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Posted in: Japan crude oil buyers expected to restart Iran imports See in context

Excuse me, but a nation like Japan, hell any Nation should be allowed to make their own choices on who they want to buy their needs from. A proud rich nation like Japan having to kowtow to Trump is an embarrassment, and I'm an American. You should be able to trade, take in, whatever the heck you want to without having to get a waiver from someone like Trump. Shameful.

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Posted in: Trump allies, security experts alarmed by Omarosa recordings See in context

"He's got the best people".

My personal favorite is the recording of Trump calling her after the firing saying that Kelly never told him he was going to fire her, because he NEVER would have allowed that, he loves her." I don't care for 'Felicia' (Omarosa) but once again he lied, he knew damn well they were going to fire her, and the reason she used the cars and the shopping was because Trump told her she could.

It all comes out in the wash...

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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

See this is what happens, the Repubes start spreading lies and people believe it. Maxine Waters never called for anyone to attack physically Trumps CABINET, that's who she was talking about THE CABINET MEMBERS. She said keep questioning them, in restuarants, in public, at the gas station, ask them "why money was spent on tent cities, why Pruit paid millions for "tactical pants" that his workers even said they didn't need. Why did Mulvaney lie about "trickle down", that is what she is calling for, NEVER for violence. She told people to go up to them and ask questions, do it loudly and do it until they answer, get in their faces about these crap policies that they are lie about. She NEVER called for people to physically attack anyone. Stick to the truth, it's easier, the lies never stand up.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

Everyone is missing the point the story is about, no countries leader should ever speak such a racist statement to another leader. Just as he should not have been attacking the other countries leaders at the G7 summit. It was boorish and has poor manners, but that is what Trump is all about, he is white trash, he attacks his allies and pats the dictators on the back, he doesn't make any sense.

And as an American who has watched the man on TV since the early 80's, he's not a good business man, he's bankrupted more business that he personally ran, he sells his name to property and reaps the benefits. He doesn't pay his contractors and he's been sued thousands of times. At one point he was 80 million in the hole. Until he swindled Deutsche Bank to loan him money that he never paid back. He's been laundering money for Russian Oligarchs for years. The man is a racist misogynist little boy and he's allowed all the racist, misogynist little boys and girls in America to stand up and be proud of their trashy ways. America is filled with TRASH, and I say that as an American.

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Posted in: 'I will arrest you'- Duterte warns ICC lawyer to steer clear of Philippines See in context

Joe Yan; the problem with people like Dutarte is that he is killing the innocent with the criminal's. Just because the police "think" you broke the law but they haven't collected any evidence against you yet doesn't make you a criminal. If you take the laws away from man you have chaos, and that is what is going on under Dutarte's reign. Or the better question, would you want to be a person of interest who is innocent living in the Phillipine's today?

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Posted in: Hannity vows to bash Kimmel until he apologizes to 1st lady See in context

As for the First Lady speaking 6 languages as her ex-friends (she forgot all about them when she married Trump) have said in the past, she doesn't "speak" 6 languages, she can say a few words in 6 different languages, enough to order a meal or to get through a check-out. Most models can do that, but she is not a true polyglot.

And Kimmel admits to being a comedian, Hannity is one too but doesn't admit to it.

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Posted in: Russell Crowe nets millions from 'divorce auction' See in context

Marla, it doesn't matter if he bought it or it was given to him, they belongs to him, end of sentence. You busting on someone for selling their own items is questionable.

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

The 2nd Amendment clearly states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The problem with that statement is gun owners aren't a Militia, and they aren't there to protect and fight for a a Free State and because of the NRA they are not regulated, in fact the NRA made it illegal to "regulate" gun owners. So the NRA is in fact breaking the 2nd Amendment. And the 2nd Amendment does not state "every citizen has the right to bear arms". This is what the NRA has distorted in America because the NRA is bought and paid for by Gun Manufacturers. And even if they think they are going to "protect" themselves from a rogue government, yeah, less than 3% own guns, and how are you fighting the government with their jets, missiles and nukes with ain't happening you've already lost.

Plus I have this question, if you are so worried that going on a list of gun owners makes you "feel" guilty, what the hell do you plan to do with your gun to make you feel guilty? Because trust me, the government that has said jets, missiles and nukes doesn't give a sh*t about Joe Smoe and his gun.

And one more thing, if you need a gun that shoots bullets faster and stronger than you are one small minded human being to begin with, small penis syndrome...

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

The very first Executive Order Trump signed "secretly" at that was to allow mentally ill persons to purchase guns. So, no, he doesn't care if "crazy" people get guns. Plus after the Las Vegas shooting he promised he was going to get rid of bump stocks, he lied, he didn't do anything about them. This is just another lie that he is telling. He has already backtracked about background checks after (once again) 'secretly' meeting with the NRA on Sat at the WH.

And as for him "running in", does anyone remember what happened at the rally where someone yelled 'gun', he turned away and tried to get off the stage, he ran, just like he did from Vietnam in the 1960's, he had bone spurs in one of his feet, he can't remember which one, which would have been too painful for him, but he played tennis, golf and baseball. He's nothing but a huge coward. He will go down in history as being the worst president EVER but we are paying for it now.

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Posted in: U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel See in context

What I find funny is that almost everyone in the Trump family screwed up their ballots in the last election a few weeks ago in NY. Trump got his birthday wrong, he said he was born in July when his birthday is June. Melania didn't sign the outside of the envelope as stated on the envelope that if not signed it's invalid and Ivanka didn't mail hers until November 7, which is the ending date for all ballots, so it wasn't counted.

But what's really funny was that Eric and Ivanka didn't vote for their father in the main election last year, they forgot to sign up. Such patriots.

And as for draining the swamp he filled his cabinet with almost all Goldman Sachs employees, and he criticized HRC for taking campaign contributions from them, but hell he hired them, no draining of anything.

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Posted in: American claims extortion behind Bali jailbreak See in context

You don't go to a foreign land to buy or sell drugs than expect not to be punished for it. And you know some foreign prison's don't treat you with human rights, it's your choice.

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Posted in: For Ivanka-brand goods, Nordstrom's loss is Japan's gain See in context

Its quite commonly known that almost all of her pieces go on "clearance" sooner or later. Look up her line in pictures, not online sales pic's but where news shows put the pictures up or shoppers put them up and most of them have either the words "sale" or "clearance" on them. Nordstroms said they informed Ivanka in 2016 that if her line didn't pick up sales from 26% they would have to discontinue it. It didn't rise, they got rid of it. She knew it was going to happen.

Check her clothes out, go into the stores and look at them. They are plain and not stylish at all.

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Posted in: Trump to team up with Abe for round of golf in Florida See in context

So he took a vacation last weekend, taking this one too...he doesn't get it does he? The President doesn't get weekends off...but then again Bannon is there to sit in the Big Boy seat.

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Posted in: Trump still sees himself as leading an insurgency See in context

"By contrast, under the departing Obama, the economy has added private sector jobs in 80 consecutive months and the unemployment rate stands at 4.7 percent." 4.7 percent is quite skewed, debatable not counting people who stopped looking for work and of little consolation to 95 million Americans out of the labor force in a country of 318 million. In raw math terms to us simple laymen, the number is more like 25 to 30% unemployed."

What his team counted were 16 to 25 year old -- high school & college students not looking for jobs--, housewives and moms, early retired, disabled who shouldn't have been counted because they weren't looking to be in the job market at all. If people don't want a job you can't count them as unemployed, unless you are a Republican, they don't count anyone who isn't adding to the coffers, you can't make them rich so you don't count.

And remember America didn't vote for Trump, they voted for the other guy, 3 million at last count. Trump got that ugly angry part of America that doesn't want to lose their "white privilege", and before anyone accuses me, I'm white, and I know what I'm talking about. Upper middle class Christians and that 1% have made it clear that they want their privilege back. You know that part that liked going to the rallies to get all riled up, the ones that didn't even take the time to go to DC and celebrate with their new fascist dictator.

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Posted in: Small protest held against Trump in Tokyo See in context

That's okay, make fun of the "small" protest in Tokyo...just pretend that the groups around the world totalling 2.5 million don't exist, but then that's what Trumps supporters have been doing since the beginning...pretend that he doesn't lie, pretend that he doesn't destroy other business so that he doesn't have to pay them, pretend to pay taxes, pretend to have a "University", pretend that he had a million people at his inauguration when in-fact there was only 250,000, pretend that the Media lies so that when the Media prints the truth you uneducated believe his lies, pretend he doesn't demean woman, pretend he isn't a narcissist, pretend that he's a man of the people when in fact since the 1980's he's never done one, not one thing for anyone else but himself, pretend that he didn't cheat with his charity foundation to the point that New York State Attorney General closed it down for being fraudulent, pretend that he didn't plagiarize his inauguration speech from 3 different Hollywood Movies, Independence Day, Avatar, and The Dark Knight now you want us educated American's to pretend along with you...nope we're too smart for that. Most of us don't live in Trumpland, we live in America.

Idiots tried to sell his wife's jewelry from the White House Website...sheesh...he doesn't even know the rules of the job. But then again he didn't know what the Nuclear Triad was. Just goes to show that a hell of a lot of Americans are idiots sad to say.

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Posted in: WikiLeaks founder Assange says Russia hacking report was political document See in context

I don't think I can "trust" a man who is hiding in a foreign embassy because of a rape charge. If he was innocent he'd be trying to prove his innocence but no, he's just hiding out till the Swedish courts run out of time, which has already happened on the molestation charge.

Lets see 17 intelligence agencies, some foreign agencies or a lying sexual not Trump, Assange, which one should we believe?

Or do I believe a man who read Mein Kampf and thought Hitler was a very smart man, it was his favorite book. Ivana once said he kept a copy next to his bed. A man who believes that Putin a man who stole his fortune and doesn't allow his countrymen to have basic human rights? Ask yourself why Trump needed to have his supporters believe that MSM was all liars, so that when they reported the stupid, idiot things he does the Trumpetts all start shouting "fake news".

Now who should I believe...

Never thought I'd see America in such a pathetic state in my lifetime.

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Posted in: Trump denounces Streep as 'overrated Clinton flunky' See in context

When a private citizen who could possibly be the greatest actress in the world gives her opinion at an Awards ceremony maybe Trumplett should stop and think about it before running to twitter, but no, he calls her "over-rated" and a "flunky" then says "for the 100th time" I didn't...(add any of a thousand answers) you know he's a loser and an idiot.

He's the President-elect, there are going to be a lot of people giving opinions about his Presidency (the Republicans did it to Obama for 8 years) if he has to take time out of his job to defend himself to each one by calling names he's not going have much time to be President...oh wait, that's what he has Pence for...

commanteer - the last thing you want a leader of any country to be is thin skinned, and if you find it refreshing then your an idiot too...

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Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context

Since when does America tell foreign business how to run their companies...lets see what would happen if a foreign company told Donnie how to run his company...

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Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context

1 I think it's bad "business" to tell foreign business where they have to build their product. #2 and the most important, he shouldn't be allowed to punish others for making their products in other countries like Mexico and China since he's clothing line is made outside of the US, then he should be taxed for bringing in clothing made in foreign countries. (His excuse is that that they can't make his clothing here in the US...WTF?

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Posted in: Trump says companies leaving U.S. will face 'consequences' See in context

Why aren't all you Trump supporters questioning the fact that he has 25 companies in other countries, his clothes are ALL made in other countries...Trump shirts are made in Bangladesh, Trump suits in Mexico, Trump Vodka in the Netherlands, Trump crystal barware in Slovenia and his cufflinks and ties in China. His "Make America Great Again" hats were made in China til people questioned it and they were quickly made in Los Angeles (in a sweat shop).

He says his clothes are made outside US because "they don't make fine brands in US anymore, can't make them here"...betcha these brands were surprised at that statement.

Remember when one of the papers said that "Trump could shoot someone on the street and his supporters still would follow him"'s true and it's freakin scary that people don't need fact anymore, they will believe what ever they're told if they think they are going to get rich. But Donald Trump has never done anything for anyone but himself and the US will find that out in the coming years. He doesn't even want to be President, he just wants to go to rallies and be told how great he is...NPD all over the place. Better keep telling him he's great or else you are going to see the biggest temper tantrum ever.

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Posted in: Trump says companies leaving U.S. will face 'consequences' See in context

2 problems with him "saving jobs" at Carrier, #1, Carrier made BILLIONS this year, they don't need to move anywhere to cut cost, what they needed to do was take back the bonus's they gave their higher employees (one of which was 1 Billion alone). #2, he saved 1,000 jobs, but what about the other 1500 jobs that are still moving to Mexico? He literally paid Carrier to move 1,500 jobs to Mexico a total of 7 Million Dollars. And another 35% tax cuts on top of the ones they already received and 1.5 billion in Government research money they already received from Mike Pence as Governor.

So all the American companies will be lining up 'to move out of the US' so they can get their payoffs didn't save anything, he paid them off.

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Posted in: Mayor responds to public after 'spamusement park' onsen video reaches 1 million views See in context

Best be sewing those towels on each and every person...just saying...

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Posted in: With recounts looming, Trump adds new administration choices See in context

I don't see what the problem is, all we heard from Trump was "the election is rigged", and now they might prove that that is'd think he'd be happy...

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Posted in: Revealing an actor's age is illegal? IMDb website sues California See in context

Some one said if you want roles for older woman write you know who many roles WERE written for older woman and Hollywood producers and studio heads changes the age to someone much younger. Take for instance Joy, the movie was about a woman inventor who was in her forties...who did they hire to play Joy...Jennifer Lawrence, age 26.

See how they do go ahead and write those "Older Lady Roles"...the powers that be will just hire younger actresses.


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Posted in: Actress Takahata apologizes over son’s arrest on rape charge See in context

Please tell me this isn't true, a friend just told me that if Yuta Takahata apologizes to the woman/victim in court he will probably be left go with no prison time? I find this hard to believe buy friend who was born in Japan and left at age 30 says it happens all the time.


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Posted in: The burkini, the veil, the niqab: what French law says See in context

What I find funny is that France now decides they are going to fight the terrorist, isn't this the country that used to invite terrorist on the run to come and live in France...

And the way to fight terrorism is to make women who practice a religion that states they hide their bodies, so they even invent a swimwear that they can go to the beach and enjoy the water on a hot day...

and this is what France is doing to fight terrorism...

It's like locking the car but leaving all the windows open, you're not solving the problem at all...

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Posted in: In a first, Trump says he regrets painful comments See in context

One thing I have learned about big business, when they bring in the new management to "shake things up, put us back on top"...that's code for "we have no fricken' clue what we are doing and the ship is sinking".

Bringing in new movers and shakers at this late stage shows us that Trumps own people are trying to "control" his mouth but they know they are not succeeding. Now with the new guy who's never run a campaign for political office and a new bean counter they are going to try and invent a new Donald and they are writing new scripts for him but we all know that it won't last and his brain will sneak in and tell him that he's smarter than all of them. And off we go to La-La land again.

And as for the "prove to me Clinton is better than Trump without mentioning Trump": She has a history in politics, she knows how the game is played (and yes it is a game, a game with high stakes and big losers). She won't open her mouth and insert foot with other world leaders just to look like she's the funniest human in the room, no because she is a professional. She knows when to not step over the line in dealing politics. She knows how not to piss off other world leaders. She knows that all people count, not just the ones who have the deepest pockets (so that she can make lots of money after her 4 years). She knows that Nuclear Weapons should only be held by the Countries that WON'T use them. She won't pass off most of her day to day Presidential job to her Vice President due to the fact that she just doesn't want to do the boring stuff, she wants to handle it all the shiny stuff and the dull too. The #1 and the biggest thing is she is not a wanna-be, she is a true politician that takes the job of President of the United States seriously and doesn't see it as a way to get richer.

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Posted in: Namibia boxer becomes second held for sexual assault at Games See in context

Having a condom doesn't mean you have the right to FORCE attention on someone.

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Posted in: High school student expelled for having sex, sues school for Y6 million See in context

From the sound of it the fact that he was having sex didn't disrupt schooling UNTIL the school got involved. If the school had minded their own business it looks like this kid would have graduated in a few weeks, possibly won a major soccer game and went on to college, but they stepped in and could have ruined his life.

Unless he was having sex in the school it shouldn't be any of the school's business. If his grades were good it was no business of the schools.

I too would like to know how the school became involved.


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Posted in: 'Star Trek' actor Anton Yelchin dies in car accident See in context

I know he was better known for other work but in 2010 Anton Yelchin starred with Maki Horikita, Ken'ichi Matsuyama, Yuya Tegoshi and Emma Roberts in Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac. He played Ace, Horikita's tennis star boyfriend. It was a movie filled with teenage angst, but Yelchin did a fine job of playing the narcissistic boyfriend.

May he rest in peace.


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