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Cute story

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Not sure if the disinterested "hmmmm" was because his friends are Japanese. I'm Caribbean and that's my reaction. The Gangnam Style video is cute in a Spice Girls kind of way but not enough to keep my interest.

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Congrats to him and his colleague for their hard work! Is the guy with the yellow pad doing a "gangsta" pose?

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Most people don't have strong feelings about the issue. Its the vocal extremes that get the attention

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Posted in: Who do you side with in the Apple vs Samsung patent disputes going on around the world? See in context

Reluctantly, Apple. My problem is what is allowed to be patented. How in the world can Apple patent rounded shaped edges on a rectangular form factor? That's like patenting a car with 4 doors. The consumer loses big time if the decisions around the world follow what happened in CA.

Understood the form factor is one of several issues but that one is jaw dropping.

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Posted in: How would you compare Japanese and American animation, particularly in terms of technical aspects and story-telling? See in context

I'm a bit of an "old school" anime fan. Growing up watching some of the older shows like Mazinger Z, Steel Jeeg, Gaiking and Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets or G-Force as it was called in the West). My thought though is that (like everything else) comparing the two depends on the aspect one is comparing.

I've noticed the attention to detail in general with anime however, one can't argue with the detail in a Disney classic like Snow White. Miyazaki films tend to take the mundane and infuse it with so much life its for sure a piece of art unfolding before your very eyes.

Regarding story lines, in general Japanese anime tended to humanize their characters a bit more. Showing that main characters can die is reflected in many anime stories. US animation tends to not have characters die (because they are mostly made for kids). But then again, Japanese anime geared for kids is not going to show characters dying. Its doubtful that Jam-Ojisan is going to kick the bucket at the hands of Baikinman in an Anpanman episode anytime soon.

I find Family Guy and South Park funny sometimes. They tell jokes that are culturally based and make fun of our American stereotypes. I may not find cultural humor in a Japanese animated comedy as funny. Kureiyon Shin-Chan although geared for kids can be funny at times but I don't find it as funny.

I think my conclusion is that generally I find Japanese animation to be a bit more reflective of human reality but American animation resonates with me more culturally.

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Posted in: Do you agree with Warner Bros' decision to cancel red-carpet events, premieres and news conferences for "The Dark Knight Rises" in various capitals around the world, including Tokyo, because of the fa See in context

@jessebaybay, I think you are correct if we just take into account the gunman. If the gunman was captured without taking any other lives, things would continue as normal. I think WB and others are trying to be sensitive to the victims of the tragedy. That is all what the cancellations are about; sensitivity to the victims. Collective sorrow. Its a statement to display that the lives of the victims are more important than the frivolity of the red carpets, flashiness of galas, etc.

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@Farmboy LOL!!

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This beautiful display of appreciation comes almost in time for 雛祭り (hinamatsuri). Gorgeous!

@IMHMC Cherry blossoms also wouldn't be introduced because others on the political spectrum would consider it foreign and "un-American" They are absolutely a beautiful sight to see.

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Posted in: Tokyo's first traditional Texas smokehouse hits Azabu Juban See in context

Would like to try it some day!

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Posted in: Should parents be held responsible if their children commit crimes? See in context

It depends on what you mean by "held responsible". Does that mean that the parents face punishment as if they committed the crime themselves (e.g. kid commits murder, faces death penalty and parents are executed also (or in place of the kid))? Then to me the answer is no.

At the same time parents should be offered the opportunity for help if they can see their kids heading down a wrong path but don't have the resources to help steer him/her right (counseling, therapy, time at home due to long work schedule, etc.)

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Posted in: Charges filed against man for punching schoolboy during class See in context

He shouldn't have hit the kid but I can understand his anger.

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Posted in: Should Olympus rehire its ousted British CEO Michael Woodford? See in context

Should they re-hire him, no. However, should they have fired him in the first place, no. He might have helped them address the issue in a way to help them save face out in the open. Olympus should have used this as a learning experience to modify their culture of behind the scenes bookkeeping, however, practically and realistically speaking there is no way that was going to happen so they blamed the guy that made them aware of the cockroaches in their pantry.

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Nice smiles!

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Posted in: Japan to offer 10,000 free trips to foreigners to boost tourism industry See in context

Sign me up!!

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Posted in: Have you been the victim of harassment, bullying, mean behavior, malicious gossip or tricks on social networking sites, email or in text messages? See in context

There is a difference between passionately defending one's point and insulting others to make it.

It should be fine to call someones opinions asinine without calling them an arse themselves, but because people now a days are seemingly unable to differentiate between the two they get their undies in a bundle because they feel like someone disagreeing with them is a personal attack as well.

Well said Yubaru

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Posted in: Man recently released from prison held for holding two women captive See in context

This is quite strange.

That's an understatement! More like "strange tales from the beyond"!

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after being flung out of van in highway accident See in context


--off point slightly-- As you pointed out your jumping on the family is to demonstrate that you know more than them, to impress that they caused their son's death and to make them feel more guilty. However, since its unlikely that they would read your written tirade, it certainly is moot. I certainly don't claim to be morally superior to anyone however it turns me into a "bastard' when I see others kicking someone who is down.

--back on point--

No doubt illegal acts deserve punishment and negligence that leads to death is not an excuse. However, I see no use in jumping on them. There is nothing to be gained. That is where you and I disagree. On the other facts as presented I have no issue.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after being flung out of van in highway accident See in context


Youve made it clear that you are interested in making the family feel more guilty than they are already feel and worse yet to satisfy a misplaced sense of moral superiority.

Pointing out what they did wrong to educate others is not the same as attempting to make them feel more guilty. Cant help you if you dont understand te difference.

Where is your shame?.

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Posted in: 7-year-old boy dies after being flung out of van in highway accident See in context

It really sucks to jump on the family for making a huge error by not enforcing seatbelts in the car, but come on I agree, it does suck to jump on the family, but it needs to be done.

To what end? Make the family feel more guilty than they already feel? To impress on them that their negligence caused their son's death? Or to show that we know more than them?

Its a tragedy albeit an unavoidable one. The parents don't need to be reminded of their grave mistake. Their preparation for funeral services will be more than enough.

Better to use this to educate other families. Jumping all over this family doesn't serve any purpose other than making the one doing it feel justified and morally superior.

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Congratulations Nadeshiko! Well played, well earned, well deserved! Thank you for lifting Japan up when she needed a boost!

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Posted in: Rainbow of hope for Japan See in context

Sure - And the Japanese media would never stoop to those levels, would they, Yoshito? No sensationalism in Japan, just a foreign thing...

He was speaking of the tsunami event, accuracy of dissemination and foriegn media. He was not making a statement of all situations and all events.

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Posted in: Does freedom of speech include the right to yell "Fire!" in a crowded theater, yell "Shark" at a beach or joke about having a bomb on a plane, for example? See in context

smartacus has it right. That's why I voted yes as well. You have the right to say it but you also have to deal with the consequence of saying it.

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I believe she meant the term as a metaphor and was not trying to insult Jews. However, her ignorance of the historical context of the word is her problem. In order to be an effective communicator, she has to use words to get her message across not to use words for the sake of their own existence. If she wants to appeal to more than her fans then she has to become more intellectually serious about the way she communicates.

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May the victims rest in peace.

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Posted in: Would you support an environment tax as part of measures to counter global warming? See in context

Global warming is not a myth. Whether its caused by humans is the debatable part. I don't support an increase in my taxes to combat this issue because governments waste our current money as it is.

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You say that now, but when she does become your president, you can bet she will be a straight-shooter and shoot from the hip. She wont mince words with our so-called "allies" and if they dont like it, she will tell them exactly where to go (hell)

As straight a shooter as Yosemite Sam!

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A point to consider is the politeness of taking photos of graves with names on them and posting them.

I agree with the comments here though that they should have captured the gravestones from the front. Perhaps if they took a wide angle shot of many gravestones from the front and in the foreground with names blurred. The shot could include the couple in the background among a sea of gravestones. It might have made for a more powerful shot.

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Not sure how this would make any sense. batman Incorpoated? How will the corporation make money? Will Batman start charging for services?

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