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Posted in: If the Tokyo Olympics are held, will you watch any of it on TV? See in context

Maybe. It depends on what events will be offered on TV. I normally only watch a couple of Winter events just to get the highlights and final results.

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Posted in: Biden expected to nominate Rahm Emanuel as ambassador to Japan See in context

What a SAD insult to Japan!

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

Slickdrifter Do you understand the "M.A.D." Strategy with regard to nuclear weapons?? If not, you might want to do some reading. It has worked very well over many years. The choice might be for China to decide: is it really worth it to them (China) to risk a nuclear confrontation over the Islands??

When they know we (US & Japan) have advanced anti-missile defenses (AGIES), SM-3, and strike capabilities that they cannot defend against.

Of course the US will explore applying more sanctions etc... etc..,, but if China should pursue capturing Islands they will have a very serious choice to make.

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Posted in: Japan expects deterrence to keep China in check over Senkakus See in context

joey stalin This action would violate the US position on the Senkaku Islands. "The US opposes any attempt to change the status quo."

No country on earth supports Japan's claim to the islands. So, Japan will have to go it alone. Good luck with that.

Sorry joey, It's obvious you do not know about the US-Japan Mutual Defense treaty nor the context of the "status quo" you mention. And that is China may NOT change the Status Quo which is Japan is in possession (owns) and administers the Islands. If you would actually READ the reports on the recent visit, the US REALLY DOES support Japan on this issue.

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Posted in: Japan expects deterrence to keep China in check over Senkakus See in context

Japan has been recommended/urged to build anti-ship missile and air defense sites on the islands for many years!! Japan's own inaction encourages China's infractions.

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Posted in: China says it is exercising self-restraint against Japanese ships near Senkakus See in context

China may soon realize that the USA is exercising GREAT restraint by not turning Beijing into a flat glass city and sending their country back into the stone age similar to Afghanistan and Iran.

The USA can be a Big Bully too if need be.

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Posted in: U.S. warship transits Taiwan Strait after admiral's China invasion warning See in context

If China actually attacked Taiwan to invade it, they will regret the awful and extreme destruction that will ravage their Country and their people. Yes it will be a very Big Mess.

The Invasion would ultimately fail, but Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and the U.S. Forces will all be licking some very serious wounds.

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Posted in: New Zealand volunteers refloat 28 whales in rescue effort See in context

Super effort!!

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern to UK over new Chinese maritime law See in context

Unfortunately, Japan has failed to establish any Air Defense Radar/Missile sites and Anti-Ship missiles on the Senkakus. Japan has had many YEARS to consolidate its authority there and their failure to act quickly will cause many problems with the new Law China has put in place.

Japan should act quickly (maybe last chance), before they lose their ability to control the area around the Islands and their area in the East China Sea.

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Posted in: Man who refused to wear mask on Peach plane in Sept arrested See in context


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Posted in: Japan protests China's repeated intrusions into waters near Senkakus See in context

Japan should construct Air Defense sites & radar in the Islands and place anti-ship missiles there as well. Additionally Japan should offer tours to those interested to show the history of Japanese use of the Islands. There are ruins of a small old fishing dock and old shelter there.

Just after WW II, the area was a Bombing practice range. Those ranges could be reopened and jointly run by the US and Japan for Bilateral "ship attack" practice runs, and practice of ship-to-shore coordination of joint air and ground target acquisition and hand-over. Surrounding waters could also be managed in such a way that anti-submarine devices could be placed in certain areas to warn of subsurface activity.

Lots of things could be done passively like this without directly confronting China. Just as they have done.

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Posted in: Russia deploys missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

This is exactly the action Japan should take on the Senkaku Islands. Russia will NEVER return/give back those Islands. Get over it. That's the way Communist are.

China will take the Senkakus from Japan soon if Japan does not act to protect their Islands!!

Don't trust America after Biden get into office as US President. He has historical ties with China,

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Posted in: Japan's 1st regulations on crossbow owners passed in Hyogo Prefecture See in context

So SAD the Japan does not have a "Second Amendment" like the USA. Now pretty soon Crossbows will be illegal or so controlled by over regulation it will be almost impossible to even get/have one.

Then, only criminals will have them (like hand guns in Japan).

Oh well, it's Japan's laws to make and citizens to rule.

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Posted in: Unique signs in train station will leave you speechless See in context

Great idea!! This could be a real help to everyone including foreigners like Me :)

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Posted in: Full moon See in context

Very nice photo!! Good use of telephoto and creating exaggerated perspective

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Posted in: Japan ready to become permanent U.N. Security Council member: Motegi See in context

With Japan's undetermined commitment to bilateral security operations (including armed conflict), in the region except when it comes to their Senkakus Islands, they cannot be considered (counted on) true partners in enforcing stability or countering bad actors (like China), in the region.

Japan would most likely hinder and obstruct decisions that need to be made in a timely manner, citing the need to have a deeper "Study" of an issue as they typically do.

Actually, Japan has very little to offer on the Counsel. What would they bring to the table that could not be provided by current members and their current security agreements with their allies?? What could Japan provide that the USA, UK, France, & Israel couldn't??

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

The Gunnery Ranges were in fact in use after just WW II, and just prior to the Korean War. The charts, boundaries, and range data are still on file - historical military records (ask USFJ and the Japan Ministry of Defence

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Posted in: Tokyo confirms 207 new coronavirus cases See in context

It's good to see the numbers declining again.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

The NOTAMS and MARITIME warnings are in the complete interest of safety to prevent accidental damage to ships or aircraft from the live fire exercises. Of course some of the missiles and other munitions used would include anti-submarine explosives.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

Japan and the US could re-open/activate several of the Old post War Live Fire practice ranges in that area and place a range control office on one of the Islands to control the live fire exercises that could be called into action by US/Japan at any time and then just issue a NOTAM (Notice to Airman) and Maritime warning/notification to mariners so the range activation and live fire activation would be on an international level.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

SImple but extremely harsh move is for Japan to place an Air Defence Radar and missile defense battery on one of the Islands as well as an anti-ship missile unit there.

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Posted in: LDP lawmakers form group to seek stronger control of disputed islands See in context

The U.S. must defend agat an attack on Japan.

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Posted in: Lack of study and oversight raises concerns about tear gas See in context

OK. Loose the CS Gas. Lets use attack dogs that can target specific rioters, along with high pressure water cannons aimed a specific rioters, and Sonic crowd control cannons that cause NO physical damage but are more painful (temporarily) than burning acid on bare skin. Rubber bullets are still fair game.

Now consider this. If you knowingly go down to a place that is in daily turmoil with riots, danger, bricks - bottles, fire bombs and other lethal things being thrown at police; and you go there to participate "peacefully", then you better stay AWAY from the bad crowd. If you don't then you fully deserve to get a painful experience!!

Stay behind specified Lines. When you are told to move on - then move! If you don't - then you deserve what you get - GAS im your face, big chucks of skin/muscle bitten off by an attack dog, blasted by a water cannon and smashed into a wall and pinned down by it!

How about cattle prods and actual stun guns?? These are Fun to use against Antifa folks!! And, they are not lethal and target specific persons in a crowd that will not move. Especially those that lay on the ground and refuse to move. They sure will move when a cattle prods shocks the diarrhea out of them!!

Peaceful protestors should not worry --if they don't stand with the violent ones and with the people that are rioting and looting stores.

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Posted in: Japan households get mystery seed packages labeled from China See in context

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Posted in: New Zealand drops plans for armed police patrols See in context

With Citizens disarmed by Law (most weapons), and now the regular police being disarmed --that 10 min or longer wait for an armed police-person will be a LONG wait if faced by an armed criminal. Exactly how criminal like it.

Sorry, I prefer my police to be armed to protect lives and property as quickly as possible.

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Posted in: Facebook in turmoil over refusal to police Trump's posts See in context

There are far more post from lefties that violate the "rules" and after the FB and Twiter folks take those down or tag them... leave Trump's alone.

In fact. just do a brief random scan of "The Atlantic" FB page, the CNN, NBC, sites and see for your self the left/basis flowing from these places.

The riots and public disobedience happening all over the USA now is STUPID and NOT honoring the death/murder that occurred and is just a bunch of criminals looting that should be arrested and jailed!

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Posted in: Scientists unravel secrets from the faults in our genes See in context

Very informative. More articles on this topic would be appreciated ;)

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Posted in: Fed-up residents seeking tidy toilets demand municipalities clean up their act See in context

Japanese Squat toilets are just plan third world! I feel much more comfortable sitting on a log in the woods in comfort on a camping trip than in a narrow stall squatting and worrying about my cloths touching such unsanitary surroundings, and trying to balance while to reaching for the toilet paper...

So disgusting!! Japan should just no longer manufacturer, produce, or sale these Squat style toilets! So backasswards!

I always check places before I plan spending any time at the place if they don't have normal modern toilets, I'll "go" some place (7-11 or Family Mart) before visiting. Many Japanese Temples and Shrines only have Squat toilets. Sad.

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Posted in: A Goto Island of quarantine: the perfect place to hide See in context

Very Good article, Thank You. I will make a plan to visit this area after the virus situation passes.

This is a good broad history article and was a pleasure to read.

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Posted in: Japan 'on the brink' as it struggles to hold back coronavirus See in context

Mask. Still NOT available in most stores for more than a few minutes then gone. However, almost ALL government officials in the Diet and in the TV news reports you can see have mask. Amazing how their supply system is working faster and supplies all of them but out here in the Public, Mask are still hard to come by.

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