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Don’t think Italy is better: many people refuse to stay at home even if there’s a government ordinance. They say they need of enjoying life is more important than life. The most stupid people of this world...

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It’s a good result, probably it’s the best rate in the story of Japan. But it’s not an endpoint: up to now Japan has had a poetical view of youth, from now on it must realise people has changed.

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May he rot in hell.

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Mat he rot in hell.

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Did he say “anata ga suki” or “ai shiteru”? First one means “I like you” as you can like food or an actor, the latter means love as deep feeling. Are you sure he didn’t mean just physical liking? Anyway, people are the same all over the world: in every place you go you’ll always find assholes.

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Justice has done. May he rot in hell.

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A great Prime Minister for a great nation. Remember that Japanese people voted him, so this is what they want.

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