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Posted in: Why you shouldn’t learn Japanese See in context

It makes me so sad to read such an article. I mean,we all grow up hearing how hard japanese and other asian languages are and how it's 101% impossible to learn it and even if you try to do so,you'll probably fail,and that's exactly what you emphasized once more here. Of course japanese is extremely different from english and all the other romance languages,but DIFFERENT may not mean HARD,it's just a question of time,of knowing how these differences work and get used to them,and this,like I said,takes TIME. Just that. Time. Depending on how much you love learning that language,how much you are insterested,the amount of effort you put into it and it ofc can take years and even decades,depending on person to person. What you wrote here was such a disservice to all those people who want to study and expand their knowledge. The part where you said that people think Japan is heaven I totally agree,but it mostly comes from immature teenagers who just discovered how wonderful and interesting Japan can be,despite it's dark and sad side such as suicide and the misoginist way some japanese men see women including many others difficulties japanese society has to deal with,like ANY other country in the world,my dear.

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