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Posted in: May the force be with Ukraine: 'Star Wars' actor backs drone drive See in context

As discussed in the movie Clerks, the Rebel Alliance is morally ambiguous at best. When they blew up the Death Star they probably killed independent contractors and conscripts trying to put food on the table for their families.

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Posted in: Australia plans to change privacy rules after huge cyberattack on Optus See in context

Good luck figuring out how to do seccy on the webby mate.

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Posted in: Sunak, Truss ready for battle to be Britain's next PM See in context

Oh dear. We have a post-war debt without any post-war to celebrate. I am surprised anyone wants to be PM.

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Posted in: Maximum caution needed as COVID cases surge: Kishida See in context

Maximum Caution. That would be a great name if they bring in a Japanese Marvel superhero.

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Posted in: Clients will be OK with wearing a mask indoors but wearing them 24 hours is a hassle. The cost of having a guide at all times may deter clients until later when they have more flexibility. See in context

I feel lucky to already be in the country and can go about my business like a normal person

For now. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Posted in: Weakened British Prime Minister Johnson survives no-confidence vote See in context

Keep going Boris! Every day he clings on it makes my day to read yet more whining from those who are still salty about brexit like CNN and the Guardian.

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Posted in: Japan to resume accepting guided foreign tour groups from June 10 See in context

By running the tours, the ministry aims to improve precautions against COVID-19 and confirm procedures to follow in the event visitors test positive for the coronavirus.

Or make more money. Either let people in or don't, the idea that there are people allowed in the country but what they do is controlled, monitored in any way makes me feel like I'm in North Korea.

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Posted in: 7 from U.S. arrive in Japan for 1st test tour before tourism reopening See in context

I love this country but I think I'd rather kill myself than be on that tour.

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Posted in: Sometimes we overdo it, such as wearing masks all day because we are afraid of what other people think. I think we should review our mask-wearing measures for times when masks are unnecessary. See in context

The masks are permanent here. It will never go away. Even though, as has been pointed out - they don't work! People underestimate the downsides.. there are kids growing up now who see it as the norm. Ask them to draw a picture of a person, they'll probably draw a picture of someone wearing a mask.

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Posted in: Fox to televise 35 of 64 World Cup matches on main network See in context

Its one of the questions we're all asking. Will Messi or Ronaldo get their hands on the trophy and become the GOAT. Will any brave players come out about their sexuality and stick it to Qatar? And how many games will Fox cover in the US?

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Posted in: Ukraine evacuees to get up to ¥2,400 a day as living allowance in Japan See in context

20 people. We're fed the pictures of them arriving and several times the news repeats refugees, Ukraine, Japan. Then wait a few days and release a story about how much financial support they will get. Repeat again, Ukraine, Japan, refugees. People paying limited attention (most people) then think great, Japan is doing a great job and is accepting refugees from Ukraine. A friend of mine expressed the opinion that maybe there would be more strain on the housing market because Japan is accepting Ukrainian refugees. LoL. People really do lap it up.

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Posted in: Mass brawls, attacks as soccer violence spreads in Latin America See in context

I love the phrase "soccer violence". I was once asked if I participated in it by an American friend. This story is worrying though, if it does spiral out of control Mexico could become a dangerous place!

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Posted in: Russian forces escalate attacks on Ukraine's civilian areas See in context

I think Western Europe should go in. America is lost, gone, done. Maybe a declaration from France and the UK to commit to not use nuclear weapons no matter what. Then just go in no matter what, we can't let this stand.

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context


So you never believe what is in the history books because you were never there. or some law of physics because you do not understand it.

Yeah but I wouldn't comment on history or physics because I'm not a historian or a physicist. Some people watch his show. Its readily available. Most people who do don't seem to consider racist at all. Your position is a bit like summarizing a novel without reading it. Its there. You could, but you didn't but you still have an opinion on it.

So what is your opinion on his racist slurs, acceptable, or not?

The context is entirely omitted. I wonder how many hours of him talking they processed to find those things. If we listened to 2,000 hours of the average person talking, would they say something that could be taken out of context to be interpreted as racist? I'm surprised they couldn't come up with more! What do we do, cancel everyone?

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context

so zichi, you're basically reading other people's spin on it and forming your opinion based on that. Can you not see the problem with that?

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Posted in: Spotify CEO to employees: Canceling Rogan not 'the answer' See in context


I have no idea who listens to Rogan, only I do not.

LoL. I have no idea who listens to Rogan and I do not but I'm here posting comments about how racist he is!

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context


The reduction is much more important than some "negligible percentage" as proved scientifically, assuming that something you want to believe must be true is not valid even if there is no information available, but having evidence of the opposite it becomes disinformation.

I was expecting, after reading "proved scientifically" followed by a comma, that you'd continue with something like, as shown by this study or something like that.

Its very simple. If countries that have vaccinated everyone willing to take the shots, usually about 80% of people in developed countries, and rolled out boosters, but omicron is still spreading and rampant throughout the population, how can it be argued that they reduce transmission in any practical way? Israel seems to be the case in point, their omicron wave peaked at about almost 100,000 people per day. Population 9 million, almost all vaccinated and boosted. Its not what I want to believe btw, I wish the vaccines were 100% effective, but come on!

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Posted in: Japan aims for 1 million daily booster shots to stem infection wave See in context

How? The booster doesn’t prevent transmission of COVID.

I really don't get why comments like this are downvoted. Look at some of the countries ahead in terms of dealing with Omicron. Basically everyone gets it whether "double vaccinated" or having boosters. I guess it depends on your interpretation of the word prevent. If it reduces transmission by some small almost negligible percentage does that mean prevent? I mean when you've got 80% of people vaccinated and more than half have the booster, but everyone still gets the rona, are we still going to say it "prevents" transmission?

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Posted in: England lifts COVID restrictions as Omicron threat recedes See in context

Political leader does something the public overwhelmingly support in order to boost popularity and continue to have the consent of the people to govern. That's literally how democracy is supposed to work!

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Posted in: UK lifts COVID restrictions; says Omicron wave has peaked See in context

The difference between here and the impressions I get from back home is that there, people there really want to get back to normal. Here I fear we live in a permanently masked society. Those who think this is no big deal don't have a good grasp of the psychological effects of this, particularly on the young.

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Posted in: WHO sees unprecedented Omicron spread; Pfizer says COVID pill effective See in context

If you test positive, feel fine and have no symptoms, but then die 27 days later in a skiing accident your death will be reported as a Covid death. This is the actual, official policy.

And why is the age, medical condition and vaccination status of this one death apparently a classified state secret?

Exactly. And the other important question to ask is why virtually all news reporting about this omits such details?

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Posted in: UK's Johnson faces angry MPs at vote on new virus restrictions See in context

When the only trace of opposition comes from the ruling party you know somethings wrong.

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Posted in: At least one dead from Omicron as UK boosts response See in context

Johnson is seeking to refocus attention on the pandemic, after a torrid week in which he and staff were accused of breaking COVID rules last year.

Sums up the whole thing. I mean one (possible, we might never no due to patient confidentiality) death and all this hysteria. I wouldn't be surprised if suicide has led to more loss of life than the rona. Over this whole thing, average age of death in the 80s, high percentage of people who die are obese. Yet many people of the people who topped themselves may have had almost a century of potential life. The fearmongering of that government back there is pathetic but I get the impression that people are turning on it, which is great news.

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Posted in: South Korea's daily virus jump exceeds 5,000 for first time See in context

They wear masks indoors and outdoors and everywhere like people do here right?

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Posted in: Western Australia sets 90% vaccination target for reopening See in context

The difference in easing border controls at 90% rather than 80% is 200 West Australian lives are saved

If going by the numbers like that, do we weigh up whether or not one person in their 20s who loses hope and tops themselves because of such restrictions is worth less than 200 old codgers with a couple of years of poor quality life left at best?

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Posted in: In the middle of a crisis, Facebook Inc renames itself Meta See in context

Seems to me that Facebook, sorry Meta, was something that would inevitably happen as a consequence of the Web, and that this guy happened to be in the right place at the right time, and we have a random guy basically, in charge of something that even the most qualified, ethically minded, decent human being shouldn't be in charge of on their own.

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Posted in: LDP, opposition clash over economy, COVID in election campaign See in context

I hope the anti-NHK guy wins.

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Posted in: Australia won't allow in international tourists until 2022 See in context

Its ok, I don't wanna go.

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Posted in: Japan to see price hikes in food, tobacco products from October See in context

Is it because of Brexit?

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Posted in: Johnny Depp film sees Minamata pollution issue as cautionary tale See in context

That's how to get un-canceled. Make something the woke brigade simply can't criticize. Hats off!

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