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Posted in: Post-typhoon blackout raises disaster readiness questions in Japan See in context

Part of the problem lies in the fact that power lines in Japan are largely above ground.

Which in 2019 is ridiculous for a developed country.

As per my understanding it is done for safety purposes. Japanese well known issue.. Japanese Husband and friends said so.

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Posted in: Carrot and quinoa mini-muffins are great snacks or breakfast See in context

seems too yummy haha

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Posted in: In Syria, Russia and U.S. fight for the Middle East See in context

highly recommended article. Totally agree.

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Posted in: One Piece becoming a kabuki play with the Straw Hat Pirates taking the stage in Tokyo See in context

awesome! :D

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Posted in: Woman stabbed to death by stalker on Osaka street See in context

"Matsumoto said he wanted to kill her and then himself so they could live together in heaven." in the very first moment he had sent that message, the police should have done something and sent him to the psychiatric. Geez.. mad people everywhere :( RIP Imura-san.

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Posted in: Lawyers establish first national anti-bullying network See in context


But kids back then never thought about killing themselves. I don't know where that came from. Was in japanese anime influenced or something?

Look... for your information, I am from Uruguay... nothing to do with Japan, ok? but at the age of 11/12 I remember I used to cry everyday, and then thought "I should be dead...". My only "happy" moment was when I came back home, and then sleep... I never wanted to wake up, all day I was daydreaming because I could be happy in my own world. Now I look back to those times, and I think "I could be dead". When people bully you all the time, when they call you very bad things, even members of your family (mother) laughs at your face or hit you without any reason, classmates do the same, teachers don't do their proper job (take care of their children, not only "teach" from textbooks), nobody protects you, no friends, no adults around you in those moments, only feel loneliness... so what reason do you have to exist? to "live" the life as everybody says.. "Oh yeah, life is awesome!" ... well, let me tell you something, it is NOT awesome when at that short age you suffer as you were in an eternal jail of hate. So before saying something to those who prefer "killing themselves", try to think about what is happening with them, about their lives, what and who surrounds them, etc. Maybe there you may find many sad reasons....

I encourage people to change their minds towards this topic, since it doesn't have frontiers, sadly it is in the human nature to threat the weak and shy... so children needs our help, both the bullies and those who suffer bullying attacks. (sorry for my bad English if you've noticed mistakes, as you may know my mother tongue is Spanish)

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Posted in: Japanese women list their foreign husbands’ odd behavior See in context

“My British husband loves cockroaches (they don’t have them in Britain, apparently). ‘What a beauty!’ he says, when he sees one. ‘How can such a wonderful creature be so hated?’”

ok, now that's absolutely strange!! haha, but still very curious :) and a bit of adorable

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Posted in: Elderly theater troupe not acting their age See in context

I'd love to watch them! I hope I can. Their play looks very interesting ^^

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Posted in: Japan without Honda, Nagatomo for World Cup qualifier See in context

Kagawa!!! <3 ganbatte ne ~ :D

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Posted in: Hospital restages daughter’s wedding for bedridden father See in context

very touching. Cute daughter. That father must be very pride and happy. Hope he can recover soon. And the hospital staff must be very happy too. I wish I can read more stories like this. This is an example of what love can do.

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Posted in: Kagawa wants Japan to take risks against Brazil See in context

Kagawa-san is right. I'm impressed of how strong are getting the Samurai Blue ! Also for him, he is doing all his best at Manchester Utd. Go Samurai Blue ~ !

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Posted in: Kagawa says injury is 'good lesson' See in context

Kagawa-san, please do your best! but take care of your body. Ganbatte ne ~

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Posted in: Kagawa seeks improvement after disappointing display See in context

"Captain Makoto Hasegawa"???

It's Hasebe !! Hasebe Makoto! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Makoto_Hasebe please!! come on, stop the "copy & paste" Get informed first before writing! :/

and talking about the topic, Kagawa-san, ganbatte ne! :D Samurai blue vamos que vamos! :)

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Posted in: 63-year-old engineer may be Japan's last ninja See in context

OMG, like TENCHU Ninja assassins! "Live by honor, kill by stealth" :'D only in Japan <3

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Posted in: Japan finishes with 38 medals, including 7 gold See in context

omedetou gozaimashita ne ! :D

Congratulations to all the japanese athletes! :) they did so well !

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Posted in: Otsu mayor apologizes to father of bullying victim who killed himself See in context

@Disillusioned: "bullying this kid went through is normal behavior for boys at that age"

what?? that is NOT normal, not in boys, neither girls...

excuse me, but bullying is part of girls world too for ex.. but neither nobody cares. I had been bullied too, not physical, but psychologically a lot, from 8 to 14 years old.. and with just 11 years old always thinking of suicide, not very happy memories, are they? Ok, I'm stronger now, I have my own scars till now, but nice, congratulations for me.. But if it all could be different? I understand that little poor kid (RIP) as if it were my own story. Most kids show themselves shy about telling this things to their parents, so did I, because sometimes make things worse. The people who should be taking care of this things more is the teachers (they should teach about denouncing bullying attitude and punish bullies correctly), principal, school psychologists, etc. If you think bullying is part of growing up, in my humble opinion, you're soooo wrong. This kind of things make the world a worse place, you know? That kid didn't deserve that.. and again, if you didn't know before: but everybody is different.

PS: I live in Uruguay... but this kind of things are worldwide problems, is the same everywhere. We should teach kids/teenagers best, and high/schools should be prepared more, they can NOT ignore this things any more.

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