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Posted in: Anti-whalers return to Australia claiming victory over Japan See in context

USinJapan: did you read the article? Or the headline?

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Posted in: First gay wedding held at Tokyo Disney Resort See in context

Yes Ebisen. Keep your children indoors so you dont need to explain the realities of outside to them.

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Posted in: Man steals 70,000 yen from Ibaraki convenience store See in context

Kimo-Hawaii. There's no mention of any bank...

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Posted in: Tom Cruise turns down Psy's Gangnam challenge See in context

After tropic thunder he has no need to prove his dancing skills.

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Posted in: English rock band Muse spotted on streets of Shibuya See in context

They were also spotted giving a dismal concert at Saitama super arena.

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Posted in: Scientists may have found way to ease Christmas hangover See in context

Frungy: is sulfuric dioxide the same thing as sulfites?

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Posted in: Japanese 'Avengers' fans up in arms over shoddy voice acting on Blu-ray release See in context

The film is NOT AVAILABLE FOR 1078. Its 1078Y off the original price, so its 3000Y.

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Posted in: World cup for waiters held in Tokyo See in context

Perhaps they will learn to not keep customers waiting for a table wine it's an empty restaurant....

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Posted in: Shangri-La chef named France's best See in context

Elbuda... Good point, but in ebisu there are about 5 French joints which all do 1000-1300 yen lunch and they are great! It's the best way as they are all trying to get you to come to dinner there so they really cook up a good lunch!

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Posted in: Sony adds live broadcasting to videogame play See in context

I misread the article Korlocan. I agree the only people subscribing to twitch channel will be game players w time to watch tv. I thought it would be a channel within the Sony ps3 and Xbox networks.

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Posted in: Sony adds live broadcasting to videogame play See in context

Korlacan: i respectfully disagree. the number of views of games on YouTube says otherwise. Millions of views and comments, globally. I don't want to buy xyz game cuz it's difficult or expensive. But I can watch any number of pros playing against each other for a nominal fee? This is going to do very well.

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Posted in: Samsung sells 30 mil Galaxy S III smartphones worldwide See in context

Now I realize its easier for Japanese to type on phone keyboards so that's always the j-os default. But my original point is that Japanese smartphones are often simply the feature-phone os dumped into a smartphone without adjustments to leverage smartphones capabilities. As sams/apple have

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Posted in: Samsung sells 30 mil Galaxy S III smartphones worldwide See in context

Dialogtus: I agree. I've used my friends' Non-apple non-samsunng smartphones and they are TERRIBLE! For example: the Regza (toshiba) model (often sold in matte maroon color) is difficult to navigate between programs and the screen is less responsive (you have to really peck at the screen). Forget copy/pasting a number, that's not available in many cases. Switching between keyboards is difficult because the default keyboard? It's the telephone number matrix w 3 letters per key! Not qwerty... Unless you cycle to the keyboard. she's Japanese and says "never again"- switching to apple/Samsung.

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Posted in: Before proposing to your girlfriend, secretly confirm her ring size online See in context

astounding... the title of the article says SECRETLY CONFIRM her ringsize. But the girl must register her size online. Which most girls dont know anyway. Just get it sized afterwards.

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Posted in: 10 ways to overcome a bad day See in context

go play with a dog. or cat.

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Posted in: U.S. seaman found dead on train station platform in Sasebo See in context

i dont know... it would appear that Matt Simon seems to have a very lucid view of how servicemen actually live down in Sasebo, including details of how easy it would be to waltz into that particular station. Were those cans his? There are details which need to be sorted out and identified... as DJ Karma says, this one is complicated. Questions of his true BAC remain - Japan notoriously waits to do BAC checks until its too late... Happened to a drunk driver who hit my car about 15 years ago. Maybe theyve improved, but i doubt. As Matt says, "especially Sasebo police."

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Posted in: Tokyo prepares for the 'Big One' See in context

I spoke to a woman who went to school to study earthquake prediction and she dumped it after 2 years. This was because earthquakes by nature are unpredictable.

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Posted in: U.S. Boy Scout files reveal long history of child sex abuse cases See in context

"We failed some of our kids and we're sorry." I think they have failed all of the scouts. Many ex-scouts who hold the honor of achieving eagle scout status have even returned their patches and certificates. Its interesting that the Penn State investigation and this Boy Scout investigation exploded around the same time.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola donates 5 buses to Iwate Prefecture See in context

The bus seems tastefully free of huge Coca-Cola ads, so it indeed does seem like it is a nice gesture. The article even points out that local high school students submitted the design through a contest. I guess you meant mean re-plastered, Denis?

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Posted in: Austrian daredevil breaks sound barrier during freefall from stratosphere See in context

How fast in Kilometers per hour. They give all the rest of the info in metrics except his speed, curiously only offered as 833 miles per hour.

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Posted in: German customs seize Stradivarius from another Japanese musician See in context

You guys should read this article:

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Posted in: Hornets attack 25 high school children in Iwakuni See in context

A group of Japanese Susumebachi can kill a group of African killerbees in minutes. One sting leaves a chemical marker in the skin which attracts the rest of the bees to that person so they all attack at once. And simply calling the Shiyakusho to come and take care of the hive? Good luck with that. We had two bumbling idiots all sucking teeth about how to get rid of it, and screwed it up. It is essential that you do NOT smoke it as the bees will immediately start flying about targeting the nearest people. As Ebisen pointed out, none of the kids were harmed seriously - these likely werent susumebachi then. Here is an excellent write up:

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Posted in: Operator of nightclub where man was beaten to death arrested under illegal dancing law See in context

the bar has bouncers. The bouncers dont do anything? or have them been paid off beforehand. They get what, 2000 yen an hour? then 5-7 guys come in and start melee with bats. they must have been paid off beforehand or useless.

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Posted in: Japan will go nuclear free, Noda insists See in context

Global watcher, I'd venture that even many of the posters w japanese names are foreigners = Can't vote.

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Posted in: Slain reporter's partner urges Syria to investigate her death See in context

Send him in there with a badge to carry It out

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Posted in: Clint Eastwood See in context

Why are they promoting this as the FIRST time in history? fair enough, sideways is not the same as unforgiven. But at least acknowledge it. When the first line of the article is so completely ludicrous and unbelievable it's difficult to be believe the rest of the article:

And to focus my comments on what it will be like, people have mentioned the japanese remake of django. A bit cringe-inducing, no?

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Posted in: Casio electronic dictionary See in context

Students still buy these. Every year.

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Posted in: Morimoto says Japan may send SDF to disputed islands See in context

Japan talks, we may do this, and we may do that... Only after china goes out and does it. A little late.

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Posted in: New resident's cards run into technical glitch on first day See in context

Jason is shin sugita immigration office on a pier? There are many large delivery trucks true but I saw no water. Its a 10 minute bus ride away from shusugita which is only a few stops down the line from kannai station. once you get there its a piece if cake. I went on Monday the first day to get my card and it took less than an hour of waiting. And I lost my original alien registration card, I thought I would be a hassle but no problem.

ProbablyWrong: did they say they needed BOTH alien ref card And Registration card?

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Posted in: Tom Cruise under fire at 50 See in context

They get divorced and he's Hollywood's most eligible bachelor again. She's the terrible actress in batman and.. His ex.

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