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Posted in: 'Ghostbusters' backlash brings out Internet trolls See in context

I saw the trailer to this and I have to say that a bad flick, whether it stars men, women or a teaspoon, is a bad flick. And this one looks terrible. Very few movie goers wanted this film made in the first place, Bill Murray tried his best to avoid being in it. At this point, with interest being so low, I guess they have to grab onto anything for exposure, even if it's to "Internet trolls".

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Posted in: You can now hang out with Totoro and explore Studio Ghibli worlds in virtual reality See in context

Thanks for the heads up. This worked great on the Vive, you can walk around Totoro's bus stop and the boiler room was awesome!

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Posted in: Indonesia threatens to bar DiCaprio over rainforest comments See in context

Palm oil industry has destroyed ~10 million hectares in Indonesia and is threatening both species of orangutans, tigers, etc, etc. It's well known as one of the worse ongoing environmental catastrophes this century.

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Posted in: Virtual reality girds for test in marketplace See in context

VR is here to stay. The Vive and the Rift launch in the next few weeks. Play Station's VR will launch next October.

I've followed the tech for three years and will put my money on the HTC Vive: room-scale, better tracking from day one, and it's already backed by experiences developed by NASA, Valve, and Lucasfilm (yah, lightsabers). Can't wait!

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Posted in: Blatter, Platini appeal decisions due next week See in context


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Posted in: For virtual reality pioneers, no rush to succeed in 2016 See in context

Motion sickness won't be a problem at all for the vast majority of people. The consumer versions of both the Rift and the Vive have a refresh rate of 90 Hz, much higher than the development kits shown last year.

While the Vive does offer "room-scale" VR, the Oculus doesn't really offer 360-degree views, it does have some occlusion right behind the user, due to having only one (front-facing) tracker sensor.

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Posted in: Scientists glimpse Einstein's gravitational waves See in context

This is HUGE: a new way has opened for mankind to explore the universe. re: the first comment- So that's what 25 years of watching Japanese TV does to you.

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Posted in: Apple quietly working on virtual reality: report See in context

Quietly and lagging behind by over a year. Oculus started development almost three years ago. Personally, I'll be preordering the HTC Vive next month.

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Posted in: Bad behavior See in context

Are bosozoku associated with right-wing groups? Some of the images seem to point in that direction.

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Posted in: Angry single men stage anti-Christmas rally in Tokyo See in context

20 people march... 50+ comments.

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Posted in: 12 Pacific countries seal huge free trade deal See in context

As someone who followed NAFTA closely from its inception in the early 90s, let me assure you something: This will only, truly benefit a small fraction of people, the one that needs it less at that.

But yay, butter! /sarcasm

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Posted in: French PM jokes with robots during Japan visit See in context

I'd take a robot politician before a human one in any country, any day.

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Posted in: Hitman See in context

Respect the Keanu.

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Posted in: What do you think is the biggest threat facing the world in the near future? See in context

Artificial Intelligence and autonomous weapons.

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Posted in: Police believe murdered girl, missing boy were taken near train station See in context

So many strange details in there.

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Posted in: New World Order dances through Yokohama’s Chinatown – but where’s Genki Sudo? See in context

Okay, I don't get it. To deep for me. Maybe Genki can explain it in his next tweet.

He's said it over and over: "We all are one."

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Posted in: Yokohama Dance Parade See in context

World Order, awesome.

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Posted in: 15-year-old boy drowns while attempting to save classmate in river See in context

One life ends and one life is changed forever.

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Posted in: Arnold (but little else) is back in 'Terminator' See in context

This just made me want to rewatch the original, and skip the new one.

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Posted in: Superhero movies are ruining cinema, says 'Exorcist' director See in context

Basically, he just said one thing: "I'm old."

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Posted in: Tiny whirlybird See in context

That's not 59mm long, look at the finger... Looks like about 2-3cm.

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Posted in: Extreme exercise linked to blood poisoning See in context

Statistically, that is the least of your health concerns when running ultra-marathons. Just look at that ridiculous quote. Ok, don't run marathons with one month of training.

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Posted in: Newspapers struggle to find path in digital age See in context

The internet or newspapers? Picking my own news sources or having a handful of old people picking them for me... Easy choice.

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Posted in: 37-year-old woman gets 11 years for fatal assault of runaway girl See in context

So many questions... How on earth did they get to this point? Random boys, a mom and their children beating a 17 year old to death. There has to be a very sad, twisted story of extremes in here.

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Posted in: Woman gives birth on flight from Canada to Japan See in context

Slow news day?

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Posted in: Seeing and believing: Virtual reality set to conquer living rooms See in context

It's for real this time.

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Posted in: Clam crowds See in context

Twist ending: There is only ONE clam!

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Posted in: Japan envoy in Jordan hopeful about release of hostage, pilot See in context

A bit of a pickle. Two lives to free a woman who's gonna end up blowing herself up and probably killing dozens of innocent people.

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Posted in: Charlie Hebdo publishing prophet cartoon on new cover See in context

So show it.

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Posted in: New Zealanders to vote on flag change in 2016 See in context

How about... two ferns?

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