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Only an uprising throughout Japan will put this to rest. The people really do have the power to do it, but will they have the courage? I can only pray.

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You should really check out if you want some radiation readings. I've been following their data analysis quite a bit.

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Real readings from real people. Educate yourself. The life you save may be your own.

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"Do people do dumb things with smart phones?"

Yes, and the same is true with nuclear technology. I think nuclear tech is a perfect example of how private markets simply do not always drive better technology. Sometimes, people just don't give a crap when it comes to something better, or don't even know that something better might exist.

Nuclear power is exactly the same way. Explain why we aren't using Thorium salt reactors? Hrm, let's see, the half-life of the longest isotope generated in the thorium decay chain is what.. less than 6 years? Yet we all seem to be stuck with Uranium reactors that produce that nasty little Plutonium isotope that has that oh-so-convenient half-life of about 240,000 years. Oh, and it can't produce a sustainable reaction that can critical mass and blow the reactor and take half a country with it? Bonus.

China's gonna blow this out of the water, and amazingly it's going to take a state ran country to show the world how nuclear power should have really been done.

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Educate yourself. The life you save may be your own.

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