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This is one of the saddest and uninformed things I have ever read.

I could go point by point and pick apart every argument you try to make, but I'll just focus on the "Safe Return Doubtful" reference. Your argument is essentially "don't even waste your time trying because you'll probably fail." If people really thought this way, few people would run marathons, at-risk children wouldn't dream of going to college, entrepreneurs wouldn't even take the risk of starting their own businesses and we never would have put a man on the moon.

For me, learning fluent Japanese (in 2 years, thanks to a great teacher) has opened up countless opportunities, helped me make life-changing friendships, and has given me some of the most enriching experiences of my life.

The final straw was your condescending, trite olive branch at the end of the article saying you're "100% behind" us. Just because you struggled with the language (or maybe just the motivation of studying it), I can't imagine why you would want to share such a discouraging message to potential language learners. I hope no child ever reads this.

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