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Carey Ciuro comments

Posted in: 2-year-old girl drowns in irrigation ditch in Niigata See in context

Again JT commenters speculating what happened. My turn, how about ditch may have been one foot outside the door the girl went out of. You people have no idea what happened here so let's give benefit of the doubt that it was a god damned mistake and stop with always screaming that Japan 'Jails the parents'. That rhetoric posted here is so predictable it happens everytime a child dies and is reported.

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Posted in: Man drives car into police HQ in city in Nagasaki See in context

spent many hours at the omura police office dealing with the absolute worst beaucracy ever in my life. Glad no one was hurt but couldn't happen to a worse police office.

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Posted in: Exclusive bar sues website Tabelog for unwanted publicity See in context

Ha, I went to this bar two years ago! Was at a nearby bar, made some friends who then took me there. Was a lovely establishment, went back a few times and we made mochi one night. Couldn't find it again on a recent visit. Wanted to write a post on my blog but couldn't find the address. Lucky I didn't haha. I understand their point of view but it's the age we live in. Hard to run an place like this in the age of social media.

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Posted in: Two dead in automobile blaze in Tokyo See in context

I do love JT commenters and their speculations when information is scarce, specifically how the car burst into flames.

Until then let's blame the stupid occupants for not escaping or the car maker for poor safety.


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Posted in: Coming-of-Age Day event ends in tragedy for mother See in context

Not cold enough in nagasaki for black ice. I was at the ceremony taking pictures. Was so fun and happy. Horrible ending for what should be a happy day.

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Posted in: Man arrested for slashing girl in Kagawa See in context

Kudos sensei258. You successfully confirmed that speculating over crimes you don't know anything about is a worthwhile exercise for everyone on this forum. Have a medal.

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Posted in: Live-action 'Attack on Titan' gets release date, new director See in context

I got 3 episodes in and bailed. Was bored as hell watching it. It's no cowboy bebop or samurai champloo.

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Posted in: College student posts shoplifting photos on Twitter See in context

There's actually no proof here they stole anything so why are you all jumping to linch them? You don't know if they then paid for the ramen. This is the private world of teenagers broadcast for the world and you all falling into the trap of believing all of it all the time is relevant.

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Posted in: Abe, Inose discuss how to make Tokyo more visitor-friendly See in context

Free wi-fi god damn it. I can live without every other thing mentioned here but free wifi as a tourist is a god send.

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