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Posted in: 4 Chinese gov't ships spotted in waters around disputed isles See in context

the US would probably love to go to war with China, then they could erase ~$1trillion of debt they owe.

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Posted in: Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ freezes Iran transactions on U.S. court order See in context

so does that mean that all the mistaken airstrikes on the general public ( weddings etc in) the middle east over the past couple that surviors can file Afganistan court for benefits and start randomly seizing US assets around the world? Not that I support what they did, but seems like this should be something filled in a larger international court where there is less bias.

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Posted in: Flu cases increasing rapidly across Japan; Tokai hard hit See in context

I thought this article was funny too... also known as the hong kong flu.. definitively get me extra days off from work if I tell them I have the hong kong flu compared to just the normal flu.

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Posted in: U.S. leaders running out of options to deal with multiple economic crises See in context

This is a very serious issue. Especially for pension and retirement funds that have stock options. Even usually safe and moderate interest bearing stocks across the board have taken a hit. The government bailout plan for freddie mac and fannie may is going to cost every US tax payer $25k over their lifetime becuase of poor choices by the US government to allow the these companies to expand to the point where they are now a serious threat to the entire US economy.

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