes, those tiles are aesthetically pleasing, but the tremendous weight (2.6 kg per tile) up high on old flimsy walls? The modern Sekisui/Panahome/Daiwa house/Tamahome et al are almost never present in the footage of collapsed houses, unless the landslips and takes it all.

Those old houses are death traps, harsh to say, but the Govt needs some laws to encourage the rebuilding of new modern quake-resistant (and insulated) buildings and strongly discourage the renovation of old death traps.

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Posted in: Police panel proposes up to ¥12,000 fine for cycling violations See in context

Had a chuckle reading some of the 3500 + comments on this story on yahoo news. Locals are just as passionate on the topic as the JT crowd.

This four biggest cyling issues for me as a daily cyclist myself are: other cyclists glued to their phone, those holding umbrellas while riding. No lights at night, and riding on the right side

The phone one is becoming chronic, they so oblivious to their surroundings, and weave all over the place. Overtaking them is a hazardous manoeuvre. School kids doing it, get a short loud verbal blast from me as I pass. It's great teaching moment, and the majority seem to get a big shock and immediately fire off a sumimasen.

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Posted in: Japan university to disband scandal-hit American football club See in context

Decision made by old men who are more than likely heavy smokers and heavy drinkers.

This marijuana is a dangerous drug narrative is such archiac thinking when a far worse drug (alcohol) is pedalled with impunity.

A huge historic club dismantled because of that?

Beyond sad. It's pathetic.

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Posted in: Nothing stirs up rugby's blood quite like New Zealand's haka See in context

I havent watched a haka in years. Fast forward, if recorded, go get a beer from the fridge if live. Like temples in Japan, seen one, see them all.

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Posted in: France take down All Blacks 27-13 in Rugby World Cup opener See in context

I must say I did enjoy both audio channels on the NHK broadcast in Japanese. (roll eyes)

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Posted in: Crusaders beat Chiefs to win 7th Super Rugby Pacific title in as many years See in context

oooo-ah Rayzor ray, oo-ah Rayzor ray!

wooh, let's go Crusaders! too good for the ill-disciplined Chiefs

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Posted in: Search underway for missing submersible that takes people to see Titanic See in context

Saw this news.

If they lost power and had to wait out their oxygen ..four days? 'Shivers' That would be a torturous way to go, imagine recording your last thoughts in that scenario. If they had a hull integrity failure, well that would be preferable. Instantaneous and merciful in comparison. Either way if they aren't recovered they will have plenty of company down there in the afterlife.

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Posted in: City legislator's son arrested after 4 killed, including 2 police officers, in Nagano Prefecture See in context

Surreal news to wake up to. Very rare occurrence, and boy what nasty piece of work this killer is: vicious and cold blooded. That will get him the gallows if he's not declared insane.

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Posted in: Shooter kills 3 kids, 3 adults at Nashville school See in context

Christian school? transgender former student? Enough data to form a strong hypothesis right there.

Another unfortunate event, and seemingly unpreventable.

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Posted in: Croatia reach World Cup quarterfinals with penalty shoot-out victory over Japan See in context

Brutal way to go out. Japan had their chances. the last kick in goal in regulation kind of summed it up though, a thunderous shot that went directly to the keeper, he did not have to move. Croatia's defence was solid. Moriyasu's last card to play would have been a wildcard substitute Gonda for Schmidt at the end, to allow the much taller man who is apparently a great pk stopper, alas would not have made up for the three rather insipid kicks that Japan missed. My word that was painful to watch.

Crazy topsy turvy four matches from Japan this cup Definitely left a huge Impression on the football world. Well done boys.

As for those PK. You could see in Yoshida's eyes as he stood at half way before he took his kick that he had already missed. I hope he and the boys are heralded for the wins, not lambasted for the misses.

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Posted in: Japan beats Spain 2-1 to advance to last 16 at World Cup See in context

1% in, is still in, and in the hyper video coverage VAR era, they can ascertain that. Likewise the same would have gone the other if a keeper saved a goal that was 99% over the line. 1% in would mean no goal.

Quite shock result really. Well done Japan.

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth II dies at 96 See in context

Such sad news, she was a truly great lady. I went to bed last night after seeing the news Charles and William had rushed to her side, thinking it was not long to go. Still shocked to wake up to the news. My whole life, almost my entire parent's lives, she was a constant reassuring force. My grandparents once briefly meet her and boy were they so proud. Take your well-earned rest, your Majesty.

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Posted in: Vingegaard seizes Tour lead after 1st big mountain stage See in context

That was truly an amazing stage. A TdF for the ages!

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Posted in: Webb telescope reveals deepest image of early universe See in context

In this screen grab of a White House broadcast

A blurry screen grab? Y'all need to grab a Full Res, 4537 X 4630 image from the NASA site. Zoom in and admire the detail. Light from 4.6 billion years ago, reaching us just now. Awe-inspiring. All that from tiny grain of sand spec in the sky. Imagine having superhuman eyesight and looking up at the night sky and the entire viewable hemisphere looked like that. wow


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Posted in: Ex-PM Abe in critical condition after being shot while campaigning in Nara See in context

Having just seen a grainy cellphone video, the thing that immediately strikes you is Abe freezes after the first shot. He doesn't move an inch. Sad to watch, he was a sitting duck for the second shot. The TV cameraperson filming instantly drops after the first shot, why didn't Abe? The security were so slow and incompetent to react.

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Posted in: Def Leppard: We'll still be rocking in 2035 See in context

First album I ever bought was "Hysteria" Don't listen much to them anymore. But man I loved them in the late 80s!

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Posted in: 19 children, 2 adults killed in Texas school shooting; Biden says 'we have to act' See in context

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Texas takes a spin this time on the Merry-go-round of misery. R.I.P little kids and their teacher. You paid the price for "freedom".

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Posted in: World No. 1 Ash Barty retires from tennis at age 25 See in context

she has nothing left to prove to anyone,

Perhaps. 3 out of 4 majors. In the same position I would have liked to have gone for one last crack at the full set before bowing out, especially missing the US Open, universally regarded as only second to Wimbledon.

Wonder if she will see have a crack at cricket again?

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Posted in: Former KAT-TUN singer Koki Tanaka arrested for drug possession See in context

Here is a dude that gets busted for a dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine. Do you hear me, a dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine! Have you ever seen a dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine? A dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine melts before you open the paper. You've got to have a ballistics expert on the spot to examine that kind of ..... And people always say 'well how did he get busted for a dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine?' I have a theory. Would you like to hear it? If you buy a dollar and fifty cents worth of cocaine from any cocaine dealer in America, HE'S gonna tell on your ......!

Richard Pryor would have had some fun with this. 0.164grams?

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Posted in: Several factors contribute to NBC's lower Olympic ratings See in context

Biggest factor is the appalling coverage by NBC, Shambolic. completely overloaded with ads, ads in the middle of a skiers run. Even their premium peacock online service is an ad riddled nightmare. Twittersphere is irate.

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Posted in: Wüst makes history with 6th Olympic speedskating gold; silver for Takagi See in context

Takagi is a sore loser with very little grace in defeat. Embarrassing

You should watch the French skier Tess Ledeux for a bona-fide embarrassing display of poor sportwomanship today. The polar opposite of the woman's snowboard slopestyle competition, which was the epitome of good sports and love.

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Posted in: Bengals top Chiefs 27-24 in OT to clinch Super Bowl trip See in context

What a game. Mahomes folded like a cheap tent. What was all the bizarre scrambling at end?

Well done Burrow and Bengals! Year of the Tiger indeed!

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

Please be done asap. Incessant, obnoxious auditory assault of megaphones at train stations and from cars driving around waving white-gloved clowns.

Internet campaigning? hah! Yeah nice one.

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Posted in: New Zealand businessman jailed in Sydney for child abuse images See in context

Businesswise this guy was the Warren Buffett of NZ. wonder how many knew of his dirty secret over the years? and enabled him, or did he keep it a well-kept secret from everyone? Feels odd not calling him "Sir Ron" anymore, some New Zealanders might not even know his family name, now he will forever be "Dirty old Ron". Perhaps he should donate most of his accumulated fortune to charity to try and make up for his abhorrent behaviour - Amnesty International would be a good start.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 2-1 in World Cup qualifying match See in context

watched the game last night on Asahi TV and kept on wondering the J-commentators

Japanese style commentary gives me ulcers. Sou desu ne... I wish they was always a sub-audio with ground sounds only and no commentary.

Well done Japan, deserved to beat the flopperoos.

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Posted in: 6 injured after wooden maze floor collapses at Hyogo amusement park See in context

safety check of the attraction being conducted every day, according to the park.

What a joke, it's offensive that these clowns would even offer this pitiful excuse. Look at this thing, there must be a thousand joints and beams in it. Are they seriously trying to claim they check it carefully daily? What a bunch of B.S. they deserve to be sued for the gall of it.

100% guarantee that these "checks" are as thorough as the pathetic inspections of the Wakayama aquaduct bridge that collapsed last week.

Ageing infrastructure, inadequate maintenance, incompetent lazy staff. It's a disturbing theme, that is only going to get worse.

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Posted in: Pressure mounting on Japan in World Cup qualifier against Australia See in context

Well done, well deserved win for Japan. Since when did Australia dive all over the shop like a team of Neymars? Very disappointed with the once proud socceroos.

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Posted in: Nissan Frontier vs Toyota Tacoma in 2022 See in context

The archaic measurements.....ft ib of torque, mpg? inch? sigh. Thankfully the "Everything metric" chrome extension is there, and converts any caveman units. And it's a Ute. "trucks" are something completely different

For the Tacoma with the V6 and automatic transmission, the EPA says to expect 21 mpg​【11 L/100 km】 and 20 mpg​【12 L/100 km】, respectively.

thats it? 11-12 L/100km, that's pitiful.

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Posted in: Woman chips tooth eating McDonald's burger containing metal See in context

How judgmental.

You must be new here.

Lets me chime in on the ketchiness of McDonalds. Refunded her meal? They should have also immediately given her some free meal vouchers worth far more than the value of the original meal at the very very least before she walked out the door. This is even before taking the later dental bills into account. Such shallow customer service, after the superficial irrashaimase and smile, there is nothing of substance behind that facade.

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Posted in: Japanese message in a bottle washes up in Hawaii ... 37 years later See in context

A quaint relic of a bygone era.

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