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Cassidy Hu comments

Posted in: Suga announces candidacy for PM; says he'll continue Abenomics reforms See in context


Whom ever going to be Mr. Abe’s successors needs to stand strong and don’t bend down against any threats from neighboring countries such as China and S. Korea.

please always keep JAPAN in greatest as the third economic in the world. Please don’t let neighboring country S.Korea to steal that spot as they have always played dirty tricks and trades attacking Japan.

From one of the supporters in the world whom love Japan!

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Posted in: Japan's legacy of forced labor haunts ties with neighbors See in context


It is obvious seeking for MONEY. S k country is out of jobs, out of money, therefore turning to rob JP for money using force labor as an legit excuse. There is no verification who was actually had gotten forced labor..

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

@Ah so

So you making it sound like your own people as Korean men don’t do bad thing such as rape and assault Korean women, or even kill their own wives (Vietnamese) and much much more in your country?

I am not Japanese but what I see and understand is S Korea has always been hatred at Japanese people even they don’t do anything to you but you keep picking on and attacking at Japan for everything. As far as I am concerned how it is in your country, seems like S Korean people say and do is totally opposite. Big liar, fake and hypocrite nation.

Common, it is 2020... for god sake...move on and grow up.

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Posted in: New 'comfort woman' statue in South Korea stokes anger in Japan See in context

S Korea needs to move on, what was done is done, we cannot go back to history and fix it right? That’s why we call it “WAR”. No need to keep dragging the history and winning about it. On top of everything, Japan did apologize and compensated big money to your government many years ago. No body knows what S Korea government did with the money. It obvious looking like S Korea government is greedy, hypocritical and brainwashed the people.

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Posted in: FBI interviewing Chinese visa holders across U.S. about possible military ties See in context

I agree @Sh1monM4sada that the Japanese SHOULD really tighten up security and tracking down the Chinese and the Korean thefts stealing Japan’s intellectual property and many others. PM Abe has been too soft and easy on these two countries. Need to be tougher to keep Japan strong as number three nation in the world.

Don’t let S Korea try to steal your spot....

Much love for Japan!

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Posted in: South Korea to reopen WTO complaint over Japan's export controls See in context


Many SK people are the one have been long brainwashed by your generation dirty government. Your greed just never end. Who in the world would keep winning about the long past...on top of that Japan has had already apologized and compensated BIG money to the people involved in the past. But what happened..your greed and dirty government did with the money that was supposed to handed out to the people involved. Don’t keep embarrassing yourself by keeping showing bitter at Japan. You are a copycats everything ofJapan.

SK has been kissing up to China and using same their aggressive way to attack Japan country as to use threats...geez nothing better to do.

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Posted in: South Korea to reopen WTO complaint over Japan's export controls See in context

Here we go again...aggressive hypocrite SK has always been barking and never stop harassing Japan. Let’s see who is the BOSS here. Japan has always been too SOFT to SK. Japan needs to stand firm against SK, please don’t ever let them take your spot as the 3rd country in the world.

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Posted in: China, S Korea consult Japan on easing business-travel curbs: report See in context

Mr. Abe needs to stand more firm to China and S. Korea. Don't be soft anymore letting China and S. Korea pushing Japan around like you have always been. You need to do things for "JAPAN FIRST" like US, otherwise S. Korea will surpass Japan economically.

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