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Carlos Godoy comments

Posted in: Is it time for Japan to get over trying to connect your personality and blood type? See in context

So, basically, this article is a reprint of the "Blood types in Japanese culture" Wikipedia entry without the original history of Japanese blood typing: the unsavory 1927 anti-Taiwanese eugenics history section.

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Posted in: Japan expands tax-free shopping range See in context

All Japanese can go shopping duty free at Okinawa Airport even though it's a domestic trip as well.

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Posted in: Vending machine dispenses cans with 5 yen coins taped to them See in context

My neighborhood machine in central tokyo still sells 100¥ cans.

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Posted in: A taste of India See in context

The Mumbai in kudanshita is Excellent. The food is very non-Japanese. I had no idea they had so many branches.

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Posted in: Tokyo Bay fireworks festival canceled due to strong winds See in context

Fireworks are not usable after a certain period. And the event is cancelled, not postponed, interestingly.

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Posted in: Benesse struggling to deal with massive theft of customer data See in context

Mirai Hayashi... What subscription may I ask? I

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Posted in: Minibike rider dies after hit by car, dragged for 1.3 kms See in context

I believe a mini bike is a electrically motorized scooter which is street legal. No license required.

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Posted in: Harrison Ford broke leg, not ankle, on 'Star Wars' set See in context

CGB Spender, Hamill's car accident happened just before making Empire. The fight with the snow creature on Hoth was included to account for his scars on his face from his car accident. He had plastic reconstructive surgery, where they removed cartiledge from his ear to rebuild his nose.

And Hamill has had a lot voice acting work as well.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor unveils plan to lure foreign business talent See in context

M3M3M3: very interesting comment, I never considered the pragmatic legal framework view before. Can you explain more?

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Posted in: Darvish denies relationship with Kato-pan See in context

Dating/marrying a tv announcer is the jewel in the crown for 日本セレブ。

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Posted in: Unruly passenger forces ANA flight to land in Anchorage en route to New York See in context

It's interesting how many of the posts reveal such ignorance of how Jpnse dual-nationals handle their own passports.

Japanese law does not accept dual nationality. But they cannot effectively enforce it. They try to enforce a chose-us-or-them by the time you're 20, but most of my dual national friends choose to keep both. Then they can travel easily without a visa etc., and still re-enter japan.

I went to international school (my kohai) with this fellow and it's very disheartening to see the nature of some of these posts. No guess we all need someone to point out fingers at.

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Posted in: ANA to serve Japanese sake, shochu in airport lounges See in context

@theResident: We may even see each other as I ride ANA. I was simply a guest at the Delta Lounge.

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Posted in: ANA to serve Japanese sake, shochu in airport lounges See in context

I was in the Delta lounge at Narita and they had Sake available.

ANA is only starting this now?

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Posted in: 'Privacy Glasses' protect your identity and your image See in context

Sunglasses are for yakuza? Who's writing this?

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Posted in: Gamers snap up first deliveries of PS4 game console See in context

Design was multinational and involved many teams in the us and Japan. http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2013/11/playstation-4/****

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Posted in: Gamers snap up first deliveries of PS4 game console See in context

The ps4 was not only designed in the us. It was also designed in Japan. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2013/10/10/ps4-designer-tetsu-sumii-every-angle-matters/

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Posted in: Japan’s 20 best free sightseeing spots See in context

I visited KUMANO-KODO, in Mie-ken, just 2-3 hours from Nagoya.

One of the tallest waterfalls in Japan (Nachi Taki) and hiking all over the mountains. Absolutely fantastic, highly recommended.

Reminded me that Tokyo people do n

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Posted in: ANA gets 11 int'l slots at Haneda; JAL gets 5 and complains See in context

MumbaiRocks: did you find ANA better than JAL? Mealwise and service-wise?

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Posted in: France refuses to extradite 'Pink Panther' gang member See in context

Japan is bulgari/Cartier/Tiffany's biggestarkwt because Japan has highest price markup internationally.

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Posted in: Nikon shares dive on weak demand for digital cameras See in context

With Nikkon you're paying for the historically fine lenses, the jewel in the crown of any camera company. And Nikkor lenses are the best in Japan. Starting with the F1.

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Posted in: Jiggly yellow pear Funasshi named top mascot in Japan See in context

He is so much fun to watch and he's got a great personality, interacting with the audience, and he's hot good timing ss well.

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Posted in: Toyota opens training facility for quality control See in context

How will training "car fixers" prevent design errors?

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Posted in: U.N. and Geena Davis team up to study women in film See in context

Have them watch Thelma and Louise

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Posted in: You clap, so I clap: Peer pressure drives applause See in context

I never clap. Just let all the other farm animals around me do that.

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Posted in: Japan second worst in G8 for employee satisfaction See in context

Mohammed: where did you get that "The one Japanese company that is doing it right is Uniqlo..."? Uniqlo is commonly recognized as a "Blacklist" company. OTOH, I guess it's also important not to jump on the J-bandwagon and say "blacklist!" just bc some j-staff don't like uniqlos work culture. But I don't think uniqlo is "doing it right" by simple virtue if being a number 1 apparel maker, by any means. They have a lot of internal issues and its a very unnecessarily over-the-top authoritarian workplace, extreme unpaid overtime as one key example.

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Posted in: Japanese dancer a hit on 'America’s Got Talent' See in context

He's really incredible.

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Posted in: Easter Island statue erected in tsunami-hit town See in context

Lovely gesture! Thanks to the Chilean president and people for your gift.

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Posted in: Microsoft Windows 8 update will be free See in context

Fadamor thx for the photostory link!

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Posted in: McAfee partners with Fujitsu to deliver multi-device security globally See in context

McAfee is part of the software pre installed on your pic when you buy it- I.e., crapware that you instantly wipe off. He hasn't been involved in the company for years.


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Posted in: Amazon working on 3D screen for smartphone: report See in context

The photo prices without a doubt that anyone using this will look very silly

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