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Posted in: Mori scolded by wife, daughter after saying women talk too much at meetings See in context

Sneaky. Exiting the ballroom and heading to the lifeboats before anyone notices.

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Posted in: Olympic rings in Tokyo Bay removed for 'maintenance' See in context

Is it the barge from The Simpsons Movie?

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Posted in: Gargling solution flies off shelves after Osaka governor touts anti-virus effect See in context

For a long time in Japan, gargling has been touted as a preventative measure for seasonal colds and flu. About 5-6 years ago the recommendations were dropped as research showed you would need to gargle every 20mins to have any sort of benefit. Old wives’ tale.

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Posted in: Travelers cautious of coronavirus as 4-day weekend starts See in context

23km traffic jams heading out of Tokyo in every direction is not cautious.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 57 new coronavirus infections See in context

There are usually less than 2000 tests per day. Yesterday there was 1883 tests. Sunday under 300 tests.

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Posted in: Crowding of Japan's leisure spots draws concern See in context

the reason that activities like hiking, fishing, surfing etc are frowned upon is due to the unnecessary strain they might put on our rescue services. Let’s remain sensible.

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