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Posted in: Alleged 'Luffy' ringleader of robberies is man already detained in Manila See in context

That Telegram App encryption is not very good if the Police can crack into it that quick. But then again, Japan has some very good signals intel apps to spy with across the frequency bands.

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Posted in: Japan tightens Russia sanctions after deadly missile strikes in Ukraine See in context

KukuToday  04:45 pm JST

"Sanctions on medical equipment , what can be more peaceful? What can contribute more to international efforts to secure peace?!"

It's not Medical X-Ray equipment. It's X-Ray equipment for inspecting articles, like metal airframes of missiles, aircraft, and even X-rays to check for metal fatigue in rocket launchers.

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Posted in: What is the main way you get your news? See in context

BBC, CNN, FOX, Here (Japan Today), Asahi..... all have News sites on the Internet. Second source is over TV.

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Posted in: 2 bodies found at site of landslide in Yamagata Prefecture See in context

So Sad to hear about this.

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Posted in: Japan to deploy missile defense unit on Yonaguni: report See in context

Japan should have done this YEARS ago. Also, on a few more Islands for wider coverage.

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Posted in: Sanbutsuji Temple: Japan's most hazardous national treasure See in context

Very interesting. I'll put this on my Places to visit list.

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Posted in: Japan's counterstrike capability proposal to ban preemptive attacks See in context

Weak weak discussion. Japan should just say: ... we have the capability and authority as a sovereign Nation to conduct counterstrikes AND to conduct Preemptive strikes as a defensive measure whenever required by the situation... and let the world read that as it stands.

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Posted in: Japan reports 22,341 new coronavirus cases See in context

Just sitting here and watching the numbers elevate with the borders open, International travel open, and it is no surprize at all. The numbers will go up. Can't be helped. But, continued defensive measures by "all" at the personal level will be effective in preventing a massive new "wave" of infections.

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Posted in: Japan considers extending high-speed missile range to defend Senkakus See in context

After YERAS and YEARS of knowing this point in history and its threats..... only NOW are people taking things seriously and starting to worry about it. Ha!

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Posted in: Japan considers extending high-speed missile range to defend Senkakus See in context

Japan needs to actually construct defensive positions and "assets" on the Island(s).

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Posted in: Are you a mosquito magnet? It could be your smell See in context

Add Vit B-1 to your diet and use DEET cream on you exposed skin to keep them winged vampires away!!

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Posted in: It's time to take Kim Jong Un and his nuclear threats seriously See in context

Decades of the continuing cycle NK has always followed.

And “everyone” continues to allow the cycle to go on.

So here we are ….

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Posted in: Luxury train travel See in context


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Posted in: Japan to run new domestic travel subsidy program until late December See in context

There is not enough reliable info to make any decisions or plans....

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Posted in: U.S. vice president to discuss Taiwan during trip to Japan, S Korea See in context

This woman is totally NOT the correct person to engage in any serious international issues. I am ashamed that my country sends her anywhere. She needs to stay in Country and FIX the terrible invasion that is taking place at our Southern Border!!

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Posted in: Japan discusses regional defense in rare visit to Taiwan See in context

This has been brewing for a long long time. This should be NO Surprise to anyone in the International Defense Analysis of any Country.

It is a simple solution: Tell China NO! And if they want to go to war.... Then go to War and Destroy the Communist Government. Yes, it will be bloody. It will be horrendous.

But Freedom and Human Rights will be protected.

Waiting will only make it harder in the future. "We" have watched and seen China grow its forces and its aggressive nature over many years. It is very clear what they intend to do and their intention to control the East China Sea and the South China Sea. They are bullies!!

Stop them NOW while it is not so hard.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,596 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 14,709 See in context

It's good to see the numbers getting lower.

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Posted in: Within the next 10 years, do you see any possibility of Japan going to war with another country? See in context

I voted Yes. But qualify that by adding the Japan will not be the aggressor, or be declaring war, but will be responding in defense to attacks from an adversary.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,335 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 20,680 See in context

You can probably figure actual numbers are at least twice as many people infected. Maybe 3 times. But the lower numbers are very welcome and good to see. Things are improving.

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Posted in: Trudeau proposes freeze on handgun ownership in Canada See in context

Thank God he is NOT the leader of the USA. Punish Criminals. NOT law abiding citizens.

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Posted in: The government will decide (whether to use the new SDF function) once the situation arises where the enemy has made a clear intent of launching an attack and has begun taking steps for that move. See in context

A preemptive strike is normally a defensive action. Having that "Right"/Ability can also serve as a strong deterrent .

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Posted in: Full bloom See in context

Very Nice photo!

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Posted in: Russia to halt peace treaty talks with Japan over sanctions See in context

What about Japan using this time while Russia is tied up with Ukraine, just to sweep the Russians OFF the Territories and re-claim their land. :)

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Posted in: Japan to impose sanctions on Russia over Ukraine crisis See in context

Japan supporting the International Community against the Russian aggression is welcome and a good & responsible action.

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Posted in: China temporarily detains Japanese embassy staffer See in context

Sad that this happened. Maybe having ALL Chinese visitors and especially their diplomatic visitors have COVID testing by anal swab to ensure they are not carrying the virus while entering, traveling in, and leaving Japan.

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Posted in: Biden vows 'never again' in marking 80 years since Japanese Americans' internment See in context

What's going on in Canada now?? Getting close??

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Posted in: Burger King releases King Yeti in Japan See in context

I want one

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Posted in: Apple aims to thwart secret AirTag tracking with tweaks See in context

What does Japan's Law(s) say about this type stuff??

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Posted in: U.S. beats Canada 4-2 in Olympic men's hockey See in context

It was a tough fight!! Canada is an awesome team and very hard to beat! Go game by two very professional teams!

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Posted in: Okinawa reports 1,759 new coronavirus cases; 1,224 in Tokyo See in context

Spreading quickly. Sad.

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