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Posted in: Entire Australian state goes into lockdown as virus surges See in context

Residents of Sydney, going into an eighth week under stay-at-home order

 what a waste of peoples time.

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Posted in: Newcomers Brentford beat Arsenal to make flying Premier League start See in context

to be allowed to cheer, how i envy them

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Posted in: Concerns mount over possible collapse of Japan's medical system See in context

this article is identical to the ones written when japan hit 100, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000 ,8000, 9000 ,10000, 11,000, 12,000 ,13000 ,14,000 ,15,000, 20,000

after a year and a half of unfounded hysterics no wonder most people have given up listening

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Posted in: Suga's medical adviser urges tougher anti-virus measures See in context

everywhere is busy, most people have decided to get on with life

hope those who panic on this board are enjoying their personal holiday lockdowns.

was in fukuoka last weekend hotel was full, night pool was full.

went to Tokyo tues ~thurs, plane was prettty full was easily able to find restaurant servering past 8pn.

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Posted in: Sydney hits new COVID case record as outbreak spreads See in context


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Posted in: Tokyo reports 2,884 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 12,073 See in context

. I am self-isolating and only going out to pay bills and I do my food shopping late at night when family shopping is done.

Didn't you get vaccinated????

Why then would you need to live like a hermit?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record high 5,042 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 15,263 See in context

Got my second vaccine today, looking forward to the rest of the summer.

90% protection is good enough for me,

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Posted in: Gov't policy to only hospitalize critical COVID patients draws flak See in context

AntiquesavingToday  10:26 am JST

carpslidyToday  10:22 am JST

Makes sense.

Almost every country is now doing the same.

Either you only know one developed country (Japan) or you only know underdeveloped countries.

This is not what has been done in Canada, the UK, or the EU.

What are you talking about? Most people in the us, uk, eu are told to recover at home.

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Posted in: Gov't policy to only hospitalize critical COVID patients draws flak See in context

Makes sense.

Almost every country is now doing the same.

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Posted in: Troops to enforce Sydney lockdown as Brisbane extends virus curbs See in context

I have nothing to say but wtf.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

The people have spoken, this is democracy.

It was always going to end this way. The public should be applauded for waiting until the elderly have been vaccinated before letting numbers get this high.

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Posted in: Rare fans at Olympic events admit COVID doubts See in context

virusrexToday  07:50 am JST

There are ways to call these kind of people, that take advantage of most other people being responsible in order to enjoy something themselves.

As a man of science, I sure you would call these people level headed. Sitting outside in the sun the chance of infection is almost zero.

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Posted in: Tokyo governor urges young people to get vaccinated to slow virus surge See in context

It's a hassle but I recommend calling around clinics(many cities provided a list when they sent out the coupons) instead of waiting for an opening at a mass vaccination center. There are bookings available but you have to be willing to call a lot of clinics first. Unfortunately the system is still analog.

And get on a cancellation waiting list if you can, that's how I already got my first shot.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports record 2,848 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 7,629 See in context

Wasn't this the plan all along?

Vaccinate the elderly early to keep deaths low, then not worry too much about daily numbers. With 80.000.000 millions given out and at 1.200.000 million a day this is only going to continue for another couple of months.

The majorty of people don't want to stay home and s.o.e no longer have any meaning so either accept the next two/three months numbers are going to increase and do whatever measures you see fit, (once your vaccinated you don't have to worry) or stay home for until the fall. No point complaining everyday. Of the 150 posts not one gives an alternative solution.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,429 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,692 See in context

I am sorry to hear your father died, on the other side my father is very sick and I am unable to go home to visit him because of corona restrictions.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,763 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,020 See in context

WaddoToday  09:40 pm JST

Mr. Hakman:

"There was a grand total of four COVID deaths in Japan today. 


I wonder what you would say if one of them was your mum, or son. God forbid it was YOU

You do know people die? We don't live forever?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,763 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 5,020 See in context

Delta is not more deadly than other variants

This is definitely wrong prooven by scientists! It is 5 times more infectable then type A.

Increased rate of infection doesn't mean its more deadly. Generally the more easily a virus spreads the less deadly it becomes.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,128 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,574 See in context

Like it or not most people have given up caring. That may be because they are vaccinated, it might be because they have very little chance of dying or it may be because corona is never going to disappear.

Either way most people are out and about this week(the vast majority wearing masks)

Whatever the number of infections and government requests, the number of people carrying on daily life is only going to increase. In a few months mask wearing is going to decrease too.

Downvote, talk about long term corona all you want but public sentiment is clearly changing,

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Posted in: Thousands protest lockdown in Sydney; several arrested See in context

Surprised to took so long.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,832 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 4,943 See in context

Many people don't care anymore.


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Posted in: WHO leader says virus risk inevitable at Tokyo Olympics See in context

Good to see everyone is staying home and following government advice not to travel.

I will definitely not be canceling my summer vacation.

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Posted in: Japan beats Australia 8-1 in softball as Tokyo Olympic competition opens See in context

The same media who fed the hysteria that led to games being played in empty stadiums even though baseball and soccer have been played with fans.

Now wants us to get excited about the games?

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Posted in: South Australia locks down after 5 virus cases detected; 14 mil nationwide under lockdown See in context

If a two week lockdown meant a year corona free then it might make sense.

But Victoria has almost been locked down as long as it has been virus free.

Factor in mental health, lost schooling, economic costs and general happiness and it makes no sense whatsoever.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 727 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,329 See in context


A month ago you were saying 60,000,000 would be impossible by july 20 as the government promised. Well it's july 19th and already they are 10,000,000 over that.

And yes the uk is higher but I would rather it takes longer and we all get pfizer or modena, protection is much higher.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 727 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,329 See in context

More importantly 70,000,000 vaccines completed.

25,000,000 fully vaccinated

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Posted in: UK health chief tests positive for virus as Britain tightens restrictions on France travel See in context

Maybe japan was right only using

Pfizer and moderna

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Posted in: Melbourne joins Sydney in lockdown; 12 million ordered to stay at home See in context

So are you suggesting we need to live with coronavirus?

Like most people are doing now in Japan? I.e vacations, mask wearing but otherwise carrying on daily life? Because your constant posts about long term corona don't indicate this.

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Posted in: New Zealand's Ardern to host emergency APEC virus summit See in context

The vaccine roll out is going terribly in nz.

There clearly isn't a rush for every nzder to be safe

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Posted in: Melbourne joins Sydney in lockdown; 12 million ordered to stay at home See in context


Just the other day you said and I quotes "vaccine aren't a silver bullet"

Everyday you complain about Japan but Japan is doing a million plus vaccines a day.

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Posted in: Summer setback: COVID deaths and cases rising again globally See in context

Coronavirus doesn't worry me personally,

yet I got my first shot today because I want society to return to normal.

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