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CarlosTakanakana comments

Posted in: Barrier at popular vantage point for viewing Mount Fuji going up See in context

I see 1 foreigner in that photo, and she might be a long term resident on a day trip. Hard to judge who is foreign and who isn't. Who cares, why does it matter?

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Posted in: Number of vacant homes in Japan tops record 9 mil See in context

This problem is going to get so much worse in the next 10 to 20 years. Easily there will be 40 million Akiya in 30 years time because nothing is done about it. Whole towns and cities will be abandoned.

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Posted in: Deputy fire chief arrested on suspicion of exposing himself on train See in context

Is it legal to video indecent material in public? I guess you could say they were collecting evidence.

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Posted in: Court orders ex-head of illegal manga site to pay ¥1.7 bil See in context

Aren't there plenty of legal ways to read manga for free? The library? And very cheap alternatives... Onsen, manga cafes. What about second hand book shops. People are always going to go for the easiest and cheapest option to get their media. The smart thing to do would have been to acquire the site and start offering a subscription service.

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Posted in: 30-year-old man arrested for shoplifting snacks from convenience store See in context

This is so sad, feel sorry for the guy.

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Posted in: Planting trees in wrong places heats the planet: study See in context

Nothing we do will fix the planet. Tell the CCP to stop building 2 new Coal plants every week, then we can talk.

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Posted in: Vending machine in Yokohama sells bakery bread set to be thrown away, reducing food waste See in context

Too much yeast went into the making of that bread.

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Posted in: U.S.-bound ANA plane returns to Tokyo after man bites cabin attendant See in context


His excuse tells us that he has spent some considerable time in Japan

Yes, he should be let off “with time served” :D

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Posted in: U.S.-bound ANA plane returns to Tokyo after man bites cabin attendant See in context

Should have charged him with attempted murder.

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Posted in: Volcano erupts on southwestern Japan island See in context


It gives the impression that this year is having a lot of important geological activity around in the country, hopefully this is not going remain as common.

Yea but that leads to magical thinking. Geology doesn’t care what year it is.

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ worker arrested for stealing fruit from damaged home in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

The whole thing is so petty. I’d rather they went after corporate corruption than opportunist petty criminals.

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Posted in: ‘Volunteer’ worker arrested for stealing fruit from damaged home in Ishikawa Prefecture See in context

Seems a bit petty the whole thing. How about showing some kindness and helping the guy instead?

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Posted in: Hopes fade for survivors of Japan quake; 92 dead, 242 missing See in context

A mother and daughter died, they bought her a new kimono for coming of age, and she never got to see it. I'm so sad. People should be held accountable for this. High rise buildings are not supposed to tip over.

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Posted in: Hopes fade for survivors of Japan quake; 92 dead, 242 missing See in context

On twitter I found that there was a mother and sister trapped in the crushed building, anyone know if they were rescued alive? The isakaya was popular, I'm so sad.

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Posted in: Hopes fade for survivors of Japan quake; 92 dead, 242 missing See in context

It’s just terrible. By the way that toppled building crushed a 3 storey wooden building.


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Posted in: M7.4 quake strikes central Japan; tsunami reach Japan Sea Coast See in context

@nandakandamanda I'm 750 km away and felt it. It was a damn strange feeling.

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Posted in: Beijing seafood dealers shocked by total Japan import ban See in context

So is this ban going to stop Chinese fishing militia overfishing the waters off the coast of Japan?

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Posted in: Japan traffic accident deaths up in Jan-June for 1st rise in 10 years See in context

The indigenous people of this country are wonderful drivers.

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Posted in: Convenience store clerk arrested for punching customer over receipt in Hyogo Prefecture See in context

Yea the receipts are annoying, but worse are the stickers. C'est la vie.

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Posted in: Japanese high school kids average 12% correct answers in English oral test See in context

To avoid the recordings being sent all at once from across the country, which risked causing a communications failure, the ministry sampled about 42,000 students at about 500 schools in the nationwide April assessment.

The problem of "server overloaded" was solved a long time ago in the Cloud. Have they not heard of AWS? LOL!

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Posted in: Era of mass closures: The Japanese businesses without successors See in context

Maybe this is not such a bad thing. Is Showa Era's end nigh?

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Posted in: Hong Kong's seafood businesses brace for sales slump as Japan plans to discharge wastewater See in context

This is great for fish populations. A drop in demand will allow fish stocks to recover. PLAN fishing militia enjoy fish.

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Posted in: Japan issues heatstroke alerts as temperatures soar See in context

It's a good time of the year to debug your house, crank your heaters up, it kills everything.

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Posted in: 2025 Osaka Expo tickets to cost ¥7,500 per adult See in context

Not really worth it... it will be hot, humid, overcrowded and you'll go deaf from all those flying car concepts zooming around overhead. You'll be able to watch YouTube videos of the expo for free, and you can turn the volume down.

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Posted in: At least 130,000 bank accounts affected by latest My Number ID card issue See in context

The banking system is so messed up, it's common to have multiple accounts to avoid bank fees. How many people have only 1 personal bank account?

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Posted in: Chinese comedy group punishment sends chills through arts sphere See in context

Just a reminder... the problem is the CCP(PPCCCPCPPCC)... not China... nor the Chinese.

Secondly people can't just leave China.

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Posted in: Law enacted that allows nuclear reactors to operate beyond 60 years See in context

Cool here comes cheaper electricity.

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Posted in: How the practice of Nichiren Buddhism sustained Tina Turner for 50 years See in context


Why does the SGI continue to attract so many highly talented artists like Tine Turner?

That is nothing different from any other cult... they all do it... they deliberately entice celebrities so they can use them to attract more members.

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Posted in: Ukraine's Zelenskyy arrives in Hiroshima as G7 leaders sanction Russia See in context

I don't feel good about Zelenskyy visiting Japan.

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