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Callie Towers comments

Posted in: Suga considers state of emergency in Tokyo, vicinity; says Japan will start vaccinations in late Feb See in context

Typical. How many meetings, declarations of considerations, consultations, endless talks do they need to make a decision? Their whole indecisiveness makes people distrust the government. No concrete actions, just talks. I hope they could come up with something atleast, not necessarily a lockdown but something more than just asking people to wash hands, wear masks but still keep going to crowded places for the economy. So tired of this...

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Posted in: Gov't to ask experts whether to declare state of emergency again See in context

Is this lockdown only for shops or will schools be cancelled too like last April?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 816 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,149 See in context

They don't post the number of tests anymore. Why?

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Posted in: Olympic rings back in Tokyo Bay; a sign of hope in pandemic See in context

At this point, only Japan cares about the Olympics. The whole world has better things to do and worry about such as making sure their people safe while keeping their economy somewhat running despite pandemic. Even Greece at this point does not give a damn about the upcoming Olympics.

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