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Posted in: Australia apologizes for thalidomide tragedy as some survivors listen in Parliament gallery See in context

The US were spared on this case

Though not an Oxycodone epidemic

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Posted in: Australia apologizes for thalidomide tragedy as some survivors listen in Parliament gallery See in context

Anothet example of pharmaceuticals companies lying for the sake of profits

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Posted in: 82-year-old man found dead at home; wife says she killed him See in context

The current generation of elderly Japanese men are on the whole stubborn and selfish

I imagine she finally had enough.

That said killing him seems a bit drastic ,go stay with your kids or check into hotel.

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Posted in: China says surge in respiratory illnesses caused by flu and other known pathogens See in context


Completely agree. It seems to me those who wore and continue to wear masks are currently getting colds, etc at a much higher rate than those who never or rarely wore masks

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Posted in: What we know so far about surging respiratory illnesses in China See in context

it was, because children do die or get life long disabilities because of covid, low risk do not mean zero risk. 

That's factually wrong not one child in Japan has died of civil

Also there is growing concenus that the risk of and effects of long covid have been overstated

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Posted in: Figure skating icon Hanyu announces divorce; blames slander, stalking See in context

There are many famous athletes who keep their private life private.

For example I have no idea if mitoma or ohtani are married or have partners

If you advertise your private life don't complain when it comes back to bite you

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Posted in: Security tight for Halloween in Shibuya See in context

Like we saw during Corona pointless local politicians love a chance to grandstand.

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Posted in: Israeli air and ground strikes intensify in Gaza; internet collapse cuts territory off from outside See in context

Genocide plain and simple

Before I had sympathy for Isreal. Now I have none

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Posted in: J.League to push proposed shift to August season start See in context

The league will most likely have a long winter break in January

One undermentioned plus is the league won't be competing with baseball from October-April

It's going to be cold in the stands but people will soon get used to it

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Posted in: Japan to OK train fare hikes for holidays, weekends due to 'overtourism' concerns See in context

Flights and hotels are more expensive during holiday seasons, highway tolls too

If you're bothered about jr charging a couple of thousand then you're probably not traveling during obon anyway

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Posted in: Saudi Arabia's 2034 World Cup bid boosted by Indonesia changing sides after Australia co-host talks See in context

Great another winter world cup in a bunch of ikea stadiums

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Posted in: After blast kills at least 500 at Gaza hospital, Hamas and Israel trade blame as rage spreads in region See in context

Isreal is quickly losing the world's sympathy.

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Posted in: New Zealand National Party's Luxon to lead new government See in context

Good to see Act getting close to 10% of the vote.

the Cost of living is a joke, how friends and family can afford million dollar plus houses (90000000円) along with food prices that are double or more than Japan is beyond me.

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Posted in: Palestinians scramble for safety as Israel pounds sealed-off Gaza Strip to punish Hamas See in context

The cycle of violence continues

People die to satisfy the need for revenge

Both sides are as bad as each other

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Posted in: Saitama Prefecture is expected to be the first in Japan to have an ordinance that defines leaving children in the elementary school third grade or younger alone in their homes, cars or elsewhere alone as abuse. Do you think this is a good idea? See in context

Only a group of old men with no experience of child rearing could come nip with such a stupid law.

Highlights include

leaving your child alone while you take out the garbage is abuse.

Kids playing alone in the park is abuse

An 18 year old siblings looking after their younger brother/sister is abuse.


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Posted in: Argentina reaches Rugby World Cup quarterfinals after eliminating Japan with 39-27 win See in context

Japan gave in all, but the better team won

I really enjoyed it though, hopefully rugby will continue to grow in popularity in Japan

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Posted in: Japan school absenteeism at record high of nearly 300,000 in FY2022 See in context

Though not perfect, personally I am very happy my kids attend schools in Japan

Behavior is generally good.

Academic levels are far higher than Europe or the US.

Children have school pride .

Club activities keep kids active and out of trouble.

Vacations are of a sensible length, not like the US

Private school fees are reasonable too

Children are allowed to be children, there is less pressure to act older.

Teachers are underpaid and overworked and for their continued hard work I am extremely grateful.

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Posted in: Nippon Steel shuts historic Kure plant in western Japan See in context

Kure is a historic town dying a slow death.

It's a shame but without jobs people are bound to leave.Nearby, Hiroshima offers many more opportunities

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Posted in: Leader of Australia's Victoria state, known for tough COVID lockdowns, to step down See in context

“He locked us down for longer than any other people in the world. In my opinion, he acted like a tyrant who trampled on basic human rights. We will ensure that he is ultimately held to account for his actions.


“This megalomaniac locked down our state for a shocking 262 days and yet excess mortality in Victoria was the second highest in Australia, topped only by Tasmania.


“School closures in Victoria had a devastating effect on children. More than 50 per cent suffered a decline in mental health, almost twice the national average

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Posted in: Leader of Australia's Victoria state, known for tough COVID lockdowns, to step down See in context

Jacinda gone, Andrews gone

Hope to never see either of them again

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Posted in: Urawa banned from next Emperor's Cup over fan violence See in context

Stewart Gale

Reds have the best attendance for home and away games. There fans are the loudest. And they are the most passionate.

I don't like Reds but if I was to recommend a game to go to it would be them, not for what's on the pitch but for the atmosphere off it.

And, English fans are extremely knowledgeable and the football is the best in the world. But the atmosphere at grounds in the premier league is quiet nowadays compared to Germany, Italy or even many games here in Japan.

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Posted in: Urawa banned from next Emperor's Cup over fan violence See in context

Reds fans are the best in Japan. I say this even though I am a die hard San frecce fan

Check put the awesome displays before the asian cup final on youtube

That said a small group of black t shifted fans are basically thugs

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Posted in: Updated COVID vaccine targeting Omicron subvariant rolls out in Japan See in context

And actually it makes a huge difference who is making the claims that's why it's illegal to pay witnesses in a trial. Likewise journalists are bound to say if they have a financial interest in an article they are reporting on.

It's in your financial interest to support vaccinations thus your opinions are not biased but also misleading

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Posted in: Updated COVID vaccine targeting Omicron subvariant rolls out in Japan See in context

The only times I've been sick in the last three years are the days after I got vaccinated.

After three times no more for me or my family

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Posted in: BBC 'urgently looking' into issues raised by Brand report See in context

Legal or illegal is besides the point the guys a pervert

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Posted in: Japan opens Rugby World Cup campaign with 42-12 win over Chile See in context

Rugby seems to take a relaxed view towards what country you can play for but if they want to represent japan good for them. It's nice to see a multi cultural team representing japan

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Posted in: Baseball player Yamakawa suspended indefinitely over alleged rape case See in context

Reading between the lines Yamakawa paid the woman to drop the charges. Seibu are bottom of the league and don't need him this year.

That he wasn't cut, indicates the club will being him back or trade him next season. As a previous poster said Bauer is playing so Yamakawa will probably too.

If it was my team, I would be ashamed

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Posted in: 'It hurts my heart': Japan's Kanto massacre, 100 years on See in context

Thankfully young people today love korea, it's fashion, music and food.

Likewise young Koreans have a positive image of japan

The racists on both sides are the elderly and a tiny sliver of right wing crazies.

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Posted in: More Nihon University football players suspected of cannabis possession See in context

Meanwhile Canada, where cannabis can be bought in stores anywhere you go, is one of the most desired places on the planet to live.

Canada is beautiful yet I've seen the drug slums of Vancouver and the homeless meth heads on the streets

As, I said I would rather live in a country with strict drug laws

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