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Posted in: Dolly Parton gives $1 mil to infectious disease research, again See in context

Happy to hear that she's doing this. Would love to see a list of the most charitable singers/musicians.

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Posted in: Japan's smartphone apps aim to provide lifeline to those in isolation See in context

It would probably be of value to those who truly need this service.

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Posted in: Trump steps back from Mexico border threat as companies warn of economic fallout See in context

What we see here is incentive upon incentive  to migrate illegally, with no end in sight...at least until these Central American countries empty out.   Then the Lefties can start crying about how overcrowded the public school system has become. Yet the deniers continue with the false narrative of a “manufactured” crisis at the border.  Stand up and take a bow, border wall opponents.

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Posted in: Democrats pounce as Trump administration ratchets up attack on Obamacare See in context

this will allow every Repub Senator up for election to have to answer why they want to take poor folks insurance away.

Repub cruelty and spinelessness on full display...

Sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders. Guess The Bern and the other presidential hopefuls will also have to answer why they want to take employer insurance away. Rest assured, Medicaid will always be there for the "poor folks". Have to admit, Dims have always been the best at "throw grandma off the cliff" fear-mongering.

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Posted in: 'Abenomics' architect predicts Japan will go ahead with sales tax hike See in context

Isn't it interesting to see that when something "hits home", many suddenly turn against it.

Many liberals seem quite sympathetic to higher taxes in other countries, but cry foul when it directly affects them. What's good for the goose....

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Posted in: Trump border emergency survives as House veto override fails See in context

Everyone knows that open borders is an incentive not just for illegal immigration, but also for child-trafficking.  That is going to lead not just to more unwed mothers and their kids making illegal entry, but to cartel members ramping up their child kidnapping and human-trafficking operations, given that nobody has to prove that that baby on her hip is actually hers.  Every border crossing with a kid would mean instant catch and release. Every child of an illegal border-crosser would amount to a free ticket in. Guess the Dims are happy with that.

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Posted in: World's smallest baby boy returns home healthy: Japanese university See in context

Great news! Hope this story gets coverage in the U.S. where it is sorely needed.

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Posted in: Mother, 3 young children found dead in apparent murder-suicide See in context

Who knows if there is something with her husband causing her to bring her children with her.

That should never be an excuse to kill children. Assistance can be obtained through government agencies or from friends who can guide her in the right direction.

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Posted in: 'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett charged with faking racist attack See in context

Once again, as with the Covington Catholic Story, the fake news media blows it big time. One day they may get it right.

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Posted in: What's your stance on abortion? See in context

I am so tired of hearing people pretend it is about a woman's HEALTH.

News Flash: You are not sick when pregnant. No illness is being cured or treated by an abortion. Things worked exactly as they were designed and were put into motion when the woman allowed the man to impregnate her. No miracle or fluke involved. Take a look at a 3rd trimester ultrasound before sentencing that little unborn child to death.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

......Schumer has been firm on immigration for at least 12 years, and that the Democrats are still firm on immigration now.....

They are now even posting evidence that shows how the Democrats have been consistent on this matter for over a decade, and yet continue to repeat their delusion.

Strangerland, let's get serious. Democrats overwhelmingly supported border security in 2006, when they were trying to retake the House, but after they took over government they showed they didn't mean what they promised because they never funded it and had every opportunity to do so!   Yes, that's real consistency.

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Posted in: Trump blames Democrats for migrant children's death, amid govt budget impasse See in context

socrateosToday  08:03 am JST

It feels so unreal to realize that a man like him is still the president of US.

Don't worry. The Do Nothing Party will spend all of their time (and taxpayer money) on trying to impeach him.

85 investigations lined up already. Still waiting for Mueller to come up with something..... anything.

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Posted in: Trump threatens to close Mexico border; blames Democrats over shutdown See in context

2019 looks bleak for Trump and the Republicans

You may be right. It could be very bad for the Republicans if the obstructionists do nothing other than hire lawyers to conduct the 85 investigations they plan to carry out. Then again, doing that could make 2020 bleak for the Dems...

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Posted in: Trump threatens to close Mexico border; blames Democrats over shutdown See in context

Trump had two years and all the branches of government to fund his wall.

Not entirely true. While the Republicans did have a majority in Congress, as the Democrats well know, the Republicans did not have 60 in the Senate which is needed to pass a bill.

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Posted in: More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: poll See in context

Wow! So much hatred from many of the posters here. Shouldn't we be able to have a civilized discussion about the issues without verbally attacking the people we don't agree with?

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Posted in: More Americans blame Trump for government shutdown: poll See in context

Not interested in the blame game. Would like to see any positive solutions the Left has to offer. Oh, that's right - there are none.

Once again, we have to take the Democrats by the hand to show them that much of what Trump is doing at the border is what the Obama administration did. The Obama administration shot tear gas at migrants at the border, they separated children from adults at the border, and guess what; migrants died under the custody of U.S. immigration officials. In fact, a total of 18 migrants died under the Obama regime. And most important of all, Obama wanted border security when he was president.

But we never heard a peep from the Left about that.

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Posted in: Trump says Senate unlikely to approve wall funds; shutdown looms See in context

and 80% of the rest of America will hate your guts for closing parks and cheating federal workers out of a paycheck...

Oh, so much misinformation from the Left! Just the facts, please. All federal workers will receive back pay in full.

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Posted in: Trump says Senate unlikely to approve wall funds; shutdown looms See in context

How many more shutdowns are we going to face with this idiot in charg?

Probably just as many as the Democrats initiated. Guess they have short-term memory: The last shutdown was led by Shumer over the DACA debacle. Oh, by the way, weren't the Democrats in favor of a border wall/barrier back in 2006 - in fact they even voted for it back then. Kind of hypocritical, wouldn't you say?

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Posted in: Kono hails Iran's continued implementation of nuclear deal See in context

For all of you who believe the Iran deal is a good one, I've got a bridge to sell you. Prior notification of nuclear facility inspections? What a joke.

And to the countries that approved the deal with Iran: Are you happy to cooperate with this terrorist nation for a continued supply of oil?

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Posted in: Trump insults more reporters; claims Acosta video wasn't altered See in context

Everybody knows Acosta is nothing but a showboat, yet the press corps defends him.

The media have been caught being untruthful about this president more than once, and no longer have any credibility. The term “fake news” is not false. It is accurate. If the information reported is not the truth, then it is false.

Journalists need to keep their feelings on the Opinion page – not the front page.

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Posted in: Trump says DACA deal for young immigrants is off See in context

It's the Democrats who are holding hostage 2 million illegal immigrants they pretend to champion. President Trump originally offered Democrats a deal that more than doubled the number of people who could take advantage of a pathway to citizenship.

It was a major concession on the part of the President. In exchange for his generosity he’s requesting money to build the wall and an end to chain migration. But it seems that’s not enough for the extremist base of the Democratic Party, because they’d rather keep 2 million people in limbo in order to have the issue to use against Republicans in the 2018 elections. Democrats are losing votes across the country, and they will loose even more if the DACA recipients wise up and see who is really preventing them from becoming U.S. citizens.

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Posted in: White House counsel was 'fed up' with Trump: source See in context

Gotta love news reports that quote an unnamed "source".

Time to get with some factual reporting - which is hard to find these days...

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Posted in: Japan seeks upgraded whaling ship in sign hunts will continue See in context

Truly disgusting. Let's be honest. These hunts are not for "research". If they were, we would have some tangible information on this topic by now. Hmm... Never knew whale meat was so popular with the entire Japanese poplulation :-(.

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Posted in: How do you feel about all the surveillance cameras being used these days in public and private spaces? See in context

Surveillance cameras do serve a purpose in criminal investigations. Many criminals have been identified through the use of these cameras in various countries.

If one is doing nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about.

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Posted in: Senators race to end U.S. government shutdown before work week begins See in context

....he (Trump) has already broken several laws.

Can you name a few?

Fact check: Obama broke the law with his DACA program by authorizing amnesty for illegals. Under the Constitution, the president does not have the power to do that. It falls under the purview of Congress.

Personally speaking, I do believe that the "dreamers" should be given a pathway to U.S citizenship, as their residency is no fault of their own. However, the legal ramifications of this issue must be resolved by Congress.

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Posted in: Senators race to end U.S. government shutdown before work week begins See in context

This shutdown is all about promoting Trump's xenophobic racism.

Typical liberal stereotype. Nothing racist about immigration reform.

Need to stay informed.

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Posted in: Kim Jong Un plays the Olympics like a champion See in context

Excellent analysis of North Korea's true intentions. Pyongyang has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain on the world stage by re-creating this stunt (originally performed in the 2006 winter Olympics in Italy).

When Kim Jong Un first came into power, I was a bit optimistic for change, because this man had spent time living in foreign countries. Unfortunately, that never had any effect on his political decisions.

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Posted in: U.S. House passes short-term spending bill; sends it to Senate See in context

They expect the Democrats to lay down and play dead while they run over them.

Not so. The president has offered them the continuation of the DACA program in return for border security. Sounds like a fair proposal to me. Truth is, the Democrats do not want Trump to be successful because that would only hurt their chances of regaining the House this coming November.

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Posted in: By 2035, half of Japanese will be single, predicts commentator See in context

To marry or to remain single is a personal choice which must be respected.

As for marriage, many counselors have stated that commitment is a key aspect for its success. Some individuals unfortunately are uncomfortable with that.

There also has to be some sacrifice in the mix. If one really loves their partner, this element will be apparent.

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Posted in: Do you think U.S. President Donald Trump is doing a good job as he finishes his first year in office? See in context

What a laugh! Comparing him to Nazis just shows how idiotic some people are. Keep reading your liberal newspapers and focus on CNN, and your mindset will never change.

Granted, he has his flaws (his ego is one of them), but the man is earnestly attempting to bring jobs back to the USA. Just because Wal Mart cuts some employees (not all stores are highly productive, as anyone with the slightest business sense would know), the number of companies that are increasing employment far surpassing the ones that don't.

Time to do a little research into what is really happening behind the scenes.

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