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Posted in: Chinese tycoon offers Geelys to replace cars damaged in anti-Japan riots See in context

I don't care about the so-called quality of this Geely, he at least offered these Chinese a replacement for their lost property while also making a patriotic statement; you are obviously simpleminded to think he could have done otherwise without causing controversy.

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Posted in: What’s really at stake in Japan’s revised pornography laws? See in context

This is totally retarded. The human body shouldn't be censored when the context it's in is already doing its job. Do they put a black space over the David's penis as well? Either way, no one has the right to limit the content of TWO-DIMENSIONAL pornography just because they consider it 'indecent'. Believe it or not they are plenty of people that enjoy it without being sexual deviants (that is people that are socially dysfunctional and potentially dangerous). When it comes to fiction that doesn't involve real people I just have zero tolerance to those who think they can draw a line between what is 'right' and 'wrong' in depicted content. This is the utmost hypocrisy and has a more harmful than positive effect in the long run. It's the minors that need to be tutored, not the laughable contents of average pornography.

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