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It seems nobody in the UK knows what to do next. What kind of a planning is that? Was there any planning at all in advance? With two options, there should be two plans.Is it just a vanity fair?

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So again, it is mostly a matter of life style and quite possible to do something about

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Posted in: Chubu Electric completes 22-meter-high seawall to protect Hamaoka nuclear plant See in context

Japan with Fukushima at home takes another safety approch than distant Germany. Seems that Japan, despite its historic experience, and other Asian countries react more rationally than some European countries.

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The German Thyssen Group Submarine System also had a conflict with its Swedish state partner Kockum Submarine System, so it was expelled from the cooperation. The Thyssen group seems aggressive in business but competition should be free. May the best win in fair play and quality competition.

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Posted in: Germany proposes short-term jobs for half a million Syrian refugees See in context

Once the Arabic world was the mediator of philosophy, culture and science. Arabic or, more generally, Semitic words and symbols still bear witness: Algebra, abacus, algorithm, alkali, azimuth, almanac, Indo-Arabic numerals, you name it. May be there is a hope that history may turn one day.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against provocation around disputed islands See in context

I think anyone should take care. The best activity between countries is trade. Besides, anyone would be glad to take over the Chinese industrial activity, which could lead to frozen economy like that in Japan more or less since the 1980-ies. It is not about land and borders these days - it is about business. That can easily be seen, lately in the actions between Russia and the Ukraine - bad for all involved. It would be wise for China not to repeat the Japanese attitude during the first half of last century. The moral is: Aggressive attitudes involve economic feedback for the worse.

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