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Posted in: Internet posting leads to group suicide in Kobe See in context

I may be correct in saying that the people who sadly killed themselves did not want to live in a world where you can read "Suicide: Please do it at home" on a poster at an underground station or hear comments like "more space or me...good riddance". I believe a lot of people who try to commit suicide are uber-sensitive (not in a bad way) and cannot deal with the harshness of the society we live in. And frankly I`d rather live among the uber-sensitive than people with no moral understanding other than their own selfishness.

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Posted in: Hatoyama's flamboyant shirt inspires copies See in context

Apparently his wife helps him pick what hes going wear...that shirt must be whats in fashion in Mars this time of the year... and it

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"time-honored traditions of discipline and patience, “unlike in America, where everything has to happen now.” I love this country but Samantha-luv try working here for a couple of years and see if you still think the same. I enjoy watching travel shows but often think how you`d get a more real impression of a country if these shows were narrated by locals...

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Ok, this is just my opinion... This is not a very good book for beginners. The translations are not literal (which I think is necessary when you are learning a language) e.g. お二人が会うのは、初めてですか。Gets translated as: "Have you two met?" A better translations would have been: Is this the first time you two meet? The authors purport to be "seasoned translators". However, they fail to provide the reader/learner with a correct interpretation of what is being said. Yes, the point comes across in English and the translation does make sense, but if you are more into in-depth learning i.e. deconstructing each sentence to get a better understanding of each word, like for studying kanji or vocabulary for example, you will find that the english translation does not work well with what is being said in Japanese.

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