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Posted in: Olympic excellence now leads to whispers of cheating See in context

Because he didn't dope with drugs he doped with blood. That's why it never showed on the test. They didn't have a test for blood doping at the time.

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Posted in: Windows smashed in 8 cars in Sapporo residential area See in context

This is why I love japan crime is so low even this makes the news. Lol

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Posted in: Paris still the world's No.1 tourist destination See in context

French and non-French tourist is probley what they mean. More foreign tourist visit Bangkok but Paris has more overall

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Posted in: Anti-U.S. base incumbent mayor re-elected in Nago See in context

I'm in the us military and I'll be stationed in Okinawa after being in kanagwa for three years. There are two many military stationed in Okinawa most marines are 18 and 19 and they have never been away from home before. Most of them don't want to be in Okinawa but are ordered there. So it's a burden on the Okinawa people. The burden on the Okinawa people will be relieved alittle because in congestion with the base relocation half the military stationed in Okinawa will relocate to Hawaii and Guam with half the bases closing including the ones in congested arenas. Camp futema is considered the most dangerous base in the world and will move to a rual area. It's not the United States who's forcing the base to move it's the US and the Japanese government.

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Posted in: Abe's support ratings rise above 60% See in context

It's good to see stability in Japanese politics. I was tired of seeing a new prime minster every year. I'm glad the Japanese have someone to support

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Posted in: Girl rejected by boy she never actually met takes revenge See in context

So you saying 12 boys got beat up by 20 girls?

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Posted in: Fishing union boss shot dead in Kitakyushu See in context

Sounds like Yakuza. A union boss shot dead. I wonder if unions in japan are connected to organized crime like the states

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Posted in: Convenience stores becoming more and more a part of our lives See in context

I love Japanese convience stories they are the best in the world

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Posted in: Rocket launchers fired near U.S. base at Yokota See in context

@strangerland you never herd of improvised like an IED an improvised explosive device which was the main killer of solders in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's called improvised because they would make a bomb using anything that would explode not a normal bomb making material.

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Posted in: American to serve 5-10 years for murder of Irish student See in context

The last minor to be sentenced to death was in 1999 he was 18 and he raped and murderded a women and killed her 11 mo daughter. So minor in Japan can be sentenced to death.

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