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Posted in: Police bolster 'soft target' security for G-7 summit See in context

All those unmanned police boxes and stations means the crime ridden areas will be unprotected. I wish someone would properly prepare them on how to do security correctly. Standing at a station or shopping area is a waste of tax payers money. What will they do when the Olympics or World cup comes to Japan? Stand around then and wait like they are doing now.

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Posted in: 2 teenagers killed in car-motorcycle crash See in context

They were most likely acting like the bosoku bike riders, I guess the grim reaper came to collect.

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Posted in: Thai police arrest 4 Japanese men over drugs, bribery See in context

Don't do the crime if you can't die for it with the death penalty, that's most surely what they will get in Thailand.

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Posted in: Abe faces backlash over security legislation; cabinet support rate falls See in context

It appears the Japanese people have no say in their government, the young people never took interest in voting now they see how they could be drafted if the government goes to war and they now seem interested. Oh how cowards they are in their little bubble.

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Posted in: Taiji dolphin hunt begins; coastal whaling set to start See in context

If you're going to slaughter dolphins and whales, stay out of the waters of other countries and do it in your own waters at least!

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Posted in: Lower house OKs bill to ban drones over certain areas See in context

I guess all the power of spying is not there's anymore. Drones are the future they can be used for surveying crop fields, and to find lost persons etc etc. Just because some idiot misuses them don't make them illegal for the hobbyist. Bosuzoko motorcycle gangs are a nuisance but they continue to roam and disrupt the streets of Japan. The thousands of stray cats in Tokyo that roam and cause damage to property are a nuisance but they don't ban them, like they do stray dogs.

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Posted in: Caregiver arrested for beating 82-year-old man at nursing home See in context

I fault the son for placing his father in a place like that and not caring for him himself. Everyone know how places like that treat the elderly.

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Posted in: Suspect says another man in his van killed 13-year-old girl See in context

The parents are part to blame because who lets there thirteen year old stay out until 5:00am. They shall forever live with how they improperly raised their child in grief.

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Posted in: 63% say Japan should stop apologizing over war: poll See in context

Be contrite and stop making excuses, learn from the Germans and then you can stop apologizing. Until then think of it as part of your punishment for the many atrocities committed by your countrymen.

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Posted in: Homeless man arrested for stealing woman’s handbag See in context

Larceny, how about robbery, I guess because it had only 6,000 yen in her bag.

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Posted in: Japan's Hiroshima ceremonies 'scheming': Chinese media See in context

The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is a forever reminder that starting a war will end bad for the country that started it.

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Posted in: Mount Fuji climbing season opens; free Wi-Fi available See in context

Another gimmick to take climbers money.

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Posted in: Gay activists in Asia upbeat about impact of U.S. court ruling See in context

Let it stay in America only then that way they all can go marry and live there so my children can continue to follow gods law without question or second guessing.

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Posted in: Man dead after setting himself on fire in bullet train; woman passenger also dies See in context

Now all liquid substances will be banned on trains in Japan now because of one nincompoop.

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Posted in: Japan Tourism Agency surveys onsens over tattoo policy See in context

Foreigners and visitors to Japan with tatoos should be exempt from rules that bar Japanese citizens. It will likely conflict in many ways with the Olympics coming later.

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Posted in: Tokyo named most liveable city in world by Monocle magazine See in context

I agree and I have lived in many places around the world, perhaps all these previous negative comments from people who have never lived but one place all their lives is warranted because they have nothing to judge by.

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Posted in: Thousands surround Diet to protest U.S. base relocation plan See in context

With the rising military strength of china, it would serve the interest of both the Japanese and America to have the base in that central location. Protesting wont stop it from going forward.

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Posted in: Hashimoto says he'll resign at end of term after referendum setback See in context

Good riddance.

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Posted in: In U.S., 'comfort woman' demands apology from Japan See in context

Who cares, everyone knows war is hell the Japanese government has atoned for their mistakes so move on China and Korea stop trying to sow seeds of the past.

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Posted in: Fukui man arrested for landing drone on roof of Abe's office See in context

Typical Japan overreact to the smallest incident.

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Posted in: Drone may have been on roof of PM's office for days See in context

Regulating drones is foolish, tobacco and cell phones should be regulated first because they cause far more harm than drones do. It seem like a case of we can't control it so lets regulate it.

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Posted in: Lesbian couple hold symbolic wedding ceremony in Tokyo See in context

No one cares how children are affected about what's moral or immoral these days. Forget about what's right or wrong. I guess that's why its just for show and wont be binding legally. Good fun is what it all boils down too when its all said and done.

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Posted in: China complains Japan's air, sea surveillance raises safety risks See in context

It seems China can't bully Japan like the other south east Asian countries who can't afford to meet China's silly tactics.

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Posted in: Japan rebuffs outcry over new history textbooks See in context

Until someone in the Japanese government owns up to the countries past ills they will continue to have strife. Using the excuse that there are not records of proof that the crimes happened just wont cut it. There are no records in Japan of the planned attack on Pearl Harbor, but everyone knows it happened. Repentance goes along way when you want closure.

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Posted in: Police arrest 30-year-old man over 5 acid attacks in Gunma See in context

He is a waist of breath, and deserves the death penalty, and needs sulfuric acid dropped on him, and he hates women because he can't be one just like they are, so I guess he's &ay!

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Posted in: Man, woman on motorbike killed in collision with truck See in context

As an experienced GOLD Drivers License holder/rider here in Japan. I cannot speculate on what happened but overall riding here in Japan is one of the safest places to ride a motorcycle in the world.

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Posted in: Auditors say billions of yen wasted in Fukushima cleanup See in context

And who will pay for it? we will with the 10% tax hike just around the corner.

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Posted in: 4 restaurants robbed in succession in Saitama See in context

If caught they will get ten years for only 5,000 yen. That's if they are lucky because they could be charged for each count of robbery which would make it 30 years.

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Posted in: Trial begins for man over poisoning of 40 cats in Tokyo See in context

Someone has to get rid of the bothersome cats, I have many strays around where I reside and they damage my vehicles and property. I have been tempted to get rid of them but haven't since it is unlawful and immoral. I often catch people feeding the cats and caution them to no avail. I do like animals but I think stray cats should be put down.

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Posted in: Japan sees 25 bil cyberattacks in 2014; 40% from China See in context

Maybe if the prime minister and his staff stop visiting Yasakuni maybe some of the attacks will subside. I doubt it tho.

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