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Posted in: Man arrested for drugging, raping over 100 women in fake clinical study See in context

There was a rich Japanese man who did even worse a few years ago except he did it to foreigners. His name is JOJI Obara, he drugged and even gave countless hostess foreign women ether and raped them when they fell asleep causing a couple to even die, but because he was rich the police didn't suspect foul play until the second girl went missing last seen with him. When the police searched his beach side mansion they recovered thousands of photos of women sexually molested and drugged. Now he is in prison for a very very long time for his actions.

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Deter others by not paying one cent or yen, the Japanese man should have stayed in Japan. as a tax payer living in Japan my tax money should be better spent by the government.

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Posted in: No. of 110 calls not for emergencies topped 2 mil in 2014, NPA says See in context

Simple solution, press 1 for emergency and press 2 for other with non emergency calls being charged 500 yen per call added to a persons phone bill if its not considered an emergency.

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All these negative comments about President Obama from people who will never attain what this man has. Remember people he is still the most powerful man from the most powerful country in the world, besting all who challenged him with ease. That is what makes you haters angry get over it or let it consume you till the end.

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