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Posted in: Meryl Streep: 'I wasn't deliberately silent' on Weinstein See in context

A very gifted actress ..... and hypocrite!

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Posted in: What do you think of when you hear the words "Cool Japan?" See in context

The folks in Japan who need their ego's stroked. Japanese folks need reassuring that their culture is good (when in fact, there are lots of problems).

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Posted in: Japanese banks tighten security after Y1.8 bil taken from 7-Eleven ATMs See in context

Well........ A max of 50,000 yen! Yes, gonna be a problem for visitors. Yes, as gogogo says, in 2020 they'll be living on the street. A warm welcome, NOT.

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Posted in: AKB48 to hold concerts at Universal Studios Japan every day starting in July See in context

Nothing written on the English version website about AKB. In fact the English site is hard to understand.

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Posted in: Do you consider global warming just a theory or a proven fact? See in context

Over the ages of time the earth has cooled and warmed --- before mankind ever had a chance to make it's mark. Looking at the hard data, the earth IS now warming a bit. Seems to be no direct relationship to humans because we are generally too puny to effect things much. The sun among things has the power to make vast temperature changes.

First, what IS alarming is how many scientists are trying to profit, either economically, socially or politically, from telling the false story of man-made global warming. I know at the major university where I work, the story changed; initially it was carbon dioxide that was the culprit and now nitrogen dioxides are the problem that man has created. Meanwhile the researchers are getting lots of funding from us taxpayers.

Second, the politicians are using the excuse of man-made global warming to redistribute incomes world-wide.

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Posted in: Are Japanese losing empathy for 3/11 victims? See in context

In my opinion folks in Japan often fail at genuine empathy. Saying hang-in-there or do your best is not really empathetic. (Of course I am painting with a broad brush here, not all Japanese are the same)

From here in the US my family and I watched the events of 3/11 and even though we had jobs and commitments, we later made a trip to Japan to at least see Tohoku and show solidarity. And at that time we could not get our Japanese friends interested in visiting the areas even though they were traveling in parts of Tohoku with us.

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Posted in: Japan-born sumo wrestler wins title for 1st time in 10 years See in context

He was pretty amazing!

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Posted in: Michael Moore 'invades' Europe to teach us all some lessons See in context

If Moore likes Europe so much, he should stay there. And don't come back!

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Posted in: If Hillary Clinton were to be elected U.S. president next year, would that be good for Japan? See in context

No. She is a liar. Will do or say anything if it helps her in the end.

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Posted in: What are some of the challenges that you've encountered when traveling in Japan? See in context

.... Well , lots of frustrations. I've had a great time over six trips but;

Yen travelers checks purchased in US - cannot cash in Japan banks, except at few in Tokyo! They'd never seen them, no policy, much sucking of wind through teeth. Cannot be done.

Cannot use my numerous US credit cards in many places. Waiting for Post Office to open to get cash. Post closed before I returned to town.

Where is the Wi-Fi? Had to rent a portable unit.

Rules, rules, rules and no bending of the rule for any reason (see above Yen travelers checks)

No foreigner in my taxi/restaurant, etc

Folks here feel no need or reason to learn English, although they think they are a part of the world order.

No high quality cold medicine allowed in country, need Dr's permit for other medicines --- no problem for the same situation for Japanese visiting US.

Could move to Japan, but; how to open bank account, how to get someone to sell me there empty home?? Received a credit card offer, but no, you are foreigner, cannot be done.

Name on ID (Passport, etc.) does not match local documents; romaji VS katakana VS English on documents --- rules say cannot complete the "deal" . Middle name & initial problems on documents, not matching. Paperwork is designed for Kanji names (space on paper allowed)

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd is asking for cash donations to help finance its anti-whaling campaign. Are you going to donate? See in context

Not a third choice here: Hell No !

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