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Posted in: We want hunters to be able to fire in urban areas if the situation is right. See in context

Totally fine for life saving situations. Most Hunters in Japan are well trained and excellent shots with many years of experience.

If there is a Bear roaming around in a residential area where kids walk and play, waiting for the police to make a decision is of course foolish... but, This is Japan and the Laws are very very different compared to many other countries on a topic like this.

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Posted in: N Korea fires multiple short-range ballistic missiles See in context

The decades long cycle continues....

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Posted in: Enjoy 'conveyor belt' sushi at home See in context

That's a fun item!!

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Posted in: Man dies after his jacket gets caught in escalator at Mito train station See in context

Sad. The Old guy should have just slipped out of his jacket and let it go.... But we/I don't know all the facts...

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Posted in: Chocolate snack-shaped translator earphones See in context

Very Cool. Looking forward to additional reporting on these after they get out into the public to hear about their performance/capabilities.

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Posted in: Japan’s bone-breaking and record-breaking roller coaster permanently shutting down See in context

Good article. Too bad they have to shut the coaster down. But understandable.

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Posted in: From 4-leaf clovers to some unexpected history, all you need to know about St. Patrick's Day See in context

Nice day to celebrate!

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Posted in: Which Japanese convenience store has the best 'onsen tamago' hot spring eggs? See in context

Thank you for the very informative information. Good article.

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Posted in: U.S. public health agency CDC sets up office in Tokyo See in context

Good move. Japan and the USA can benefit from collaborative work.

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Posted in: Fire destroys JAL plane after collision with coast guard aircraft at Haneda; 5 dead See in context

Such a Sad and terrible accident!!

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Posted in: Woman arrested after showing up at Saitama police station with dead baby See in context

Sad Story

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Posted in: Japan eyes record ¥7.7 tril defense budget for fiscal 2024 See in context

Nice! Japan finally waking up (after sooooo... many years!!)and making progress in doing what is needed to ensure they will not be forced to speak Chinese on Honshu down to Okinawa or Russian throughout Hokkaido. and the .Aomori area.

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Posted in: 3 people injured by bear in same area of city in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

Professional Game/Wildlife management skills and culling the bear population will help reduce these terrible incidents.

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Posted in: It is still a bit early to say at what point we will start talks about making the My Number card mandatory. See in context

Why create a card to do the same thing a present card does?? (i.e. Nat Health Card)., And why make it mandatory??

Seems its another effort for the Government to access all aspects of you financials, medical, and probably all your transactions in the future.

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Posted in: China, Japan trade blame over confrontation near disputed islands See in context

Japan should immediately deploy anti-ship and Air Defense weapons to the area. Then, tell Chinese vessels (military or Coast Guard types) that if they do not leave the area, they will be forced out by lethal means if required. Yes. SINK one of their boats quickly and film it with all the radio conversation.

Do NOT let China get away with this crap!

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Posted in: Toyota trials hydrogen-powered vehicle on public roads in Australia See in context

Excellent!! Way to go Toyota!!

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Posted in: Japan’s new manhole cover T-shirts let you show off your local prefectural pride See in context

Very Cool :)

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Posted in: Digital minister Kono to return 3 months' pay over My Number issues See in context

My current medical card is All I need. I don't want to be forced to have a "My Number Card". I don't trust the system and I would NEVER want my banking information connected with that card.

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Posted in: Burger King Japan’s new Crown The One Pounder is like a cheeseburger on steroids See in context

Looks Great!! Worth a try

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Posted in: Ex-bus firm official appeals guilty ruling over fatal 2016 crash See in context

Where did the Driver take and pass his Japanese Bus Drivers test, and who issued him his license. No one in the Bus Company, that's for sure.

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Posted in: Tom Hanks urges Harvard grads to defend the truth and resist indifference See in context

Support and DEFEND each and every one of our Constitutional Rights as they are clearly written in the Constitution. Pretty simple.

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Posted in: Climate scientists flee Twitter as hostility surges See in context

"They" don't like the Hate Speech, alternate opinions, and problems on ANY Social Media site when "they" are on the receiving end and roles reversed. Good move by Elon to take over Twitter.

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Posted in: China sanctions U.S. Congress member for Taiwan visit See in context

I wonder if the U.S. were to provide Taiwan with a military capability (Nuc), if the Chinese would change their aggressive actions and become more peaceful?

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Posted in: G7 diplomats to discuss Ukraine, China, N Korea at Karuizawa meeting See in context

Ask your self... Do you and your family and future family want to live under the rule of a Communist Government like Russia, China, or North Korea? Without the freedoms you now enjoy?? If so, then pack your bags and go there. Because "we" (as free Nations - USA, JAPAN, South Korea, European Countries etc..). will rise to the challenge and Defeat these evil Governments.

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Posted in: S Korea, U.S., Japan seek ban on N Koreans working abroad See in context

Good idea! also, do not allow any money transfers to DPRK from any financial organization or any personal accounts from anyone.

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Posted in: Roadster ride See in context

Very nice ride. I used to have one. It was great for over 10 years!! Very Fun car to drive. Great on the curves visiting Niko and other nice mountain drives.

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Posted in: China ships stay in Japan waters near Senkakus for record time See in context

I would think maritime accidents could happen with this type of bad behaviour by China. There may be underwater hazards that China is not aware of --seeing how these are NOT their territorial waters and may not know this. Also, this area used to be an area for bombing practice by the U.S. Forces and the firing ranges could be activated again with Bilateral agreement between US & Japan Governments.

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Posted in: Japan sends missile units to southwestern island to face China threat See in context

Good move by Japan and should have been done a very long time ago.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 2 more missiles; Japan calls for U.N. Security Council meeting See in context

The North is pouting because Ukraine and Russia are getting all the attention along with Chinese Balloons and Kim feels so left out that he has to do something to gain International Attention.

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Posted in: Alleged 'Luffy' ringleader of robberies is man already detained in Manila See in context

That Telegram App encryption is not very good if the Police can crack into it that quick. But then again, Japan has some very good signals intel apps to spy with across the frequency bands.

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