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Posted in: For virtual reality pioneers, no rush to succeed in 2016 See in context

Motion sickness won't be a problem at all for the vast majority of people. The consumer versions of both the Rift and the Vive have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, much higher than the development kits shown last year.

While the Vive does offer "room-scale" VR, the Oculus doesn't really offer 360-degree views, it does have some occlusion right behind the user, due to having only one (front-facing) tracker sensor.

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Posted in: Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves See in context

This is HUGE: a new way has opened for mankind to explore the universe. re: the first comment- So that's what 25 years of watching Japanese TV does to you.

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Posted in: Apple quietly working on virtual reality: report See in context

Quietly and lagging behind by over a year. Oculus started development almost three years ago. Personally, I'll be preordering the HTC Vive next month.

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Posted in: Bad behavior See in context

Are bosozoku associated with right-wing groups? Some of the images seem to point in that direction.

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

20 people march... 50+ comments.

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Posted in: 12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal See in context

As someone who followed NAFTA closely from its inception in the early 90s, let me assure you something: This will only, truly benefit a small fraction of people, the one that needs it less at that.

But yay, butter! /sarcasm

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Posted in: French PM jokes with robots during Japan visit See in context

I'd take a robot politician before a human one in any country, any day.

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Posted in: Hitman See in context

Respect the Keanu.

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Posted in: What do you think is the biggest threat facing the world in the near future? See in context

Artificial Intelligence and autonomous weapons.

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Posted in: Police believe murdered girl, missing boy were taken near train station See in context

So many strange details in there.

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Posted in: New World Order dances through Yokohama’s Chinatown – but where’s Genki Sudo? See in context

Okay, I don't get it. To deep for me. Maybe Genki can explain it in his next tweet.

He's said it over and over: "We all are one."

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Posted in: Yokohama Dance Parade See in context

World Order, awesome.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy drowns while attempting to save classmate in river See in context

One life ends and one life is changed forever.

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Posted in: Arnold (but little else) is back in 'Terminator' See in context

This just made me want to rewatch the original, and skip the new one.

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Posted in: Superhero movies are ruining cinema, says 'Exorcist' director See in context

Basically, he just said one thing: "I'm old."

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Posted in: Tiny whirlybird See in context

That's not 59mm long, look at the finger... Looks like about 2-3cm.

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Posted in: Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning See in context

Statistically, that is the least of your health concerns when running ultra-marathons. Just look at that ridiculous quote. Ok, don't run marathons with one month of training.

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Posted in: Newspapers struggle to find path in digital age See in context

The internet or newspapers? Picking my own news sources or having a handful of old people picking them for me... Easy choice.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman gets 11 years for fatal assault of runaway girl See in context

So many questions... How on earth did they get to this point? Random boys, a mom and their children beating a 17 year old to death. There has to be a very sad, twisted story of extremes in here.

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on flight from Canada to Japan See in context

Slow news day?

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Posted in: Seeing and believing: Virtual reality set to conquer living rooms See in context

It's for real this time.

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Posted in: Clam crowds See in context

Twist ending: There is only ONE clam!

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot See in context

A bit of a pickle. Two lives to free a woman who's gonna end up blowing herself up and probably killing dozens of innocent people.

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo publishing prophet cartoon on new cover See in context

So show it.

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Posted in: New Zealanders to vote on flag change in 2016 See in context

How about... two ferns?

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Posted in: Hashimoto, Zaitokukai chairman get into shouting match See in context

What a loon case... How can the media keep a straight face?

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Posted in: Planet marks hottest September since 1880: U.S. See in context

People putting down science while using a computer on the Internet. /facepalm

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Posted in: Nissin Foods to hike prices of 250 products from January See in context

Did they lower their prices when the yen was at 70 per dollar?

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Posted in: SoftBank reported in talks to buy DreamWorks See in context

It's amazing how rich telecommunications companies get -all over the world- for selling a product that could be free/much cheaper.

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Posted in: Guam man sentenced to life for killing 3 Japanese tourists See in context

Officer Goro in the back is NOT pleased.

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