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chucky3176 i've been reading some of your comments about the japanese in general,its obvious that you 're being biased against them and want to portray to us readers a negative stereotype as if they are the only people who are being racist and anti-korean / gaijin. I have lived and worked in Japan and in Asia since the early 80's, and have visited Korea and China many times. I have seen some very ugly and violent demostrations in Seoul that was anti-Japanese with racsist chants whereby Japanese citizens, businesses, embassy were being targeted. Most recently back in September I saw thousands of Chinese marching in the streets outside of Shanghai with very anti-japanese slogans and rampent vandalism against anything that is Japanese. Both Korea and China had thousands of protesters on the streets and by far more militant and violent. It was truly ugly. The police were inaffective in controlling these protests or alowed them to continue. The magnitude of these protests in Shin Okubo doesnt anywhere compare to waht occurs outside of Japan. But I agree 100% these anit-korean protests are uncalled for, and very disturbing for a gainjin to see this in Japan. The Japanese shouldn't steep to low levels and imitate the kind of protest found in Korea and China. At the same time dont believe that all Japanese are like these "uyoku" , they comprise a very small percentage of the population, they're noisy , irritating, act like bullies, but not in any way represent the thinking of the japanese people. Your image of the Japanese is still pre-WW2, they 're not the same as back then.

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