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carlsonjp comments

Posted in: Child consultation center fails to protect girl forced into prostitution by mother See in context

@ Yubaru - I was going to comment on Juan Rodriguez's comment but you said everything that came to mind.

I pray that all the adults that paid for her service and especially the mother/father are tried and convicted. It is a shame parents can put a child through something like this. I know each and every day I get to see my daughter I give her a hug n kiss thanking god she doesn't have to live life like this. It sounds irrational but I show no mercy for people who harm young children. In some circumstances and given the chance I would "pull the trigger" myself, knowing I would be punished by the justice system.

I can speak from personal experience to a situation like this. My mother who is in her late 50's now, was used much in the same way when she was a young girl (starting around 10 years old to pay for rent and such). Since I can remember she has abused drugs and alcohol at times but always showed my sister and I love. To this day she still suffers from her past and takes 30 something different pills a day to keep her semi stable. When I talk to her about it, she tells me there was a time she was truly happy for a few years until her husband was killed by a drunk driver. I guess the point I'm trying to make is, it will be a battle her entire life but good things can come in time.

Though I've not experienced anything quite that bad, I had a very hard childhood growing up. I've found ways to cope with the past and it was part of the problem (anger / resentment towards woman who are close to me) that ended my first marriage.

Poor little girl who never got to be a little girl... Hope she turns her life around and in the right direction.

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Posted in: 20,425 dead or missing as Japan marks 5 months since disaster See in context

Such a tragedy… It has been several months since I helped with a volunteer group in Tohoku, wish I could visit again to witness first hand the progress that is being made.

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Posted in: Hitachi Zosen develops automatic flood protection barrier See in context

I could see the item being used around a neighborhood in conjunction with a wall. Cost effective? The cost to build a waterproof wall and the upkeep would be very high. I'd put more money into water breaks and levies

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Posted in: Parents of 4 children in bus swept away by tsunami sue kindergarten See in context

I would first like to know what the Kindergarten had in place in the event of an emergency. Depending on what that says and if they deviated or not plays a lot in the matter. Common Since (not always common) would ask why they drove towards the water and a lower elevation.

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