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Carolee Thumma comments

Posted in: German actor Hardy Kruger dies at 93 See in context

I remember him from Hatari (My father watched EVERY John Wayne movie), I found the storyline between the 3 younger men in the movie, 2 hotties and Red Buttons and the girl was in love with comedian Buttons. They made it believable, cute, and funny at the same time. RIP

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Posted in: Jolie says judge in Pitt divorce won't let children testify See in context

I used to be a huge Angelina Jolie fan... until her family and friends started speaking out saying how manipulative she is. How when she gets angry at someone there is no talking it out until years and years later, then she usually forgives them and moves on to someone else. I thought her father John Voight was the one in the wrong when he said as a partner and mother she can be very controlling... if just her father was the only one who has spoken out against her but other family members and employees have come out and said some harsh things about her so I truly believe what many say about her now. The final thing for me was that her son Pax has spent most holidays and vacations with Pitt... that is all I need.

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Posted in: Who is Rola, the hottest face in Japanese advertising? See in context

I remember watching her on shows and thinking she's a natural airhead, then Arashi did a "day in the life of" kinda show on her, and she totally blew me away seeing her in a business meeting, she was strong and professional. She knew what she was saying and doing and she was totally in charge. So the air-headedness is all a big act. She's good if she can pretend to be an airhead that well.

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Posted in: ALT asked to remove earrings by local education board See in context

Here is the simple answer..."While students are prohibited from wearing jewelry at school, teachers aren’t generally required to follow the same strict rules as students."

She is NOT a student, she is a teacher, so why are they making rules for Japanese teachers, but different rules for foreign teachers?

She is there to teach, just like the Japanese teachers. The Education Board messed up. They should apologize for causing trouble to the ALT. Isn't that the Japanese way?


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Posted in: Biden calls for healing in appeal to Trump voters See in context

Pierre LeVenerable Read this article, it will answer your post.


Trump and associates have brought 12 cases to the courts, seven of them have already been either rejected or denied, one was a win for Trump but really didn't change anything. So even if he would win the four still on-going he wouldn't receive from the cases enough votes to win.

It basically outlines each case that he's brought against states. My favorite is the one to stop counting votes...his own people had to tell him that if they stopped county votes then and there he would still have lost the election. (He's an idiot) The case to stand closer to the counters, went this way, the Judge determined that they could stand closer, so they went from 6 foot to 4 foot. Or the one that said they refused to allow tRump supporters or his "Observers" as he calls them, to watch the actual vote counting, to which the other side brought video into the courtroom proving that their observers WERE actually in the room watching. And in Georgia they wasted time and money to say that 53 (yes, only 53) ballots were brought in AFTER the 7pm deadline, but when questioned the "observer" couldn't actually prove that those ballots weren't already in the building just at a different station, which is where they were, again proved by video. So no, this is not going to be fought through the courts. Not enough cases left to actually change the numbers, so in tRump true fashion he thinks that what he's done in the past 'take it to court and keep it there for years' well that is not going to work for him this time. End of story.

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Posted in: In Japan, pandemic brings outbreaks of bullying, ostracism See in context

In America Republican's are threatening the lives of healthcare workers, so it's not just Japan, it's the world. I truly believe that the internet has fed the bullies of today, being able to sit in your home and post whatever you want makes it so easy to be a bully. I've seen many sites that are filled with nothing but people picking on others just because they can.

People who have had this virus should be made to fill like everyone has your back, to make sure that the world is rooting for you, not shunning them or making fun of them or worse, threatening them. As one scientist has said, "it's the people who have the virus today and survive that make is that we can make a cure in the future!"

Good luck to all and please stay safe and most important BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER!


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Posted in: Former Japanese ice dancing champion Reed dies of heart attack at 30 See in context

Very sad, so heartbreaking for his family, friends, and fans. Reminds me of Russian pair skater Sergei Grinkov of Grinkov and Gordeeva fame, he too was only 28 years old when he died of a heart attack at Lake Placid New York during a exhibition skate.

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Posted in: Idol group charges extra for photos with fans not wearing masks due to cornoavirus See in context

So let me get this straight...you have to pay extra to STILL put the idol in danger because you didn't bring a mask with you. They're will to do that for only a few yen more.

NO NO NO. They should just stop doing photo's while this virus is going around. Jesus, don't they care about their idols at all?

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Posted in: Folau claims Australia's bushfires 'God's judgement' for gay marriage See in context

And how do they explain brush fires for the last 1,000 years...when gay marriage was just legalized this century but land has been burning since lighting was invented by GOD.

Ignorance and stupidity are older than Christianity but here lately Christians and Republican's are sucking all the stupidity up...

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Posted in: Ivanka Trump calls on G20 leaders to prioritize women empowerment See in context

She spout empowering women but keeps telling the media (usually fox news) that her "daddy never touched any of those women, they are all liars."

She talks empowering women but her clothes, purses and shoes are still made by women 8 to 90 years of age in sweat shops all over the world.

She talks empowering women but she uses her office in the WH to get licenses to sell her clothes, purses and shoes in all the countries she travels to as a representative of the WH.

She talks empowering women but she didn't offer maternity to leave to the women in her companies.

She's done the least for empowering women in the US than any other person who has ever worked in the WH.

Jesus I can't wait till her and her brothers are imprisoned for all the crimes they have committed, while daddy Donny John is on a plane to Russia 10 minutes after he's done in office.

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Posted in: G20 partners See in context

Guess Melania is back home in Baltimore with mom, dad and Baron. Ivanka isn't his partner so she couldn't get into the picture. I can just picture her standing off to the side stomping her dainty little pump..."I am too his partner...ah I mean daughter."

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Posted in: Trump says U.S. agency will begin removing millions of illegal immigrants next week See in context

Along with all the construction, plumbing, electrical, farming crop pickers the US will lose $11.9 BILLION in taxes alone from illegal immigrants,


To our economy illegal immigrants do not cost the US 200 to 250 Billion as Trump keeps spouting, it's fake news. It's only around 20 Billion but it more than evens out when they bring $54 BILLION into our everyday economy. And if he could send 'Millions' out in just a few days we would lose all that money very quickly and it would cause our economy to sink.


This is all about skin color, that's all it is. The Republican's used to be the party of small government, taking care of American's in their retirement years and education. We spend less on education then we spend on war now days, billions less. Republican's only care about babies if they are still in the womb, (and that's just to make the Evangelical's happy) because once they are born Republican's have stopped almost all the healthcare and programs for newborns and toddlers. They have become the party of do the least possible for the American people but line their pockets with more money than they need.

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Posted in: Sandy Hook families put hoaxers on defensive See in context

--To be fair, Alex Jones has repeatedly apologized for his part in this nonsense and corrected his stance.--

Has nothing to do with being fair, Alex Jones only retracted AFTER he was taken to court. Just like after he was taken to court by his ex-wife did he suddenly start spouting "Alex Jones is just a character that I play on TV and the internet"


He's a grifter, a conman and he loves every minute of it. He spouts his conspiracy theories and makes millions selling fake vitamins and supplements to meatheads. Like I said he only changes his story when he is pulled into court and could lose something, either his kids or his money. Which he lost his kids in the last court appearance, and hopefully he'll lose his cash in the next one.

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Posted in: Riding the wave: Surfers grow up in touching documentary See in context

I have innate curiosity...why do people comment in a "I'm just gonna put it down" way? Why spend your time reading an article, one that you obviously have no interest in, not even a curiosity and then take the time to let all readers know that you're bitter and just need to down everything? I don't get it, explain to me how that makes your life better?

The surfing culture is huge, I have worked in the public cinema and I still have friends who work there, independent film in areas of surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and extreme biking all have huge followings. They are huge to the communities that follow them, a lot of money is made from them. But because it's not something that would interest you you take the time to let everyone know your thoughts, when you could be reading an article that does interest you, learning something to get your brain going, in educating yourself.

What I read into it is you have no interest, you are bitter and bored at a life and you want everyone else to know how you feel. When in fact you make no impact on us at all, I will hit send and forget all about you. So I guess you can sit in mom's basement and let the world know how uninteresting you are, how selfish and spoiled. I'm gonna go read something that will teach me something new today. Have a good one!

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Posted in: Arashi stepping out of celebrity storm to seek new life See in context

You can make fun, you can say anything you want about Arashi, but in 2006 I stopped laughing, my father died and I was heading for a serious depression. One day I was on Youtube looking up a Japanese singer that was in a drama that a friend sent me to cheer me up, singers groups name AAA, I put in AAA and Arashi kept coming up, so I clicked on it after seeing all those videos and watched 5 boys as they did the most stupid things...but I laughed, and I watched more videos and I laughed some more.

Arashi makes me happy, it's as simple as that, I will miss them very much but I want them to be happy too. I will love Arashi forever! And before anyone thinks "stupid kids"...I'm 60 years old and I live in Pennsylvania in the US.

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Posted in: Japanese teacher punches high school boy in face; social media on his side See in context

When I was in high school I was a library volunteer, part of the job was running papers to the office, sometimes I would have to sit and wait. That's when I found out what really happened between parents and school. If I did something wrong in school both my parents would come to school, ask for a complete explanation and then my parents either let the school decide the punishment or punishment at home if they didn't feel the school was punishing me enough. But while waiting in the office I came to understand that many parents would come into the office yell and scream that their baby would never do what they did, while the kid stood their and smirked about it. The teacher/principal/counselors would eventually give into the parents and the kid would walk off, tell their friends that mom or dad (usually mom) put the teacher/principal/counselor in their place and everyone would make fun of the professional after that. Happened time and time again.

So if Mr Tough Guy learns to respect his teachers because of one short choppy punch to his jaw then I say go Mr. Teacher. Being an American I'm tired of seeing kids walk all over teachers, they are the one main person who kids will relate with in public (after being taught by parents) that you respect the adults around you, once that is gone you just have chaos and juvenile delinquents who know they can get away with anything because mommy/daddy will help them get out of any trouble they make.

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Posted in: 3-time Olympic champ Yoshida says it's time for next generation of wrestlers to take stage See in context

I hope we get to see her on some of the variety shows, I've always enjoyed seeing her. Good luck to her in the future!

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Posted in: A Japanese idol got married, so his management asked fans on Twitter to decide if he should be fired See in context

This is one of the biggest drawbacks about liking Japanese or Korean boy or girl idol bands. The fact that fans sit back and think nothing of the music companies controlling the human rights of the idols is ridiculous. If you are a fan, and like the fact that your idol can't date or marry well then you are one lousy fan, you're not a fan, you're a fanatic. One of the biggest things you should wish for your idol is to find someone to love, which would make them happy, and that is the biggest wish for YOUR idol, for them to be happy. If you can't wish for them to be happy your definitely not a fan.

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Posted in: Japan crude oil buyers expected to restart Iran imports See in context

Excuse me, but a nation like Japan, hell any Nation should be allowed to make their own choices on who they want to buy their needs from. A proud rich nation like Japan having to kowtow to Trump is an embarrassment, and I'm an American. You should be able to trade, take in, whatever the heck you want to without having to get a waiver from someone like Trump. Shameful.

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Posted in: Trump allies, security experts alarmed by Omarosa recordings See in context

"He's got the best people".

My personal favorite is the recording of Trump calling her after the firing saying that Kelly never told him he was going to fire her, because he NEVER would have allowed that, he loves her." I don't care for 'Felicia' (Omarosa) but once again he lied, he knew damn well they were going to fire her, and the reason she used the cars and the shopping was because Trump told her she could.

It all comes out in the wash...

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Posted in: Illegal immigrant parents not facing U.S. prosecution for now; Trump, congresswoman clash See in context

See this is what happens, the Repubes start spreading lies and people believe it. Maxine Waters never called for anyone to attack physically Trumps CABINET, that's who she was talking about THE CABINET MEMBERS. She said keep questioning them, in restuarants, in public, at the gas station, ask them "why money was spent on tent cities, why Pruit paid millions for "tactical pants" that his workers even said they didn't need. Why did Mulvaney lie about "trickle down", that is what she is calling for, NEVER for violence. She told people to go up to them and ask questions, do it loudly and do it until they answer, get in their faces about these crap policies that they are lie about. She NEVER called for people to physically attack anyone. Stick to the truth, it's easier, the lies never stand up.

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Posted in: Trump threatened to send 25 million Mexicans to Japan: report See in context

Everyone is missing the point the story is about, no countries leader should ever speak such a racist statement to another leader. Just as he should not have been attacking the other countries leaders at the G7 summit. It was boorish and has poor manners, but that is what Trump is all about, he is white trash, he attacks his allies and pats the dictators on the back, he doesn't make any sense.

And as an American who has watched the man on TV since the early 80's, he's not a good business man, he's bankrupted more business that he personally ran, he sells his name to property and reaps the benefits. He doesn't pay his contractors and he's been sued thousands of times. At one point he was 80 million in the hole. Until he swindled Deutsche Bank to loan him money that he never paid back. He's been laundering money for Russian Oligarchs for years. The man is a racist misogynist little boy and he's allowed all the racist, misogynist little boys and girls in America to stand up and be proud of their trashy ways. America is filled with TRASH, and I say that as an American.

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Posted in: 'I will arrest you'- Duterte warns ICC lawyer to steer clear of Philippines See in context

Joe Yan; the problem with people like Dutarte is that he is killing the innocent with the criminal's. Just because the police "think" you broke the law but they haven't collected any evidence against you yet doesn't make you a criminal. If you take the laws away from man you have chaos, and that is what is going on under Dutarte's reign. Or the better question, would you want to be a person of interest who is innocent living in the Phillipine's today?

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Posted in: Hannity vows to bash Kimmel until he apologizes to 1st lady See in context

As for the First Lady speaking 6 languages as her ex-friends (she forgot all about them when she married Trump) have said in the past, she doesn't "speak" 6 languages, she can say a few words in 6 different languages, enough to order a meal or to get through a check-out. Most models can do that, but she is not a true polyglot.

And Kimmel admits to being a comedian, Hannity is one too but doesn't admit to it.

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Posted in: Russell Crowe nets millions from 'divorce auction' See in context

Marla, it doesn't matter if he bought it or it was given to him, they belongs to him, end of sentence. You busting on someone for selling their own items is questionable.

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

The 2nd Amendment clearly states "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

The problem with that statement is gun owners aren't a Militia, and they aren't there to protect and fight for a a Free State and because of the NRA they are not regulated, in fact the NRA made it illegal to "regulate" gun owners. So the NRA is in fact breaking the 2nd Amendment. And the 2nd Amendment does not state "every citizen has the right to bear arms". This is what the NRA has distorted in America because the NRA is bought and paid for by Gun Manufacturers. And even if they think they are going to "protect" themselves from a rogue government, yeah, less than 3% own guns, and how are you fighting the government with their jets, missiles and nukes with guns...it ain't happening you've already lost.

Plus I have this question, if you are so worried that going on a list of gun owners makes you "feel" guilty, what the hell do you plan to do with your gun to make you feel guilty? Because trust me, the government that has said jets, missiles and nukes doesn't give a sh*t about Joe Smoe and his gun.

And one more thing, if you need a gun that shoots bullets faster and stronger than you are one small minded human being to begin with, small penis syndrome...

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Posted in: Trump on Florida shooting: 'I'd run in there even without gun' See in context

The very first Executive Order Trump signed "secretly" at that was to allow mentally ill persons to purchase guns. So, no, he doesn't care if "crazy" people get guns. Plus after the Las Vegas shooting he promised he was going to get rid of bump stocks, he lied, he didn't do anything about them. This is just another lie that he is telling. He has already backtracked about background checks after (once again) 'secretly' meeting with the NRA on Sat at the WH.

And as for him "running in", does anyone remember what happened at the rally where someone yelled 'gun', he turned away and tried to get off the stage, he ran, just like he did from Vietnam in the 1960's, he had bone spurs in one of his feet, he can't remember which one, which would have been too painful for him, but he played tennis, golf and baseball. He's nothing but a huge coward. He will go down in history as being the worst president EVER but we are paying for it now.

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Posted in: U.S. appeals court rejects challenge to Trump voter fraud panel See in context

What I find funny is that almost everyone in the Trump family screwed up their ballots in the last election a few weeks ago in NY. Trump got his birthday wrong, he said he was born in July when his birthday is June. Melania didn't sign the outside of the envelope as stated on the envelope that if not signed it's invalid and Ivanka didn't mail hers until November 7, which is the ending date for all ballots, so it wasn't counted.


But what's really funny was that Eric and Ivanka didn't vote for their father in the main election last year, they forgot to sign up. Such patriots.

And as for draining the swamp he filled his cabinet with almost all Goldman Sachs employees, and he criticized HRC for taking campaign contributions from them, but hell he hired them, no draining of anything.

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Posted in: American claims extortion behind Bali jailbreak See in context

You don't go to a foreign land to buy or sell drugs than expect not to be punished for it. And you know some foreign prison's don't treat you with human rights, it's your choice.

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Posted in: For Ivanka-brand goods, Nordstrom's loss is Japan's gain See in context

Its quite commonly known that almost all of her pieces go on "clearance" sooner or later. Look up her line in pictures, not online sales pic's but where news shows put the pictures up or shoppers put them up and most of them have either the words "sale" or "clearance" on them. Nordstroms said they informed Ivanka in 2016 that if her line didn't pick up sales from 26% they would have to discontinue it. It didn't rise, they got rid of it. She knew it was going to happen.

Check her clothes out, go into the stores and look at them. They are plain and not stylish at all.

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