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Posted in: Kono suggests need to end reversal of Japanese names in English See in context

Farmboy, that's on the people who call him Mr. Taro not him. T.

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Posted in: Japanese school bans non-white masks for students See in context

For those who are pointing fingers and laughing at those wearing masks, I have to ask, why are you putting aesthetics ahead of the real benefits that the stated health reasons for wearing the masks provides? Are people really that lacking in compassion to worry about aesthetics over health benefits regardless of whether or not the benefits are actually realized? Getting sick is a fcking serious issue, mmkay? It's not 'paranoia' to be worried about it. And it's simple decency* to recognize that.

Also, for those who are smirking behind their hands over how those who wear masks aren't actually doing anything to protect themselves, you didn't actually read the article did you? They were primarily used to prevent POLLEN from entering the lungs during hay fever season. That is another serious issue, because my brother had allergies and nearly DIED because he had an extreme allergic reaction to the pollen. And, no, just because they don't wear the masks everywhere doesn't prove anything. My brother would only need to wear masks in dry climes, not humid ones (most people are the opposite, BTW), ktbn.

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